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marci_paSeptember 10, 2007

I will get us started today.

Wish me luck on my first full day with the kids!

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[[[[[[[[[[GOOD LUCK MARCI!]]]]]]]]]]]]] Hope all is well there this morning!

[[[[[[[Extra hugs for Patti & Dave]]]]]]] This is frustrating for me, so I can't imagine how difficult it is for the both of you. Hope I don't get flamed here but Patti, why not send a shout-out to old Hillary. She's always mouthing off about healthcare. Maybe you can get her attention in an election year. It couldn't hurt at this point. Sorry, but that's all I have except for my full support. Never never give up! :0)

BJ, please chime in this week. We always love your contributions.

Jen, still missing you. Let us know if school has started there; we need an update on the girls.

Suzanne, still holding good thoughts for your poor battered body (!) and DH.

Hello to Besh, Gretchen, Donna, Amy, Raeanne, Joanne, John, Tikanas, and those I've missed on this muggy, muggy, steaming morning in NJ.

Make today count and check in!

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Good Monday all,

Marci and Besh hope your week starts well!!

Patti and Dave how frustrating! I simply do not understand how this could go on unresolved for so long. Dee has a good idea.......not just Hillary though........all of them!

Besh, I love the bubble wrap idea. I can see it now.

Dee, did you make basil and parsley cubes? My face marks have all gone away now. I just have a few small red marks that are fading quickly!

Raeanne, I love your subliminal message when you were talking about dinner (Dee/Suzanne) in Saratoga! It reminds me of the Kevin Kneeland skit on SNL when he would talk to some attractive woman about something worldly and under his breath he would say (hot sexxx or something eles) LOL Do you remember that?

I had a nice weekend with the Divine Ms. Pea. It was hotter that he** but I managed to get a spot along the tree line of the field where we could have shade most of the day. It was in the mi 90's! Ugh. Friday night the sky was absolutely gorgeous and we sat out and watched the milky way and shooting stars with NO BUGS! It was amazing the sky was so clear when it was so hot and humid during the day! Saturday was the same, hazy, hot and humid! The horses were uncomfortable. Unfortunately we got rained out on Sunday so I packed up early in the driving rain and came home. I will not complain because we really, really need the rain and a whole lot more.

QOD: Has anyone here read Wicked? I was reading that all weekend and loved, loved, loved it. I haven't finished it yet but and really into it.

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Suzanne - Aha you caught that subliminal message LOL. Yes, I remember those skits and loved them. I'm glad you had a nice outing despite the weather. We got the rain yesterday and it has been raining on and off this morning - we needed it desperately.

Marci - hoping that today goes smoothly, sending positive vibes that there are no criers.

Besh - thinking of you too. I know the summer went way too quickly for you.

BJ - Let us know how you are doing.

Maddie - I think it is time that you stopped by to say hi.

Gretchen - don't tease us with stopping by a couple of times and then disappearing on us.

Joanne - You have been on my mind - hope all is well.

Lynn, Donna, Jen, Amy, and all other MIA's please report in this week.

QOD - no I haven't read Wicked, but I did finish The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns - I loved both of them. I just bought a book the other day to add to my "To Be Read" pile and found out that I had it already. I guess it is time to just read and not buy.

I am celebrating 30 years of wedded bliss today (well that may be an exageration, but for the most part is has been above average LOL).

Enjoy your day.

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Raeanne, Happy Anniversary! Wow, 30 years - that's great, congratulations! Hugs and kisses.

I have the Kite Runner on my list. I started reading it a long time ago and can't remember why I put it down. Yes, start reading and stop buying for me!!

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(sung to the tune of.....hmmmm...I forgot the name, but not the melody!)

Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary
Haaaapppy Anniversary
Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy Ann-i-ver-sa-ry
Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary

All my best wishes to sweet Raeanne and her handsome hubby!

Now, go forth and enjoy; ya hear me?


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Saratoga (Dee, Suzanne, Raeanne)

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We need to add Donna to that list now!


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Saratoga, (Dee, Suzanne, Raeanne, Donna)

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Thank you Suzanne. Saratoga (Suzanne, Dee, Donna, Raeanne) Dee Your singing voice is more beautiful than every.

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I'm glad you like my singing, Raeanne. I almost called you today to sing it to you (and let you guess who it was), but I'm in the office and did not want to scare people here! Also, I wanted you to be in good spirits today...why wreck your day with DH?


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I am imaging a romantic dinner in Saratoga (Dee, Suzanne, Donna, Raeanne) on Raeanne's anniversary with her handsome husband. I hope you have a lovely evening.

Dee, I loved your singing too.

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Ladies and John,

I am here stopping by to read but I just haven't had much time to post!

All is well here. I spent Saturday cleaning my bedroom from top to bottom. I never got dressed or showered until 5:00 in the evening. I was wiped. I woke up Sunday very sore. I guess that naked shower cleaning got to me. LOLOL
It actually made me realize that I am very out of shape. So when I came home from work today-I spent 20 minutes on the elliptical and did 2.4 miles and burned about 200 calories. I need to get my act together with exercising. So I am going to try for 4 days on the eliptical. Cross your fingers for me.

Marci- yes, my daughter was part of the wedding party and my DIL is very very pretty and very sweet. The story behind all the pictures is the photographers camera stopped working during the reception. We ran back to the hotel and got mine since I had the same set up as her. I almost brought it to the wedding but I didn't want to get in her way. She gave the kids all the photos and never color corrected them or anything. So I have been going through putting together a video for them.

It is completed if anyone wants to go back and visit the site.

I am off...


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Good morning all,

Gretchen, I sent you an email to get the link to your website but didn't hear back from you. Can you send me the link via my email address through this site or authorize someone here that has it to send me? Good luck with your exercise - sounds like an overwhelming goal to start. Why not try for two days this week? JMHO

It's dark and gloomy here and I am grateful to have the rain. I hope we get enough to make a good difference before it clears out.

Raeanne, (Saratoga, Dee, Donna, Suzanne, Raeanne), how was your anniversary? Do tell. (Saratoga)

I am close to the end of Wicked and I am loving it!

QOD: Where is everyone this week?

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Gretchen, I just sent you an e:mail asking for the link and it came back as "delivery failure". Can we ask one of our members to send Suzanne and I the link?

Pouring rain here last night and very dark and gloomy this morning. My neighbor was going to cancel our walk, but I convinced her to walk long enough to "stretch out a bit". We ended up with 22 minutes worth of exercise---not bad!

Took all my fitness center clothes home with me last night to wash and then made sure to put them back into the car immediately after they came out of the dryer. Now I have no excuse not to run to the fitness center even for a few minutes during lunch! haha

Make today count!

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HELLO???????????? ANYONE OUT THERE?????????????????

Okay, where is everyone?

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Dee, Suzanne - I sent you the link that Gretchen sent me. Let me know if you don't get it or if it doesn't work for you.

Suzanne/Dee - We actually have friends from FL visiting so we celebrated with them. We went to dinner at The Sagamore Golf Course and it was beautiful and delicious. However we did have dinner this past Friday in Saratoga at the Grey Gelding and it was fantastic. Our friends had to go down there and asked us to join them. And if that weren't enough Saratoga (dee, suzanne, donna) talk I just got back from there. I did some marathon shopping and picked my handsome husband up from dropping his truck off for servicing, so we had lunch in Saratoga today.

Gretchen - naked shower cleaning can be hazardous to your health LOL.

I hope everyone is well - let us know.

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Raeanne~Happy Belated Anniversary!

Gretchen~I'm so happy to see you posting again. Truly! Did you send me the link to your site?

Goils~I had thought of contacting the ones running for office but we only have 120 days to contest this. The attorney is supposed to contact us on Friday @ 4 p.m. I don't know if this is normal or not.

Dave isn't feeling well. I love the excitement on this page though. I will get back on hopefully tomorrow. Be good to yourselves b/c you deserve it! Patti :)

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Patti, Suzanne and Dee,

I sent you the link through here. My spam blocker is just a bit too powerful at times! Thanks Raeanne for helping.


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I cannot send you the link because you don't have the email link here.


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((Patti and Dave))

((Marci - hope all went well))

Am catching up, will post more tomorrow night..running around like a nut.

Saratoga with Dee, Suzanne and Raeanne for Raeanne's anniversary...yes! Happy anniversary Raeanne.


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Hi goils!

Raeanne--ask, and you shall receive--here I am! LOLOL!!! Happy belated anniversary! (((hugs!)))

Can anyone believe it's been 6 years today? Gad. I watched the memorial services on TV today, and the horror just came running back. Gad.

On to a better topic--I'm reading 'I Love you, Beth Cooper'--has anyone read it?

S#*)!--be back--d@mned phone--

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Good morning all,

Raeanne, thanks for sending the links to Gretchen's site.

Gretchen, what a beautiful couple! You son if very handsome and the wedding was quite lovely. Thanks for sharing. It's amazing how we can share these things now.

Maddie, good to hear from you! I cannot believe 6 years have passed and I think that there should have been more memorials and reminders of this. It truly was a horror. Come back soon and NO answering the phone when you are writing to us!! LOL

Raeanne, Saratoga, Saratoga, Saratoga!!! I think there's a message there Saratoga (Dee, Raeanne, Donna, Suzanne). LOL

The skies have cleared and we have had quite a bit of much needed rain. I could almost hear mother earth sighing last night! Today is cool, windy and fall like.

OKAY MIA's Check in

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Got the link from Raeanne, Gretchen. Thx! Will try to have a look sometime today.

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Maddie - are you telling me I better be careful of what I wish for (just kidding, love ya). DD#2 just took that one from my "to be read" pile - it sounded cute.

Donna - glad you are on (saratoga) board!

Suzanne - fall like here too, it's a pretty day after all the rain we had for 2 days.

Patti - I am sure that all this has gotten to Dave, I hope he is feeling better today.

Enjoy your day!

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Me, again--briefly--(I just got in from harmonica lessons, and am (ahem) "puckered" out--(groan!!LOL)

OK, Dee--please... 'Billy don't be a hero', but 'Tell Laura I love Her' and she's my 'Afternoon Delight'. LMAO!!!



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Good Morning Everyone. I am back in FL. DH and I took another trip back to OH. We took a side trip to Windsor Canada and stayed at the Casino. I loved it. Won quite a bit so I am sure that helped. Got to celebrate my Dad's 73rd b-day with him and that was fun too! Next month we are off to CA and will be visiting friends in Napa and Tracy. We will be taking a trip to Lake Tahoe cause we got two nights comp at the Casino there. Oh my - do I need to call gamblers anonymous. LOL!

Patti and Dave = big hugs to you both!!!!
Suzanne - how is your DH? How is your face/head from your branch encounter?
Raeanne - Happy Anniversay
Dee - any pulled pork left??? sounds yummy and I beleive I will make some this Friday for Saturday. I am hoping to have an Ohio State Football Party here. There are several people we have met here in FL that are from Ohio. Keep up the great work on walking and going to the gym at lunchtime.
BJ - glad your doing well.
Everyone else, I will post again now to get ready for dentist appointment before work.


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Good Thursday all,

Lynn, glad to see you posting. I wondered what happened to you. Hope your lucky streak continues in Tahoe. I am not a gambler - I can't bear giving away my money! I have been
known to try my hand at a black jack table from time to time but I am not very good.......I don't have a good poker face! LOL How is your family situation going?

I haven't made the pulled pork yet but it sure sounds good. Believe it or not it's not easy getting the cut of meat that I need where I live. I have to travel at least 1/2 hour in any direction to get to a decent grocery store.

It was down into the high 30's this morning......burrrrr but we have a beautiful day to enjoy.

QOD: Weekend plans?

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Maddie, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr LMAO!!!! Now I'll be humming those cr@appy songs all day, Mrs. Harmonica Lady. You are officially in charge of music at our get-together. Why not join us at Saratoga (raeanne, suzanne, donna)?

Lynn, Marci's pulled pork recipe was absolutely outstanding! What made it so satisfying was that I had good control over the amount of fat that ended up in it without sacrificing any flavor. I have tons in the freezer, so if you're in the area, stop by!

QOD: I took tomorrow and Monday off again. Have a hair appointment Friday afternoon and hope to make a manicure/pedicure appointment for the morning. Saturday AM I get my car serviced. Saturday and Sunday we plan to work around the house, and Monday I want to devote to getting my home office cleared if I'm not distracted by shopping. ;-) Think I probably need some help from BJ to keep me focused on tasks.

Suzanne, let me know if you need me to USP you a pork butt. LOL!!!

Make today count!

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Good early Friday all,

It was a quiet day here yesterday and I am hoping to hear from you MIA's before the day is out to tell us what is up for the weekend.

I am trying to squeeze an early morning ride in here today and it's going to be pitch black until about 5:50am. Dee, I have my headlamp on my helmet so I will not get clipped in the face with a branch, LOL (only me you know). It's crisp, clear and the stars are in full regalia right now.

I still have not found a pork butt but I am going to do some serious hunting today during lunch and will probably run to a grocery store that is 25 mins away to get it. At least I won't be eating on my lunch break!

Will check in later.

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Good morning, Suzanne. My offer is still good to UPS you a pork butt! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone checks in today.

I am so disappointed in the results of Big Brother that I could cry. CBS should fire that producer for letting the abuse go on and on. Now they have apparently promised that idiot 2 security guards for the finale.

Forgot to mention that DH has actually agreed to walk with me on the days that my neighbor cannot. He was out there with me last evening and we had a nice chat. I mentioned that he was lucky I was willing to help him stay healthy! lol! Hey, even 20-30 minutes is better than falling asleep in front of the TV.

CHALLENGE!!!!! Try to devote 20 minutes each day this weekend to get moving. If it's too much; try 10 minutes twice a day.

Make today count!

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Dear Dee, I would like to order one big pork butt please. Can you send overnight delivery?

I had a great ride and encountered a black bear on the trail which was neat. I saw him/her about 20 yards ahead and it stopped to look at us. I waited to see if there was cubs but none appeared. I said "go on" a couple of times and it just looked at me! Too funny. Finally it lumbered off into the woods. It wanted no part of us that's for sure! I like being able to share my rides with the wildlife.

Good challenge Dee! And it's true - even if you do it ten minutes at a time get moving - it all adds up.

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Suzanne - I have used other cuts of pork roast to use and it comes out fine. How awesome to see the bear. Our neighbor said one walked by her kitchen window the other morning - I wished I had seen it, but I don't want it hanging around my house.

Dee - I'm with you on the challenge. The days I don't go to the gym I have been walking/jogging for about 30 minutes. Today I am going out to buy a good pair of running shoes.

Lynn - congrats on the win. I am going to Napa in November - too bad we will miss each other.

QOD - no big plans this weekend. We had friends from FL visiting during the week and that kept us busy, so I am looking forward to a quiet weekend - it never seems to work out that way though.

Maddie - thanks for the post, but I'm with Dee on those song choices, not exactly the one's I want playing in my head all day LOL.

BJ - still missing you sister.

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Kate - are you lurking, if so join in on the fun again - we could use your input on our exercise or lack of LOL.

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Dee, Raeanne, (Donna if you are lurking), if no one else is going to check in around here I say we change the name of this thread to SARATOGA.

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LMAO @ Suzanne! What's in the air up there today? Send me the addy where you want the meat, but don't be surprised if that bear comes sniffing around your mailbox!

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There's a big chill in the air today! 41 degrees this morning buurrrrr!! Well, at least at 4:30 am it was! Will be warmer today.

Dee I am going to find me a pork butt! You will be plan B however! LOL

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OMG, I called three places and no butt. What gives? My regular little market here is going to prepare something that will be suitable for pulled pork. Okay, so it's not butt. SO WHAT??

Where is everyone?

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SARATOGA got my attention! Been a crazy week, I have been MIA and will try and catch up. I have tried to lurk though.
I changed WW meetings, the leader at the one close to my house (figures) did nothing for me, nice lady and all that but zip on motivating me. I went to the WW center and tried a new leader and meeting on Wednesday after work and really left feeling motivated!

For the last 2 weeks a co-worker and I have been walking for 30 minutes at lunch time. We walk all over AC including the boardwalk. Then I go back to work and eat lunch at my desk. I keep sneaks at work so I have no excuse not to go. One day she couldn't make it and I went on my own. I am really enjoying it and at least I'm getting in 30 mins a day which is 30 mins more than I was doing before.

QOD: No idea of plans for the weekend yet but if anything comes up it probably won't be exciting!

Will check back in!

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OK - I have to say that I am getting a kick out of the fact that you guys can weave a pork butt into every thread!! LOL Butt, I have to say that I have used other cuts too and it has still turned out.

I had a rough week. M-W-F went ok, but T-TH made up for it. I love kids, you all know that, but we have Satan's child in our T-Th PM class and I swear, she will make me consider early retirement if she doesn't settle down. I will spare you guys the details, but let's just say she isn't pleasant and leave it at that!!!

I am going out to lunch with a friend and going to a fabric store tomorrow, then coming home and putting the binding on the quilt for the bazaar. Not much else going on, but after the week I had, I don't mind that at all. My feet hurt!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and that every one gets their butts moving!!! (Thanks for the challenge NHSuzanne)


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I found this article interesting. And from all the people I see wearing Steeler Jerseys, I think they hit the nail on the head!

Here is a link that might be useful: Steeler Fans

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Hey Marci, I suggest we all get our Pink Jerseys and head out to camp next year for our get together! That exercise could do us good and we all might lose a few pounds. lol!

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And it wouldn't hurt us to look at all those fine, fine football players either! LOL

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Dee - Great idea, let's go to camp next summer. My pink jersey can say "Pittsburgh Pork Butt" on it.

Marci - All joking aside, I would love to be a part of that camp, but I have a feeling I may be one of the oldest and not really a fan. But there are a lot of perks to being there. I have no doubt that you will get through to the little girl with horns LOL - she will be wearing a halo before you know it.

Donna - we reeled you in with Saratoga (dee, suzanne, donna, raeanne) GOOD. WTG on the walking and new motivation.

Besh - how did your week go?

It is cool and raining here today with the threat of frost tonight.


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Speaking of pork butts, someone stick a fork in me because I'm finished! Had an early appointment for oil change on the car, DH came with me and took "me" out to IHOP. I wanted the whole grain harvest pancakes (which I did order) but they came with eggs, ham, and potatoes. I cannot move....think I need a nap. LOL!!!

Rainy and chilly here too.

Tomorrow we were invited to a classic car show in Rhinebeck, NY. Hope the weather improves so that we can do lots of walking. I think these pancakes and eggs will still be in my bloated belly!!!!

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After camp, everyone to Marci's for pulled pork.

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Hey all,
One week down, 39 to go! The week was busy so it went fast, but some negative things with some students and one former collegue that I am not at liberty to discuss, but real downers. I'm glad it is the weekend.

I guess I am officially 50 now. I got a phone call this morning from the gastroenterologist office to schedule my colonoscopy! It is not until November and I am NOT looking forward to it, but who does?

I am doing WW CORE now. This is my first week. The points were just not working for me as I found myself using the bulk of them up eating 2 point snacks. I have spent a good part of the day making food to have for me, but I will share! So far I have made fruit salad, veggie soup, turkey chili and some puddings. Next I am going to make some brown rice to have on hand and some sort of oatmeal cookie thing I can have for breakfast. That is my only complaint about CORE is breakfast. I am used to some sort of bread in the morning, and I just can't do that, so I am trying to find alternatives that are quick and filling.

Suzanne, I hope that you find your butt! I have been laughing reading last weeks posts. You guys have been entertaining!

Donna, a good leader can make all the difference in WW. I only go to one leader because she really does motivate me. I have tried others and they just don't do it for me. Keep up the good work.

OK, I have to hang my head in shame over the Patriots. I am so disappointed in our coach. I know he is a great guy and a great coach and I can't believe he did what he did. I am glad that he admitted his wrong doing and I hope that the team can just move on. I think the punishment was appropriate. Now they have to kick butt (not pork!) in tomorrows game to show the world that they are a great team regardless!

Enjoy the weekend.

Love, Besh

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