my S.O. thinks an eliptical is unnecessary

Molly AdamsFebruary 20, 2007

i have ms. i have lost 30 lbs, need to lose another 25 or so. during the winter, i exercise outdoors-walking 3 miles a day, at least 5 times a week. in the summer, the heat is dangerous for me. i thought an eliptical would be a great thing to have so that i could exercise in an air conditioned room with a dvd player in front of me. i never watch movies/tv because i feel like a lump just sitting around. and i am the type who needs exercise here and now-not at the gym a half hour away. S.O. thinks i should research other types of machines, etc. please help me convince him (or not, if you think it's not the best idea). and also: how in the world do i choose a machine? there are a skillion out there! i have about 400-500 to spend, TOPS! help me out here, please? thanks a bunch, molly in ri

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Is it important for you to do weight bearing exercise? I ask because a recumbant stationary bike is much smaller than an ellipitical, takes up a lot less room and is less expensive. An elliptical is really nice. I am not sure that one can be had for the price you have in mind. My neighbor has one so I will ask her next chance that I get.

I use an elliptical at the nearby senior citizen center and I use my bicycle at home in front of the TV. My cycle cost me $450

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Make sure you look at used items -- so many people buy exercise machines, use them a few times, and then never use them again. They can be gotten for half price or less! Take a look at for items in your area. Whether you buy used or new, you have to go try them out individually (and actually turn them on and try out the features), to figure out which one is best. Don't just go by price!

As far as elliptical versus other machines -- I used an exercise bike for about 3 or 4 months, and it was all right (lost about 12 pounds on it), but I found that it was a little boring, and I don't like how it only works certain leg muscles. I also felt it wasn't enough of a cardio-vascular workout, too. So I went and got a treadmill, so I could rotate my workouts.

I think you have to pick what sounds like what will work best for YOU, and what will get YOU excited to work out. If you pick an exercise machine that your SO thinks is best for you, but you're not excited about it, you won't want to work out on it, and then you won't work out.

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Four years ago I bought a low priced elliptical at Sports Authority (big box sporting good store). The brand is ProForm, and I think it was $380 or so. It was easy to set up. Of course it isn't the same quality as a top-flight piece of gym equipment, but it's held up very well despite frequent use. Most importantly, I get a vert good work-out on it. I like the up & down sensation of an elliptical and the fact that you can work your arms too. For me, ellipticals are less boring than treadmills or stationary cycles.

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I have a Nordic Track Treadmill and considered an Elliptical but I am 68 and thought the treadmill made more sense at my age and strength...My daughter has an elliptical and she loves it...I think buying good quality is important but factor in there your weight...If you(this means anyone) weigh say 200 pounds, qood quality might be cheaper than if you weighed 300 or 350...I weigh much less than my DH but we bought a high quality machine because he is a heavy weight...

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I talked to my neighbor. Hers cost over 1k, but she had the same advice as awm30 - look on Craig's list. The only drawback is that they are heavy and can be hard to set up. My neighbor does Suduko while she uses the machine. I don't think I could do that. I have enough problems just trying to chew gum and walk. Actually, I use an elliptical at the gym, but I can't do more than about 5 minutes before my pulse climbs above 140 which is a real danger sign for me. My neighbor had to entirely clear out her 2nd bedroom to make room for the thing. Fortunately her parents prefer to sleep in their RV when they visit.

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