Mitsubishi Projectioni CRT Display problem

mrodgers79December 4, 2006

Having a couple problems with my 5 year old Mitsubishi 55" CRT Rear Projection TV.

First, the image gets distorted, kind of like an extreme amount of pincushioning, only as it stretches out to the corners, you can see a separation between the three colors. this problem will not show up immediately if the tv has been off for a while. and it flickers back and forth between normal picture and skewed picture. as the tv stays on for a while, it stays in skewed mode.

Second, after the tv seems to settle into the skewed mode mentioned above, intermittent squiggly horizontal lines come through the picture. They tend to flash for a few seconds, then go away.

Anyone have any idea what the problem is/could be? And how tough a fix it is? Thanks!

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