Pre-Diabetic-Nutrition & Exercise

patty2430February 8, 2012

Rec'd my blood work from dr. in the mail today; I am pre-diabetic (glucose 117). Happy to say that we ordered a treadmill two weeks ago and it is being delivered tomorrow! Any advice on what you did to start the treadmill at a pace that is not overkill? Don't want to get discouraged and in pain right away. What did you find was a good way to add the right foods to your daily diet? What do you think are some better foods to eat frequently?

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thru your doctor he should send you to nutrionist at a local hospital and she or he will go over a regime with you

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I know what NOT to eat and that is SUGAR. White over processed artery clogging cancer feeding SUGAR. BE it cane or organic - it is going to kill you.

Use organic leaf stevia, xylitol (keep away from pets) or a little bit of organic raw LOCAL honey ONLY PLEASE!!

White processed flour/rice/breads, etc turn into unused glucose in your blood. Sticks to arteries. Causes heart issues. Inflammation. Diabetes. Infections if there is alot of MOLDS and FUNGUS in the grains used - which there IS!! Most of the processed your body cannot even use.

Go GLUTEN - wheat/barley/oats/rye FREE! Go quiona, tapioca, kaniwa, etc. Your body will love you for it.

Ease up on HIGH sugary fruits. Berries are good.

EAT PLAIN ORGANIC Kefir or Yogurt and add berries/stevia. It is good. (the stuff on shelves has ADDED junk to keep their profits high at your expense. Trust me. They don't care about you - why should they? THEY WANT YOUR $$$)

Eat more fermented (raw/organic) nut butters, etc. Good for your gut lining.

Supplement with iodoral iodine, selenium, magnesium, vit c, vit d3, vit b complex, to name a couple. be sure you are taking the right type and at the right time.

Plant oils. Very important.

Free range Beef, Bison, Chicken, Turkey, eggs if you go that route.

Pastas made by Andean Dream are really good. So are the organic brown rice - don't over do the rice, tho. Udis rolls. Pizza crusts by Chebe. Made fresh by YOU!

BUY YOUR Tomato products in GLASS only due to the preservatives. BPA is high in the canned products. Frozen organic berries and veggies are fine. Just none from China where COAL is the main source of energy and it poisons the air/water/ground. Always check the country of origin.

Be aware that Chocolate is being harvested by mere children that are NOT being paid fair wages. Think NESTLE! MARS candy. THEY DO NOT CARE about children in other countries as long as they keep their profits high. Yet their target demographic is children here in the USA. Buy fair Trade coffee, teas, cocoa please.

So, good health to you all.

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I agree sugar is the main culprit. Excess sugar is stored in the body as fat. Back to the caveman days when humans didn't eat three times a day.

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