Have you tried a converter box, and what have

tobr24uDecember 27, 2008

you found? I have two ready to go that do not pass thru analog but I have heard that some stations have already switched to digital which I have noted while surfing. So I was wondering if anybody else has experimented yet...

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I have a DTV tuner since springtime. Most, if not all, tv channels are currently broadcasting both digital and analog. And have for a few years now.

On February 19th they shut off the analog transmitters.

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jdbillp- I called our local tv guy- he maintains the signal towers here (a small town). He said we will not even need a box, as the stations have already gone to digital. One of my tv is about 6 yeras old- it is a small, 13 inch. I don't know if it has HD or not. When I tried the box on it, the picture was better, but I could only get PBS stations with the box.
I am confused.

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Many boxes support "analog pass through", and this is useful for the moment. But after feb 2009, it will be far less useful because there will be very little analog left.

I currently use a Channel Master CM-7000 CECB on my old Panasonic TV. It does not have analog pass-through. But I get away with it because the Panasonic has provisions for a "cable descrambler" box output and second antenna input. I connected the CM-7000 to the descrambler output and it works fine. (Though the signal is reduced a bit compared with a direct antenna connection.) Again, after Feb, there won't be any analog in my area. So I will then recable the antenna to feed directly into the converter box.

The reason I chose the CM-7000 is that it has S-video output and reportedly the best picture quality of any of the CECBs. The Zenith DTT-901 also gets high ratings - with a decent picture and more features than the CM-7000, but does not support S-video.

I also have had a Samsung SIR-T451 for several years on a newer HD-ready TV. This supports full HD capabilities (e.g., 480p/720p/1080i), numerous outputs (component, s-video, composite, VGA, etc), has analog pass-through, and a number of other features. It is a nice box, but not as sensitive to weak signals as the CM-7000. I would assume the newer Samsung boxes are better.

ilmbg: I think your "local TV guy" misheard your question. If your TV is more than about 3-4 years old, it is unlikely that it has a digital tuner in it. You will need a converter box. And it sounds like you will also need a better antenna.

BTW, do not confuse "digital" with "high definition". They are two different things. Everyone will need a digital tuner for over-the-air broadcasts. But not everyone wants or needs HD display capabilities. For many folks, 480i may be just fine.

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ilmbg, are you watching TV via an antenna, cable tv, or satellilte?

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I use an antenna. I will have to talk to him again so I can get it clearer in my mind why he said the boxes are really not needed.....I keep forgetting....

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