New Phone

mxyplxDecember 3, 2006

New Phone:

I wanted a new phone - one with quick dial numbers so you could just push a button without having to work your way thru a maze of buttons and directories which usually took several tries cause I can't possibly remember all that monkey business. They used to make em that way - not anymore. Oh no. You've got to have everythng coded and displayed on an LCD screen etc etc.

Found one! $16.97 with 6.95 shipping. Speaker phone. Head set jack. etc.

I clicked on Gimme It. ---Got it. ----Wow!

FCC Regulations -----------------------2 pages

Battery Cautionary Instructions (11)-----1 full page

Features--------------------------------4 pages

Installation and setup--------------------8 pages

Operation-------------------------------5 pages

Troubleshooting-------------------------1 page

Warranty-------------------------------2 pages

The ringer has a choice of 17 rings: none, 4 regular types, 12 melodies.

The hold button plays a choice of 12 tunes like it or not.

There is an alarm that can be set......enough!

I just set the quick dial buttons and let the rest go.

If you can believe it there is a piece of paper with names next to each button. How Crass. What inspired innovation will they think of next?

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