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nhsuzanneSeptember 27, 2004

YIKES, OCTOBER 3rd? Time flies.

Good Morning Everyone,

Wake up and tell us how your weekend was.

I hope we hear about some BJ sitings today!

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HAPPY Belated BIRTHDAY, JOANNE! I am so sorry about your tragic loss. I certainly know what it is like to lose a close friend; may you remember all the wonderful times you spent with such a special person. Please take the time to celebrate her life when you get the chance.

Raeanne, I'm waiting to hear from you about your adventures with BJ!!!

Patti, please check in and let us know how you fared with the weather. We are supposed to get terrible storms tomorrow...not as bad as you, but bad enough for us!

Have a wonderful week; make every day count!!!!!!!
Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Joanne - I hope you were able to make the most of your day. I am wishing you a Happy Birthday and that your day was filled with peace. I am also sending you my heart felt sympathy on the loss of your friend. Let us know how you are doing.

Okay, I have kept you waiting long enough. BJ has been sited and what a great site. She is exactly how you would picture her, she is beautiful, vibrant, witty and FUN FUN FUN. Her family is lovely, 4 pretty girls (her DH has his hands full) and a charming husband. The weekend went quickly and I wished there was more time to do fun things together. We had 2 great dinners together and my DH spent some enjoyable time with the entire family, taking them on a tour of the area. They are headed to NYC as I write this and maybe we will get BJ's version of the story by the end of the week. I did take pictures and will forward some to Marci as soon as I get BJ's approval on them LOL.

Patti - Let us know asap how everything is by you.

Lynn - thinking of you too, let us know how you made out with Jeanne.

Does anyone know anything about the Hamptoms Diet - the only thing I know is that they want you to use Macadamian Nut Oil (much expensivo), and they want you to eat fruits, vegies, whole grain carbs, non processed meats. Do you know anyone that is on this diet?

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did this weekend and now I really can't wait for French Lick.

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Happy Monday Everyone!

Joanne - Happy Belated B-day and sorry for your loss.

Raeanne - Jeanne skirted by us. We got heavy wind 50 - 75 miles with gusts higher. Some rain, but not as much as the weather channel said we would have. The canals did rise a bit, but did not flood.

I went to the dentist on Thursday for a root canal..on a tooth. he took one look at the x-rays and said you cracked your tooth, but not the one you came to have done, a molar. So, while sitting in the chair, I remember about a month ago, eating something, (of course) and I heard a crack, just thought I chomped on whatever I was eating wrong. But had no pain until about a week ago...dull ache. I just associated it with the tooth that needed a root canal. 2 root canals back to back. Also, he must have come from a long line of barbarians...because he was extremely rough while giving me the shot to numb me. I stiffened up quite a bit while he was moving the needle around and he is like " oh it's not that bad" I felt like saying "Hey, you sit in this chair and let me do the same thing to you!" Even while he did the root canal, he was just too rough. I have had extensive and I mean extensive mouth work and never has an injection been so bad/painful. So, he is not tops on my list. I had this done on Thursday and here it is monday and my jaw still hurts.

Good Luck on the Core and South Beach diets, please keep us posted. Tonight I am actually making a SS dinner. I am excited about it. It is the pork chops with cream and fajita seasonings...I forgot the name. It is in the fast and easy book.

NH Suzanne - I love to hear your stories of the area you are in and your wildlife and your own personal animals.

Take care all.....


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Lynn, I once had a dentist that hurt me badly. He botched up a shot that caused my right cheek to bruise very badly. I had to stay home from work because people thought I had been beaten. Also, there was nerve damage for almost 7 years. My right bottom lip felt like pins and needles for that entire 7-year stretch. Do you know he never even apologized? He said "these things happen"! I was too young to sue his *ss, but I took my records to another dentist who is much better!! I wish you well with your procedures, but do not be afraid to stand up (in the chair if you must!) and make him aware of your pain. Also, it helps to grab onto to something which might cause him enough pain to understand where you're coming from....LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

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DeeMarie: I am LMAO!!!!!! If only I had the guts, I would love to!!!! Then I could say to him.....oh come on now, it's not that bad.!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA LOL.


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Lynn - I love my dentist (but I'm still afraid of him LOL) - he always asks me if I feel anything and always says there is never any reason for me to be in pain - that's why I love him LOL. I'm sorry your dentist was rough with you. Are your root canals finished? If they are, I would start looking for a new dentist the next time. I had 2 root canals done once, it was one tooth with 2 canals.

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Hey, All!!

Patti, how are you and Dave doing?

Lynn, I am glad that Jeanne passed you by without too much damage. You guys have had ENOUGH!!! But TWO root canals??!! OUCH. I agree with Dee Marie Ha HA!

Dee Marie, I'd like to be a fly on THAT wall when you "goose" that dentist. LOL

Raeanne, Happy to here about those BJ sitings! Sound like you had a great time. I am looking forward to seeing the pics. Hurry Up!! : )

Well, I feel pretty good for the first time in a few weeks . Actually having a productive work day here at home . Ds is starting his Spanish program today and I am hoping to work on the advanced program tomorrow. So much to catch up on!! But that's okay... Feeling better is worth all this mess to fix.

Back to the Doc on Thursday. I am praying that this good day runs smack into another good day tomorrow! Just wish I had a better appetite ( strange, I never thought I'd hear myself saying THAT!! Ha Ha!)

Keep strong, keep well,


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Good TUESDAY morning!

Rise, shine, and make it count! Drink your water, watch those sweets, try to get in a little exercise, and remember to SMILE!!!! :-)


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Happy Tuesday!

Hope everyone is doing well today. Another good day here! Baking 4 big batches of brownies for DS Youth Group kick off party tonight. (not eating them : ) Busy homeschool/work day today, too.

Drinking my water and I DO have a smile on my face!


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Hi Everyone,

Just checking in and taking a break from DEADline. It's kind of agonizing having to get so many things together in a short time. Some people think deadlines are meant to be broken! HA!

Hope everyone is having a good day.

Tikanas, I could never bake brownies without sampling them! You are a stronger woman than I am in that dept!- Glad to hear you are feeling better!

Back to the salt mines.

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Good Morning.

Where is everyone????????????? Are you all having fun without me??????? Check in and say hello. I feel lonely here today. Sniff, sniff..........LOL

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Hello NHSUZANNE.....suzanne....suzanne....suzanne....suzanne.

HEY! hey.....hey.....hey.....hey

ECHO! echo...echo...echo...echo

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Good Morning!

NHSuzanne, we're here for ya'!! Don't cry! : (

A little respite today from all the heat we've been having. I am more inclined to exercise when it is cooler and when I get the clean bill of health from the Doc tomorrow, I intend to do just that!

Still having appetite problems (I have none) and I know that my metabolism is all out of whack. I am going to try eating several small healthy snacks over the course of the day and see if I can get some nourishment in me. Wonder what's causing this....?

Lot's of water and positive thoughts today, everyone!

Willl check back later,


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Good Morning ALL,

Where are you all?

Dee, my head is still rattling from the echo in here! LOL

Tikanas, I wish I had no appetite! My appetite increases when the weather gets cooler too. I hope you get a clean bill of health from the doctor today. You must be a rack of bones if you aren't eating!

Okay all you MIA's CHECK IN TODAY and let us know how you are.

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Hi! I'm back! I'll post at around noon today.

Had the greatest time with Raeanne! More later in the noon report.....!

Tease, tease, tease. lol.

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NHSuzanne.... I am here but just so swamped at work! I do want to say that I reached my accountability limit and I have join WW. I needed to get my act together with my weight since I am going OVER the HILL next year. I just didn't want to waddle over the hill. I wanted to run over it and at the rate I was going...I would have been waddling! HA! I am in the first week of it and I feel pretty good. I weigh in on Sunday mornings figuring that would be a good way to end and start my weeks. So we shall see if I can stick to this. DeeMarie seemed to have great success with it so I am keeing my fingers crossed.

Phones are a ringing.......


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Nice to "meet" you, Gretchen!

NHSuzanne, I am NO bag of bones Ha Ha! When you don't eat, your metabolism slows down. So, even with no appetite, I am maintaining the same weight. : (

The Doc says that my labs came back looking very good. I still need to take it easy for another week and check in with her next Friday, but if all is still well, I can get back to Curves the following Monday. I am really looking forward to it. Thanks for asking!

I want to get out in the garden this weekend and put in some Fall veggies. What does everyone else have planned?

Keep well, keep strong,


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QOD: This weekend I plan to get some shopping done. I really need fall slacks and some things to bring to 'Vegas with me later this month. On Sunday, my DSIL gets married! This is her second marriage, but the first guy was a total jerk...left her with 4 kids and no money over 18 years ago. She worked her way up from nothing and deserves this big-time! The guy she is marrying has begged her for years to be his bride; he is a peach, and super handy around the house. We are looking forward to having some fun at that wedding; to be held at a beautiful restaurant overlooking NYC!

OK, I lost 2.8 lbs!!! Can you believe that this WW leader counts in 1/10 pounds! That's cool, except I would hate to hear one day that I GAINED 1/10 of a pound...would hope she rounds it down to zero! LOL

Gotta run; I've been chosen to take on an additional project that I'm not sure I can handle. We'll see.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Hi guys,

I still haven't caught up on reading the thread, but I will tell you about the NY trip.

We went from JFK to Riverhead and explored the beaches of Orient and Greenport. I loved it all and the weather was fantastic. Took a ferry to New London, CT and drove through NJ into NY again. Saw a lot of country and the beginning of fall colors.

Then we went to lake George and Bolton Landing where we met up with Raeanne and her DH. What a blast! They are wonderful, open, outgoing people. We had 2 fabulous dinners in 2 really great restaurants---and tried the local wine selection, which was very good!

Raeanne's DH took us on an all-day tour of surrounding cities and told us all about the locals and businesses, etc. He had info on weather, houses (we looked at many), and then he took the kids and us to a place that serves the largest ice cream cones ever! I declined the ice cream, but made up for it in food and wine later---lol.

Raeanne prepared a wonderful basket of goodies for the kdis, including books, maps, tee shirts, wish rocks, and....and....and...PEEPS! She wrote a note on them that said, "Keep out of BJ's reach", but that hardly stopped me.

The entire trip was too short, but immensely enjoyable. Raeanne has a beautiful lake view home that has really unique and interesting and gorgeous art work all around. Everything was too cool for words.

We left there after 2 days and headed to NYC, where we boated to Miss Liberty, traveled through and had lunch at Grand Central Station, and went to Times Square, where the teens got very close to a group of celebrities whose names slipped my mind---teen types. Anyway, we then came home on the tail end of Jeanne, a very bumpy ride indeed!

Great trip and SO MUCH fun to meet and hang out with Raeanne!

Now, dieting-wise, I have been sticking with South Beach for 2 days now with no problems or cravings. Raeanne gave me the book while I was there and so that jumpstarted me!

QOD: This weekend, I am starting a facial sculpture class---this ought to be interesting. It's 3 hours on Saturdays until Dec. And we're taking my DD driving---she has a permit now---YIKES! Someone told us to practice in a large area with a cross, so we're heading to the local church! Saturday nite is a BBQ at DH's old boss' house. Sunday, I am frosting cookies for a class party at school and then I think I may try relaxing---yeah, that's it. Or maybe I'll de-clutter---DH would LOVE that!!!!!!

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BJ, sounds like sooooo much fun! Isn't Raeanne and her hubby a handsome pair? As for your trip, I'll bet you took Route 287 from CT through NJ to NY. You weren't far from me :-( but I understand how pressed you were for time. We shall meet and party in April 2005. Pictures...I need pictures!

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Hey Everyone,

Not much time. COuld someone Please e-mail me Maddie's address so I can get her birthday package in the mail.


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Rabbit, Rabbit!!!

Of course, I know I am talking to myself right now!! LOL

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Hey! I'm here!, west coast time is 4:49AM.

DeeMarie: I agree that Raeanne and her DH are a handsome couple and I have pics to prove it. She is a sharp dresser! And her eyes twinkle. As far as the road trip, I'm sorry I missed you! DH made a beeline for Lake George after Long Island. I don't remember which route we took. We were using the NeverLost system in the rental car, so it just told us where to go and when to turn and we did.

Starting my third day on South Beach and the school's WalkAThon is today, so I'll even get some exercise.

Hope you all have a great wekeend!

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RABBIT, RABBIT to all of you too! I just knew I would not be the first, but I won't be the last. I'm sure Patti will be here soon.....Patti? LOL

Make today count, ladies (and John!)

Speaking of John, do you suppose he's busy with a special "friend" and cannot join us as often as we'd like to see him? Stop by and say hello, John.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!

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rabbit, rabbit - thought of doing that last night, but didn't want to take advantage of our west coast friends LOL.

BJ - Thank you (I am blushing), but you know I feel the same about you. You and your DH compliment each other (I love how you playfully interact) and your entire family is beautiful. I just love your sense of humor and your honesty. I will try to send you photos later for your editing LOL. I had a great time, but not enough time. Glad you made it home safely, even though it was bumpy - my thoughts were with you.

Dee - you are too generous with your compliments, especially being as adorable and pretty as you are. Is Montvalle (sp?) near you? WTG on the weight loss and what is this about Vegas?

Marci/Dee - I made a huge pot of sauce yesterday, I can't wait to have some tonight - I don't think I've had any since the beginning of summer.

Tikanis - So glad that the bloodwork was all good. I would be scared if I lost my appetite, because I could almost eat anytime.

Gret - we need more info.

This is Day 3 of SSing and I feel good about it.

I made a Roasted Cauliflower Soup yesterday - it was very good, SS legal and low calorie, so I will post the recipe over the weekend.

QOD - DD#1 is coming home to help DD#2 move to NYC with her, so I will probably be helping out as much as possible. I am sure the 2 of them will want a good homecooked meal this weekend, before they start to live on pizza and take out LOL.

Have a great day.

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Raeanne, there is Montvale and Montville. I think I am within 10 miles of both of them (not sure about Montvale, but DH would know).

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I'm thinking it is Montville. That is where my friends from Kinnelon bought a townhome. I will probably go there in the near future for one reason or another - if I do, I will be sure to meet up with you again.

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Cool beans!!!!!

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Mt St Helens is making an ash out of herself again. Pretty wild! I remember the last time she blew--ash all over the place for weeks! I hope she's a tad lighter on the blow up this time.

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BJ, I find the South Beach diet a breeze (under normal circumstances) but like to do it using WW portion suggestions. I am starting back on it on Monday. Now I just need the darned appetite back! You'd have thought I would have lost a lb or 2 at least!! Goes to show you that when you DON'T eat, your metabolism really slows down into survival mode. Doing better today, though.

Being relatively new here, what the heck is "Rabbit, Rabbit'???

Still waiting for pics from your get together you guys!

Patti, I know you must be without power as I have not heard from you... (or my Aunt who lives about 40 or so miles from Patti)

NHSuzanne, still thinking of you... You sound chipper, but let me (us) know if you want to chat. Thanks for all the well wishes.

Everybodyhave a great weekend!


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Tikanis - Rabbit, Rabbit is "believed" to give you a month of good luck if you say it the first thing on the 1st of the month. My DD's 3rd grade teacher taught them that and it became a routine in our house (when we remember). Patti knew this too, and I am not sure if anyone else had heard of it. Some people say bunny.

Getting ready for work, but will check in later - have a great Saturday.

4th day of SS ****

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hi! Checking in.

I'm taking my DD out for her first driving lesson this morning at dawn's early light. Wish me luck. I've been practicing "calm" all night long!

DeeMarie: Vegas? I love Vegas! When are you going? LUCKY wishes for you!

Tikanas: Glad to hear SB (South Beach) is relatively easy. I have found I'm not having any trouble yet, nor is DD, but DH is asking for Bugles and OJ! He is REALLY having a hard time (carboholic) and has had terrible nightmares every night since cutting out the carbs---I wonder why? Really! If anyone knows anyone else who has experienced this, please let me know what happened after they cleaned their system out---will it get better for him? Only the shadow knows....

I hope you get your appetite back, T. We are all pulling for you.

Starting my figurative scupture class at the local college today. I am really challenged in that area, so this ought to be an exercise in teaching for my teacher---lol.

Jen: Did you get my email w/ Maddie's addy?

I want the roasted cauliflower soup recipe, Raeanne! While I was flying home, I read a good recipe for clam soup - no cream - and we tried it the other night. DH and I liked it a lot. I made a small batch, but tomorrow, I'll make a larger one, then post the recipe.

NHSuzanne, once again, the end of the month and I'm thinking heavily about you and your deadlines. Hope they went okay. I bet you are going to ride your heart out and breathe in the great outdoors this weekend! We'll wait to hear of your adventures!

Hi to everyone else. Hope Magic Kitty and Patti and Dave are doing okay in FL!

Be good to yourself and your bod!

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

*** beginning 4th day of South Beach - I'll add a star tomorrow if I get through this BBQ party tonight!

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OOPS my 4th star was premature - but I know I will earn it LOL

BJ - I feel for you with the driving lessons. I think I can attribute many of my gray hairs to those days. Knowing you, you will make it a fun experience for all. I am e-mailing some photos to you for your review.

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Happy Saturday, All!

BJ, I never heard of carb withdrawl causing nightmares but anything is possible! Let's hope this passes quickly for DH. My DS will be starting his behind the wheel practice around Christmas tome. My daughter has volunteered to take him out as I don't think my poor nerves can take that yet!
I feel your pain :)
How was your sculpting class?

Dee Marie, when is your Las Vegas trip?
Raeanne, keep pushing on, you WILL earn that gold star!

NHSuzanne, are you out riding Sweet Pea today? How's the weather out your way? I can picture you riding in those beautiful Fall colors.

Hi and happy weekend to everyone.

Stay strong, stay well,


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BJ - how did the driving lesson go? Didn't realize how close you are to Mt St Helens - hope the wind doesn't head your way when she blows. I did a quick search on nightmares and carb withdrawal, but came up empty - hope they have ended. Tell me more about your sculpture class - that sounds fun.

Tikanis - I did it, I earned that star - but I felt pretty positive about doing it. You are sooooo lucky to have a DD that can take your DS out driving. How is your appetite?

NH Suzanne - I am sure you are out and about today - it is absolutely gorgeous here today.

Gotta run, I am HOME ALONE today and have plans to accomplish a lot - that is a plan - not a promise.

**** working on Day 5

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