Need some motivation

sarahbellumMarch 31, 2009

Almost two years ago, I started my diet and exercise regime - both were fairly radical. I lost over 40 lbs (in addition to my butt). Yep, I became a calorie counter and an exercise bullimic. I worked out everyday for hours and hours. Joined a gym and learned that I had a BMI of 16, weighed in the high 90's and my measurements were (OMG) 32-23-34 and I was 53 yrs old at this time.

I guess that I over did it (do ya think?) cause now I hate the word exercise; but I don't want to lose (no pun intended) all that time that I spent working sooooooo hard. I have regained maybe 10 lbs (my little butt has returned), but am losing the "hard body".

How do I motivate myself to start doing the gym thing, at least 3/4 days a week???????

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Find a workout buddy and do exercise you enjoy (tennis, walking, hiking, running on the beach) instead of the gym.


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