Clue Game Night Ideas

oldalgebraApril 10, 2005

I will be hosting a Bunco Party later this month that will include a Clue game type of who-done-it theme.

I plan to post the menu, calling the foods such things as Crime Casserole and Suspect Salad. I'll probably have some yellow "Stop Crime Scene" tape strung around and maybe even a body chalked (taped) out on the floor. Need help coming up with a centerpiece and such things as tableclothes, nut dishes, etc.

Anyone out there ever hosted one of those Murder Dinners????

Got any ideas for me?

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I think my table cloth would be that banquet paper on a roll....decorated with things like outlines of bodies....fake bullet holes, blood stains etc.
Perhaps a height chart and have everyone photographed in front of it...
Maybe people could be assigned names like Col. Mustard and Mrs. Peacock....and there could be a large brass candle stick on the well as a knife, a gun a wrench etc.
Yep been to a Murder Dinner....but the script for that comes with all ideas for the menu etc.
How about a cake with a hack saw blade baked in it?
Have fun!
Linda C

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Thanks, Lindac.
I was just in a shop the other day that sold bullet holes.
The weapons centerpiece is a great idea.
I'm not actually having the Murder Dinner. Mine is a simple Bunco Night with a little extra who-done-it thrown in for fun. Saw the idea on another site.
Now, I off to the garage to look for a wrench, some rope, and a length of pipe.

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That's so funny, I just watched Clue last weekend. Love that movie. Don't forget the candlestick!

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