Is it okay to drink coffee while on green juice fast?

starraffyFebruary 14, 2014

Planning to do this green juice fast,veggie juicing ... is it okay to still drink coffee if i am on a juice fast? I'm a coffee lover too

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Some claim no - some say ease up. I say if you have been drinking coffee all along - I would cut back a bit. To go cold turkey caused the most painful headaches and fatigue. Gave up on the fast.

So, find something pure and clean - organic, light roast, shade grown *fair trade would be a plus :). Drink no more than two cups (normal size coffee cups not gigantic mugs. Limit sugar *use stevia perhaps with a bit of pure sugar? No other caffeine then.

You will still benefit from the juices. It would be sad to give up due to the withdrawal from the caffeine. In my opinion. Good luck! Happy Fasting. (Might try black tea instead? I still got headaches, tho)

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I don't know what it could cause but I think you should keep your coffee love aside until you are on that green juice fast.

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ManojK , I was thinking the same too as it will contradict the essence of my green juicing diet

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worriedone thanks for the suggestions! black tea is also good.. i've started my green juicing diet and stayed away for now with carbonated drinks and caffeine, quite hard but my cravings are leaning more towards the green juice already.. i love my juicer! i'm loving my green juice diet..

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definitely against the spirit of the fast, especially if you are adding any cream/sugar/artificial mess to it. But, I think just pumping a lot of juice in your body is a really good thing whether or not you are drinking coffee. I have found when I am drinking large amounts of juice, the withdrawal from caffeine is much more manageable. I have also at times done tea to get some caffeine during a "fast"

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sradleye, i'll try that , a tea while fast juicing.I also think about the sugar and creamer i use if i drink coffee while juicing greens.

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Black coffee with no sugar I think is okay because the calories are negligible. I've heard that coffee is loaded with antioxidants, so that will probably help with the detoxing. But you need to quit coffee during juice fast if you will be tempted to eat pastry, donuts, etc..but if that is not a problem for you then I say go ahead and have some.

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Nope. I have done my juice cleanse (organic fruits and veggies) last month. Drinking coffee could ruin your fasting ritual because it's acidic.

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