What else can I serve to dip into dips?

Glitter53April 20, 2008

Hello, Ladies (and Gents, of course!)...I'm bringing a couple of dips to our DD's baby shower (everyone loves my shrimp mould and hot crab dip) and I'd like to bring something besides the same ol' crackers to dip into them. I've done Paris Toasts before, and will probably include them again, pita triangles...Is there anything else that's interesting?

My mind is a seive lately, and I can't seem to think of anything very original....help?


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celery sticks, carrot sticks slices of jicama, slices of party rye toasted, toasted rounds of baguettes, corn tortillas toasted,...just to name a few.
Linda C

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I use toasted mini pitas; I cut them in half, brush them with evoo, and bake them at 350 until slightly golden and crisp.

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Ah, thank you, Linda and Mitch...love all those suggestions and will probably include them all. There will also be a veggie platter, so they can dip those, also....This business of becoming a Grandmother is taking its toll on my thought processes, I think! Too exciting!!! ;-)
Many thanks...Lynn!

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