SS Support Sept 27 to Oct 3

deemarie5500September 27, 2010

RISE AND SHINE, Ladies!!!!

Let's make this a week of solid support for all our members--some of us are facing very difficult times.

[[[[HUGS and PRAYERS]]]] to all who struggle this week.

Make it count!


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Will be thinking of everyone who needs good thoughts and prayers this week. Jan - Hope everything goes well with DH's tests this week.

Dee - Thanks for getting us started. Hope your projects go well this week.

Preschool is keeping me busy, but in a good way. I really like the new director and we work well together. I don't feel stressed out like I did the last two years. I also feel like I can retire and the school will be in good hands next year. I won't officially give notice until January, but I feel good about my decision.

My DH is in Florida with DS and DD. They went to the Steeler game in Tampa yesterday and I really wish I could have been there! :~(
But it was a great game and DD took lots of pictures and shared them on FB, so I felt like I was there in spirit if not in body.

NHSuzanne - My first issue of Everyday Food arrived on Saturday. Now that the cold weather is coming, there are several soups recipes that I am going to try. They all use roasted veggies.

Maddie - WTG on making Honor Roll!

Tikanas - Was it you who asked about a combination class of kindergarten and first graders? Most class rooms use centers to teach now so the students can be broken up according to ability and age. At that age, kids are all over the place in their abilities anyway and breaking down into centers allows the teacher to give them more indiviual attention. Of course a lot depends on class size and whether she is trying to do this without an aide.

Patti - Congrats on the TX house!! I am happy for you, as I know you miss Texas and being near family. How is Dave?

Gotta run and get ready for school.


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Good Morning. Hugs & Prayers to all who need them.

Marci~Dave is still struggling day by day. The problem is that only the people closest to him "see" it. My BFF, Nita, is the only other one who has seen it on a regular basis & knows what it is & is also aware of what is going on. He is rated at 100% but it is for his heart instead of for the PTSD. Probably TMI. Sorry.

Jen~I need your help. My 35th class reunion is going to be in July & Dave & I want to SS again. Isn't that what you are doing? I gave all those books away. Can you refresh me on what we need to do? Hopefully we still have some of the recipes. TIA

Milkdud or Chocolate Ecstacy or whatever your name is now ;)~ E-mail me & let me know how things are going. I know you aren't getting much time on the comp & I don't catch you much on FB anymore so I need to catch up on you. We will be in TX part of Nov & Dec. Perhaps we can get together during that time???

I hope everyone has a good week. I have a scrapbook page to do & I'm supposed to get together with a friend for sewing today. We shall see. Love each & every one of you.


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Good afternoon, everyone.

Things didn't work out for me in Dallas, and h asked me to come back and try again. I returned Friday evening, but spent all of Saturday in bed because of pain in my hip and knee. Yesterday, my youngest grandson and I had a quick photo session on their way out of town. I have a 1:30 appointment with my chiropractor today to see if he can help me.

Patti, congratulations on the house. That's really planning ahead!

Jan, sending healing thoughts and prayers for your dh and peace for you.

Check out my FB profile page if you'd like to see our picture.

Good thing that happened with this summer's "adventure" is that I lost 25 lbs. Not the best way to lose it, but still..

Have a good day, everyone.

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Special thoughts and prayers to everyone who is having problems.

On a happy note, I had a great week-end with my daughter and son-in-law at their cottage. So good to be together and it is so beautiful looking out on the lake. The cottage is within good view of a Marina so there is lots of activity which is vey interesting too., but far enough away so that you don't hear a lot of noise.

I will be chcking back in on Wednesday but know that I ate more than I should have. Oh well, I'll try hard to get it off, if I gained. I did make sure I went for walks.

Talk to you later.

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Well, today is WEDNESDAY and not many of you have checked in.

Was it something I said (or didn't say)?

Please send a shout-out even if you are just lurking so that all of us can encourage those who are having a rough time this week.



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Hi all, just craziness of the work week and family, nothing out of the ordinary!

Milkdud, hope you are feeling better and things work out the way you want.

Marci, congrats on your decision. I'm glad you are comfortable with it.

Ivamae, glad you enjoyed time with your family.

Dee, Oktoberfest in Smithville is this weekend. It's supposed to be sunny and mid 60's perfect weather! Let me know if you plan to go and I will email you my cell again. Also, if you do plan to go let me know and you can park in front of my house and walk over....much closer than half way up Route 9!

Raeanne, Patti, Suzanne, Maddie, Tikanis and all - hi!!!!

Will check in soon. Take care :-)


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Dee~You know me. LOL I figured it was something I said. This board was jumping until I popped back up. ;) Come back & spill the beans everyone. I need someone to help me with some weight loss. :)

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Hi Guys...

Well, I'm sorry I missed everything. I'll have to print, read, and catch up.

My Dad is STILL in the hospital - 30 days today. he's supposed to get out on Friday. He was disgnosed with a bone infection and colon cancer - they missed it on his last coloscopy last year. He will have a home care nurse and will be on IV drugs for at least 40 days. Next month, he will go in to have some of his colon removed. He's 83. What can I say? I'm heading to Alaska to visit him and my mom at the end of October. My Mom is probably getting exhausted but she stays in a good mood. Can you say it's gonna be c-c-c-c-c-cold at that time of year up there? I've got a 7-8 hours drive after I land, so I hope it's not too snow-y. My sister said it started snowing LAST WEEK!

I have lost a LITTLE weight as of late. I'm really motivated to lose more before the trip. I started mild weight training this week - every day - so I can at least lose my "bat wing" arms before I go on the trip, though there's NO WAY I'll be wearing a short-sleeved shirt!

(((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))) to EVERYONE!

I'll really try to be better about checking in. The support is the ticket here! XXOO!

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The WHOLE thing is only ONE Weight Watchers point!

Here is a link that might be useful: Whole Roasted Cauliflower

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I posted on the weigh in thread. I did lose 1 pound. I'm back on track now. would like to do better but too many outings lately. Birthday supper out wih my 2 chldren, last night. Yummy!!

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Off to the pumpkin farm today. Chilly but no rain, so all is good in the preschool world.

Have a great weekend.


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Rabbit! Rabbit!

Marci, wishing you a fun trip to the pumpkin farm. Fall is my favorite season, even though it doesn't exist down in SE Texas. I'm envious of you probably seeing autumn leaves.

Doing better today. Not much else to say. Wishing everyone hugs and good wishes.

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Wow! I really thought I was going to be clever with the RABBIT RABBIT and be first, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo....

Ah, well, have a great time at the pumpkin farm.

I still have to read and catch up with everyone. :-(

Ivamae: HAPPY BELATED B-DAY! LOVE having you here!

...Ivamae- Did you ever hear from Harold, the weight-loss guy? When someone disappears off the diet forum, it always makes me think of the movie Chocolat, when the mayor ends up wallowing in the window of the chocolate shop....haha...just sayin'...!

Well, I started weighing myself in kilograms about a couple of weeks ago, and I love it! :-) The numbers are so much more friendly!

I get to do the dump run today. One thing about living remotely is duty of the garbage runs. The guys at the dump are really nice though and help me unload my trash. I wish I had less of it! The packaging really counts for A LOT...

Next year, I hope I use less stuff and eat more things out of a garden I WANT TO BUILD. I made a deer-resistant enclosure and have been letting the chickens run in there all summer - so it's fertile now! This weekend, I will go to the horse farm and get straw bays to put in there for the winter. Next spring, I'll put dirt on top of those and have a straw bale garden. Has anyone done this before? My friend's straw bale garden was SO successful! She had TONS of tomatoes.

Okay, check in!

(((((((((HUGS, everyone!))))))))

Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures of Straw Bale Gardens

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Just got back from my regular (8-10 weeks) appointment with my doctor. I gained weight and he is not happy. He says I am reaching a dangerous level where I am approaching other illnesses besides the high blood pressure. He also told me NOT to go on a diet, but to seriously eat what I want but portion control. He said "you know what is right". He is correct; I do know what is right. Finally getting back to exercise, as the shots for the bursitis in my foot are doing their magic, so now is the time.

If I behave myself and come here for support, I think I can do this.

BJ, I wrote down the recipe for that cauliflower and I'm going to make it tonight with a veggie burger for me, and a full fat one for DH. He has recently lost his entire gut by cutting out half of what he eats after dinner. He looks and feels great. I, on the other hand, have trouble getting up off the floor after picking up something I dropped. This is so unlike me...I need a kick in the butt,, BIG TIME!

Marci, so glad to see you are excited about work again.

Ivamae, congrats on your successes.

Patti, please stop by more often. We miss you. Give Dave a soft hug from me.

Well, I'm off to put a list of groceries together for the upcoming week. I took a vacation day to watch old movies and hang out on this rainy day.

Be good to yourself and make today count!

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This is one of those Rabbit, Rabbit days I love b/c it was my Granddaddy's birthday & is my niece's birthday. And Ms. Maddy will be having her birthday & anniversary on Tuesday so just saying HEADS UP for the party next week. She shares the special day with my youngest son. :)

I haven't been weighing in but I'm thinking the clothes are fitting a little bit looser. What WOE are most people doing here now? Are you mostly still doing WW? I know that it was quite successful for most when I discappeared a few months ago.

Jen~I'm still looking for you to help me with the SS if you have a chance.

BJ~So sorry to hear about your Dad. Cold is 60 degrees here. LOL I think Milkdud can empathize with me.

Dee~I told Dave & he thought it was so sweet of you to send him huggles. :)

Have a great weekend & we still need more people checking in! ;)

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