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bill_hMarch 27, 2002

hi all, my wife and i need some help with our abs, iam 5ft9 2 summers ago i was 252 with high blood pres. now iam down to 197 and my bp is norm. without medication. my wife is 4ft9 she was 152 and now is at 130, we are both happy with the weight loss, but we both would like to tighten up our abs, no 6 pak or anything, just pull them in some, what can we do to get the best, and quickest results? thanks

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Congrats on your weight loss! From what I understand, (tons of reading, research, etc..) it is important to get your body fat percentage at a normal level to show any definition on the abs. How do you do it? Cardio exercises.
In addition, you can incorporate an ab routine after your cardio or do it a few times a week on its own.
There are videos you can get or you can do the ab boot camp as well.(
Also, for losing stomach fat, CLA is an up and coming supplement that targets abdominal fat. Research it under google newsgroups. It is an essential fatty acid. Not a thermogenic (yuck.)

I also have read that vacumme sucks (See them in the ab boot camp web page) really helps as well. You cannot spot reduce body parts but you can exercise the muscles to pull the skin in.

What exercise program are you on?

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chantel, we are not on any exercise plan now, we walk a mile 2 or 3 times a week we just started that, did the weight loss over a yr and a half by changing our diets, we cut out all red meat, and all fatty snacks candy bars cupcakes tweenkies etc, we eat only chicken,fish,cooked and raw veggies, alot of grains. for example my old breakfast was 3 or 4 frozen waffles,6 small sausage links,a cinnimon roll, and 2 glasses of choc. milk. my new breakfast- a small bowl of honey nut cheerios and a small glass of 1% milk. my old lunch big mac,fries, coke and apple pie. my new lunch- lite turkey on wheat, and a glass of tea. my old snack king dons or twinkies new snack granola bar or apple if any snack. old dinner steak,mashed potatoes and gravy and a slice of pie. new dinner baked fish or chicken and a green veg. and some rice. maybe a yogurt for desert. funny thing is i dont miss any of the old food, well maybe the baby ruth candy bars a little. a yr and a half ago my doctor told me if i didnt do something about my weight and blood pres. i prob wouldnt live to see 50 that woke me up! my last physical a month ago my b.p. was norm. without using medicine. i dont sweat anymore bending over to tie my shoes. and i am not going back! at this point we both have our weight down and we are walking but want to take it up a notch. so any advice will be appreciated thanks.----bill

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Wow congrats to you and your wife Bill.
Chantel has given you great advice.
Find something you both enjoy for exercise like your walking habit.I would start off slow and work up to your individual goals.Read anything and everything on exercise there is so much out there now to do .Glad to see you are both feeling the results of eating healthy and good luck..


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The walking, in combination with a couple of old fashioned ab exercises is best.

They have done studies of all the gimmicks and aids that are supposed to work miracles. But they don't stand up to the best ab worker: know, you lie on your back, lift your head and shoulders (chin to the ceiling), and bicycle your legs.

Old fashioned crunches do well, also. Again, chin to the ceiling, elbows out to the side (not pulled around your head). Perform the crunches, exhaling on the lift, inhaling when you go back down.

This is also a problem area for me, and I just started taking Pilates. That is a great class for strengthening your lower back and abs.

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And pay attention to your posture. That old thing about "suck your gut in" is a good thing to remember.

While you are going about with your daily life, practice tensing your stomach muscles, holding them tense for as long as you can, and then relaxing. This is a good thing to do while you are driving or just sitting and watching TV.

It really speeds up the tightning if you make it an all day thing, rather than just while you are walking or doing special exercises.

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what a major change in your diet. AWESOME.

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thanks all, i hope i dont fall off the good food wagon, although my wife is having a harder time she seems to miss the goodys more than i do. will keep you updated, the weather here is warming and it makes walking easier.

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Hi Bill.....I think it's terrific that you & your wife have been able to get fit together. That makes it so much easier. Your walking should help you to maintain that fantastic weight loss that you've both succeded at. The info above for the abs sounds like excellant suggestions; something I should be working on also in addition to my daily walking!! Keep up the good work......Linda/NJ

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