Banana shakes okay?

azmodanMarch 7, 2007

I've been having a concoction of my own for a few years, without caring whether it did harm or good. I take a banana, mash it inside a mug with a fork so that it remains chunky, and mix in some milk and 2 teaspoons of sugar. I have this twice a day. Now, a friend told me that he had read somewhere that bananas and milk are fine, but when mixed together are not healthy "for guys". I don't know how true or false that is, so I was wondering if someone knew something about it.

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I would think that is a bunch of bunk!!! Hope you use 2% milk and Splenda.....

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no, vitamin D milk and regular sugar. :\

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well I can't have it, but I am diabetic. It sounds fine to me. You get potassium & calcium etc. That has to be good.

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It's not healthy because adding the sugar cancels out any health benefits. There's plenty of natural sugars in the banana and the milk alone. By adding sugar you've made it into a high calorie, high carb dessert. You might as well sit down to a small dish of ice cream.

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I agree with kimba00. And you are having all that sugar twice a day, definitely not good. Start by cutting the sugar in half, and I also hope you are not substituting the two shakes for meals. You can also use low-fat plain yogurt instead of the milk.

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He said that a friend told him: bananas and milk are fine, but when mixed together are not healthy "for guys", then asked if it is true or not. He didn't ask if the addition of sugar is healthy.

I think that claim about bananas + milk for guys sounds ridiculous. Maybe that was true about one guy who had a big digestive problem and couldn't eat normally.

Tho' you didn't ask about the addition of sugar, I do agree with the others. It is totally unnecessary with the banana which is already sweet enough.

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Thanks for all the info. Jenn, in the last post hit it on the head when she drilled down on the question. On a side note however, I will also cut down on the sugar... and no, I don't substitute it for meals.

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