Dinner for a 65th birthday party?

ilovepinkApril 17, 2007

I am coming up with nothing here. The night before the birthday boy is having steak.

I want to make something special the next night. What would you guys do?

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What's his favorite?
Lobster? Crab? roast Chicken?
Most men prefer MEAT to a pasta or veggie thing....but who knows.
What's his favorite dinner?
Linda C

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I found out, that after being married to the man for many, many years, that he didn't want birthday cake at all but preferred pie. So now I make a cherry, peach or apple pie for his birthday. Whenever I ask what he want, he always says, "Don't fuss" and so I just fix what I know are his favorites. Are you having guests?

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Hey, sudiepav, when I was growing up, I always had pie for my birthday, too, because it's July 25, and that's when the raspberries are perfect in Wisconsin (I'm from Milwaukee). My mom sometimes would get a "round" of vanilla ice cream from 32 Flavors that was decorated like the top of a birthday cake. I'm with your husband -- like cake, LOVE pie!

ilovepink, help us help you here. Are you talking about a dinner party? A family dinner (i.e., if the birthday boy is your husband or son)? How many people?

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