Probably a silly question, but regarding weight training

housekeepingMarch 21, 2008

I was wondering about this today and thought someone here might be able to answer.....

I read that adding weight training is important for older people (late 50's) so I'm trying to figure out how to get some in. I live (and work) on farm so I'm not sure how much more I need to add as I am pretty constantly active all day, year round. Some of the jobs are quite physically demanding: cutting, splitting and hauling wood for instance; and then there's toting 40 or 50 lb bags of feed and pellets or shoveling in the barns or roofs. Well, you get the picture.

When I see people doing weight training they are lifting little dumbell-shaped weights. So do you think that the following activity might suffice for weight training? I am currently working on a multi-year project to limb up several acres of pole timber working with a 12' pole saw that weighs about 2 lbs and removing branches about 16-18 feet in air. I do it about an hour or so a day and will for another month or two. The work is basically raise the saw, pull down, repeatedly, to cut, then reposition and cut another branch. I am not folding my arms up and down from waist to shoulder level, but raising them from shoulder to full extension overhead. Does that count? I work at it quite steadily, and I can talk, but not sing while I do it.

TIA for your response.


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I think you're covered Molly

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Molly hi,

I believe that there is a big difference between working and working out.

Even though you have strenous physical exercise daily, are you working all of your muscle groups correctly? Also, a good trainer will not only work all of your muscles, he/she will work on balance and make sure that you stretch properly.

This is a personal decision on your part. Good luck in making it.


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