Cheapest place for white dinnerware?

scrapulousApril 5, 2007

Hi, I am building my stock of entertaining supplies, and next I'd like to buy a bunch of plain white dinnerware. What is the best place to buy it? I mean cheap, like $1 per plate, etc. I thought online restaurant supply sites would be cheap, but I was surprised to find I could often buy dishes cheaper at BB&B! I want cheap so I won't worry about them getting broken, etc. I hate to use plastic or paper plates for showers, etc.


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At the Corning outlet they have plain white plates for $1... they are really sort of cheesy...but next time I get there I am going to buy a bunch for kids to use.
My advice is just to keep looking for a'll find it...
Try places like Mikasa outlet and Kohl's when they have a coupon.
Target has some in sets of 8 for $19.95...but that's $2.50 each.
But even if you do pay that, you will be money ahead over paper or plastic after the 4th time you have used them....not to mention that they are soooo much nicer for entertaining. I hate disposable!
Linda C

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I get mine down in Chinatown...if you live in a city where you have a chinatown. All sorts of dinnerplates there. I hate disposables too.

With three kids 5 and under and another due anyday I use those typical chinese buffet unbreakable plates all the time. Got those for a dollar.

Older members of my family love the plastic too because they are so light. they always complain about my good set of dishes because they are too heavy.

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Is there a "Old Time Pottery" in your area. They often have plates for $1.00 or a bit more.

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Try a restaurant supply store, they are fairly inexpensive.

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Read her post....she did.
Also think of a restraunt that is going out of business. I have a friend who got 50 white buffet sized plates for $.50 each from a place that was selling out.
Linda C

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I too hate plastic and paper. I used to do catering and invested in 100 clear glass plates, and as Linda said they have paid for themselves many times over. I don't cater any more, but entertain a lot, and large groups, and I have never broken one. They are made by Aroroc.
I also just bought service for 4 white set in LinensnThings. With the 20% off it came to 15.00 a set.
As some of the other posters suggest, Dollar stores and places like OT pottery usually have them for a dollar.
Check Last week they had 12 dinner plates for 15.00 with the coupon.
Here is a pic of the set I got. The blue charger was separate.

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Do you live near a large city? Our "restaurant supply row" in the city has all kinds of stuff including dishes at the cheapest prices I've ever seen. They stock the white and cream dishes to supply the restaurants from bars to Four Seasons. I am sure if you went to a supply store, you would find more than you will find online. When I go, I am like a kid in the candy store. Also, I come away with alot for a small amount of money.

Good luck.

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