retirement gift: what is proper amount?

hokiesApril 22, 2007

My family has been invited to a retirement party of a female friend. I am thinking of getting the spa gift certificate. What is the proper amount to give for such occasion?

I read somewhere in the etiquette articles that usually at retirement parties, gifts are not expected. Is this right? Thank you for your help.


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Are you paying for your dinner? At all the retirement parties I have attended and run there was a cost to attend and part of that went toward the gift.
These parties were held in restaurants.,
If you are not paying to attend , like if it is in someone's home, I think a gift is appropriate. If you KNOW the lady would use a spa certificate, it is a great idea. If you aren't sure, a gift certificate is nice. I recently catered a party for a friend. She paid for the ingredients, but I did all the cooking and made the centerpieces. In the thank you note was a gift card from say, American Express, which could be used anywhere..a lovely gesture.

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No, we are not paying for dinner. It will be a party at a community center. I am thinking of $100 for a gift card but my DH thinks it should be twice that. Any opinion is appreciated since I need to get the gift card soon.

Thank you.

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Gifts are not expected. If you are giving her something that is nice. But, I wouldn't do $100 unless we were very close. $50 or less would be just fine. I like the pampering idea. So do enough for a pedicure or manicure.

A gift certificate to a book store would be nice.

I think you are being very generous. Just don't feel that you have to do too much.

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Thank you all for your help. I got her a Bed and Breakfast card since I found out she will travel cross country soon.

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