? about samsung remote......

ritamay91710December 29, 2008

Hi all,

We just bought a new Samsung television (ln52a750, if that matters).

Well, we can't seem to be able to program the remote control. It takes both the new one and our old one to be able to operate the t.v.

Is this normal?? That would be pretty dissapointing!!

Of course, they were beyond unhelpful at Best Buy...the girl was actually texting as she was speaking to us, so we should have known we were in trouble!! LOL!!



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Here is a website with the information I think you need.


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The more important thing is the remote -- not the television. Some are easy to program, and some are sophisticated enough to hook to your computer and have it program over the Internet. Some have programmable buttons, so that you can re-assign a button to serve another purpose. Chances are, it can be done, but the question is can you find the help you need before your frustration gets the best of you and you return it, or throw it out the window?

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Don't get me started about Best Buy!!!!

I bought the touch screen remote from them when I bought a home theater system from their Magnolia division. (I'm going to make a separate post about how I was mistreated.)

I found someone who just programs remotes. Mostly he works for high end home theater installers, but he takes some jobs directly from consumers. His name is Vince. Here's his email Vincent.J.Bova@comcast.net. For a reasonable fee he completely solved my problems.

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How about their 800 number? I have had good results talking to tech reps at several companies who answered my questions successfully or told me to return the product...

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