Were you born in the 40's or 50's?

ilovepinkApril 24, 2007

I need help with knowing what was popular while growing up in the 50's and the graduating school in the 60's.

I'm going to host a 60th b-day party.

I want to send invites that either have a cadillac on them or a record. I think they were both popular at that time right?

I am only doing a barbecue. I wish I could do a sock hop type thing but that is not going to work. :(

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Keep in mind, that the popular records of the time were 45 singles--the small records with the big holes in the center. And often the records were colored plastic (would be great if you could find some to hang as decorations). Maybe you could google and find the directions for making a bowl (for chips, pretzels) out of a large (78) record. Used to be a popular craft--of course, you wouldn't want to put anything liquid in there, LOL.

Oh, found it

Here is a link that might be useful: record bowls

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A cadillac was only popular with those who could afford them or those who couldn't. The favorite car for a high school kid to drive in the 50's was an older convertable coupe with a rumble seat....that was the Wow car!
The 50's were a time of Bee hive do's and juke boxes, of The Beetles and The Thing, Of White Sports Coats and pink carnations and Chantilly Lace....and perfume. A GTO was a fast car and a 57 Chevvy was to dream about. We had 78's 45's and LP's...we mourned the Demise of Buddy and the Big Bopper. We learned to Hula Hoop and wore pony tails and DA's. We drank milk shakes and cokes and ate chips and California dip. Our parents tried the Moscow Mule and no one drank wine.
We went steady and she wore his class ring made smaller by being wound with angora yarn. She gave him an ID bracelet.
Girls put their hair up on pink rollers or in rags and had slumber parties not sleep overs.
We danced to the music of a juke box at the icecream parlor after school and after the game.
I grew up in the fifties.
Linda C

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Howdy Doody; Elvis; Tab Hunter; Jimmy Dean; Fat-tired Schwinn bicycles; full-service gas stations; Marilyn Monroe; Chubby Checker; etc. etc.

Go to a used-book store or antique store and find an old issue of Life magazine or Saturday Evening Post....the ads alone will knock you out.

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I grew up in the 60's in LA. It was all about surfing & the war (protest songs & peace songs). The Beach Boys were huge. The Beattles came on the scene in '64 (I think?). 'Inagodadavida' was the huge underground song. In 1963, the Kingsmen recorded Louie Louie & we sang & danced to that song a million times. Protest songs were 'Eve of Destruction' & 'One Tin Soldier' &, of course, the BIG ONE...Arlo Gunthrie's 'Alice's Restaurant' (You can get anything you want...at Alice's Restaurant...) He still performs the song each year on Thanksgiving Day in Stockbridge, MA just like the song...in the Church. Jefferson Starship recorded 'Miracles'. Wolfman Jack, on KRLA, once played 'Miracles' over & over for 24 hours! Our dream cars were "pony cars" like the Pontiac GTO & a Chevy Camaro Z-28 with a 454. We all carried surfboards in our cars...sticking out the window or tied to the roof. We wore boots (Nancy Sinatra 'These Boots Are Made for Walking') & our skirts got shorter & shorter. Our hair got longer & longer. We used to iron our hair on the ironing board to make it completely straight. In the LA area, we cruised Pasadena Boulevard & Whittier Boulevard on Friday nights. Whiskey-A-Go-Go was the place to see & be seen. Eight-track tapes were THE thing to have in your car for tunes. Bonanza was huge (Sunday nights). Jackie Kennedy did her White House Tour & President Kennedy didn't watch it on TV 'because Bonanza was on! In the later part of the decade, we attended way too many funerals of our classmates who'd come home from 'Nam in a flag-covered coffin (25% of the boys in my graduating class). So, we cried together a lot. I graduated in '68...the year MLK was killed. So was Bobby Kennedy.

I've always considered myself fortunate to have spent my teen years in the '60's on the beaches of southern CA. Until the "War" ruined our innocence it was an idealic time & place to be a teen. We entered the '70's a much more subdued crowd.

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Your party sounds like so much fun!! I'm planning a 60th birthday party for my mom at the end of June. I just found out that she's not "accepting" it well. I've opted for an Afternoon Tea/Garden Party theme...the big "society" hats, little sandwiches, iced tea, lemonade and tiny desserts with afternoon tea.

If anyone is reading this post and can reply with any suggestions to my idea...I'd appreciate it also! Thanks

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get an older copy of joy of cooking. (not the new, healthy version, lol) everything was from scratch. yes, we had mixes, but most moms didn't use them...

a cute idea would be a tv dinner in a alum tray.

g/w/grace...sorry to hear your mom is so unhappy at being 60. it was my year of finally taking care of me, and surviving cancer...i'll be 61 this month...my kids had a dinner for me, including dd1 and sil who had to drive 3 hours for an overnighter...i think your afternoon tea sounds delightful...if you can, don't forget the white gloves...i still have a pair!

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Well, I was born in '51 and frankly, Duncan Hines cake mixes were sometimes better than what could get served on the dinner table! Fortunately my mom was a great cook, but sometimes I wondered how a few of my friends managed to survive, LOL.

Just remember that the Beatles were the singing group but the Beetle was the funky Volkswagon car. Very cool people drove beat-up Citroens or the original Coopers.

Absolutely, you must at least heat up one Swanson TV dinner. No Weight Watchers or Smart Ones or Stouffers, just the plain 3-section aluminum tray package!

If you can find a copy of this, all the guests will be in hysterics. When I ran across this in a store I HAD to buy it! I can personally remember way too many of these, but some of them were new even to me. I can only be thankful I never met them in person...

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