Saving vinyl records to computer

cannonDecember 8, 2007

I have a turntable with a magnetic head. I am trying to play records through my computer in order to save the music to a CD. I have been told, Soundblaster has a "device" that I can plug my RCA plugs into. Then plug that device into my computer via a USB chord. I don't know what to call the device in order to buy one.

Any ideas?

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You need a phono pre amp to normalize the feed from the turntable and raise it to line level. About $25. Radio shack sells them, among others. You will need a RCA to miniplug cable to connect to the line in jack on the computer. Turntable to pre amp will be RCA to RCA most likely. You can also use most any ordinary stereo receiver, connecting the tape out put to your computer.

I don't know anything about a USB input device.

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