What are you doing??

kathy_September 16, 2004

Just curious.

What diet are you "doing" now? How's it working for ya?

Anything else you want to share - feel free.

Hope all are safe and well this morning. Thankful to live inland today but by the weekend we are supposed to have a ton of rain. Stay safe.


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I was suprised to see on tv today that 20% of the people who get their stomach stapled gain some of the weight back from snacking.
Does anyone else get b#*%^y and overemotional when dieting. This has been a roller coaster week. Guess it is not too hard to figure out why I am not thin. Grrrrr.
Cleaned a house today with cable which will never go through here - Mennonite land. Anyway, I saw the Discovery Health station and there were 2 dieters on there - one "did" Jenny Craig and one WW online. That WW online looks good - if you feel a binge coming on or your willpower weakening you click on the panic button for advice. It was nice to see a show with no surgeries on since that is not an option for me.
I am going to pick up some free picket fencing - it pays to ask when you see something you want. The people were replacing their wooden fencing with plastic. Hubby will have a cow about it but we need the beef anyway :)
Bye again, Kathy

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Hi Kathy,

I am doing The South Beach Diet with a "little twist".

Whereas Southbeach does not require you to measure portions, I "eyeball" portion size along the lines of Weight Watchers. This, combined with regular ecercise, is really working well for me. I drink LOTS of water too!!


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I'm not following any special diet. I have cut out cookies, pastries, candy, ice cream, and all compulsive eating. I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, lean meats, a bit of cereal or fat free yogurt for breakfast. I take vitamins: a multiple, a calcium, a B complex, black cohosh (for menopause symptoms), and a glucosomine/chondroitin for joint health. I drink as much water as I can remember to do. I eat small portions and save the rest for later in a restaurant. Mostly I try to keep my goal in mind as much as possible and remember that I would rather be thin than eat that cookie. I used to look for happiness in the frig but, dang it, it eluded me! Down 2 chins and 28 pounds! My name badge from work looks like a pic of different person!

I walk almost daily for an hour and then do a light weight work out and crunches. I'm hoping to keep the sagging skin at bay to some degree but I know my pregnancy stretched out stomach is a lost cause.

What is everyone doing about the clothing issue? I can't wear any of the clothes I was wearing a few months ago. Every 8-10 pounds is a new size and I have several sizes still to go. I was fat for so many years that any thin clothes I might have are hopelessly out of style but mostly I have gotten rid of them.

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Hi Kathy--I've been doing the WW points thing. But on my own. I've been using the points values table on MaryAnnTX's website, which I found through posts here.

I've been doing great, really. I was very skeptical that I would lose any weight. I've lost 2 lbs per week, fairly steadily.

I am a little nervous that it could go back just as easily as it's come off. But that is what will probably help me to stick with this as a lifetime change. I was eating way too much food before.

Funny thing is, I had this little voice telling me that I needed more food. I would try to eat more at breakfast, for instance, because I thought that is what I needed to do to be healthy. I would give myself a pat on the back when I ate most of my dinner in a restaurant. Yeah, and then I noticed how I kept needing larger sized clothes. Boy, did I have it all wrong!

The first thing that I noticed when I started the points system was that I didn't feel so bloated and stuffed all the time. I had gotten used to that feeling.

I also try to drink a lot of water. I am rarely drinking any soda, including diet. I never liked diet soda. And I write down what I eat. Every day. And every day I record the points. Friday morning is weigh-in. I write that down, too. Plus, from time to time on a Friday, I will also measure to see if I've lost inches. Sometimes I have to convince myself that something is really happening, lol!

Gradually, I am getting back to a size 12. I still have a lot of my size 12 stuff. I'm pretty comfortable with being that size.

I'm also trying to get back into the exercise habit. But that has been a real struggle.

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Sounds like you gals have it together!

About the clothing issue... I am a Goodwill junkie for everything except pants and that is another nightmare since I am short. Elastic waist pants can last a while when losing but they are slightly dangerous because they can stretch the other way too.

Down another 1/2 pound but it is a retread (gained it first) from 10 pounds that I put on in one month of eating like a "normal" person on a sugar rush.. That (putting it on) was easy.

This time I am eating a WW bagel with Heartsmart liquid marg. for breakfast and a huge glass of ice tea. Very filling.
Lunch is usually a large mixed salad with 4 ounces of chicken, salmon or tuna and small amount of FF dressing. If I go out for lunch I try to stay in the 300 calorie range.
Supper is another "white" meat and veggie or diet meal if hubby is having something I chose not to eat. Usually I have a McDonald's sundae or cone as a treat in the evening or a fudgesickle. I would probably lose more if I would cut this out though but I call it calcium and it keeps me relatively sane.
This is my "doctor is going to kill me" diet. After I go to the doc I'll add some fruits in there and lose slower but for now I need major damage control.

Thanks for sharing. Kathy

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I lost 28 lbs on WW but over 2 years put it all back on. So, I'm starting over. Of course I knew that you can't just lose the weight and go back to eating the way you did before... but I failed to actually practice that. So here I am, back on WW. Starting this week, I'm going to try the new Core program, because I hate, hate, hate writing down everything under the points system.

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I am no good at keeping track of points, calories, or weighing everything I eat. For me it is better to simply eliminate any "dangerous" foods entirely rather than to limit them. It's easier to eat in abundance good things. I have gone back to my pre-fat practice of never letting fried foods, hamburgers, milkshakes, pastries, etc. cross my lips. It's too hard to eat one chip or one fry.

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I have been doing a program by Prevention Magazine called Firm Up in 3 Weeks . I have walked 20 out of the last 21 days and either lifted weights or done Pilates 20 of those 21 days. I have eaten sensibly, snacked on healthy foods and even splurged occasionally on "Indulgent Treats", and I can say I never felt deprived or hungry. I slipped into a pair of jeans today without using a shoe horn and I feel great. The program was designed to be done for 3 weeks and then can be modified to fit one's needs or even repeated for another 3 weeks or as long as needed to reach one's goals. I am going to continue the sensible eating (I like having my food choices laid out for me) and will continue to walk 4-5 days a week and do weights and Pilates as often as I can so I can maintain. I used to Somersize and I loved it when I first started, but I just couldn't get back to basics again. I tried over and over again to get back the momentum I had when I first started SSing, but it just wasn't there. With Prevention's program, I am eating more carbs, but I am making sure they are whole grain carbs. I am eating nuts, peanut butter, honey and some sugary treats (all no-nos on the SS WOE), but all in moderation. The book lists hundreds of options for meals, healthy snacks and "indulgent treats" and I can always find something to eat that satisfies me. I tried to stay away from all sweets while SSing, and I always ended up eating something "illegal" and going on a binge afterward. Then I had to start over again and each time it was harder and harder for me to get back on the wagon. But I think I have finally found my "groove" with this program from Prevention. I'll post the link to the book in case anyone is interested in taking a closer look.


Here is a link that might be useful: Prevention Magazine

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I'm baaaaack! I got off the WW (on my own) program last spring and now I've decided to start it again. I've gained 10 lbs back. I'm still wearing the same size, but it seems that all 10 lbs went to my stomach, and I hate that!!! The last time I was on WW, I did not exercise, but this time I am definitely including an exercise program to my daily routine. I do abs and arms exercises one day and legs the next. I'm glad to be back here posting with everyone!

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I used WW to lose my weight, and have been under goal weight since May. I did it online. I am no longer a subscriber, but I still check in daily to their chatboards, and am part of an exercise group there.

What am I doing? Portion control and exercise. Every single day.

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Weight Watchers worked for me before, so I'm doing it again. It's not the fault of WW that I gained it all back--I went back to my old habits, though I knew better.

The thing I love about WW is there is nothing I can't eat. No "I can't have that because it contains carbs" or "I can't eat that because it has both carbs and protein." I just need to count everything I eat and manage the portions.

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Well, I haven't been very good at my plans to get back on WW. But I have been exercising every day. I'm thinking that even if I just add the exercise that I can tone up and hopefully slowly burn off the extra 15 lbs. Of course I could loose it faster if I watched what I ate. I just remembered that I have a jump rope somewhere. Think I'll go look for it and head outside!

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-Portion control (eyeball, no measuring cups)
-eating lots and lots of fresh veggies
-cooking from scratch (no packages if I can help it)
-avoiding white flour when possible (substitute corn if possible)

I'm trying to avoid counting fat grams, carbs or anything that I wouldn't be willing to do for the rest of my life. Trying to establish new healthy long term habits. Nothing original I know but it is working. As I lose more, I will be able to add more to my exercise program. Currently, I'm just swimming 20 laps, 5 days per week. Next will be some dumb bells so I can start lifting a bit. Hopefully Pilates of some sort (need to learn more) will be in my future as well.

I'm determined to do this right this time especially now that I have the luxury of being retired so have a bit more time (just a bit).

I am also drinking a glass of water with a couple teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and a couple teaspoons of honey twice a day. It seems to help keep my appetite under control, it makes me feel satisfied, not sure why.
And non-fat plain yoghurt, 1/2 cup for breakfast every morning with 1 or 2 avocados.(I know they are fattening but I've lost 30 pounds since January so tbey can't be too bad for me.:)


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