New cell phone choice?

jump427December 12, 2008

My wife needs a new phone. Her dated razor is having issues. We use ATT now and would like to continue w/them but would consider sprint or verizon. We are not texters but need internet and email. Im looking at the LG VU or the ATT Quickfire from att. With a 2 year deal these are $99. Iphone would be nice but an extra $100 and $15 more per month = to much. Any experience with these phones? Any other suggestions? thanks.

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I would wait to see if Walmart after Christmas comes out with the iPhone 4GB version for $99! Otherwise; if you like your Razr; ATT has a Razr V3XX that you should consider too! It is the updated version of the original Razr with faster processor. But if you can bear the extra cost of $15 more per month; the iPhone is the way to go!

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Wal*Mart is not going to bring in an iPhone for $99. In fact, the best information is that they'll manage $197.88 or such -- nothing to get excited about unless you don't live near an Apple Store or at&t store. And, really, the $100 you might have saved on a $99 iPhone is peanuts compared to the cost of using it every month for a couple of years.

jump, I don't know how much "internet" you need to have. If you are looking for a laptop/desktop experience on a phone, the iPhone and maybe TMobile's "Google" phone are going to be as close as you can get these days.

If, however, you just want the ability to surf to some popular sites, check and send email, etc., there are any number of phones from LG, Samsung, and some other vendors which offer "full HTML" browsers (full HTML, but not necessarily Java or Flash or Shockwave...) and BIG keyboards that make text messaging or typing in URLs quite easy. I'm on Verizon, and have their LG Voyager. Great keyboard, good performance, and I don't need to give Verizon another $20-30/month for a data plan. Hope that helps.

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