Need a cell phone where I buy minutes that don't expire

shelendeDecember 30, 2007

I bought a T-Mobile cell phone from Costco on Sat. but when I went to buy a phone card for it, I discovered that the minutes expire after 30 days. So if I don't use those minutes I threw my money away. I will return the phone to Cosco tonight, but can someone please tell me the name of a cellphone provider where I can buy minutes that will not expire except when I use them up. Does such a one exist or do I have to take a $29.99 a month plan that will really cost me around $38.00 after surcharges and add ons.

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depending where you live & their coverage

I have been using for a few years, and Sprint before that.
They are a small company that uses Sprint's BASIC coverage areas (non-roaming).

It's a pre-paid plan.

10 cents a min. nationwide
10 cents a day fee. (everyday) (= about $3 month)

NO other costs/fees

we use 20 mins a month which would cost

20*.10 = $2 + $3 = $5

minutes never expire, but like I mentioned they subtract .10 a day... that's it.

ONLY the DARK GREEN and orange areas

enter your zip code

refills on-line & Family Dollar Stores

some Shopko & CompUSA stores

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Thanks for your help and info, Regus. I had never heard of them before I will find out more about them on Wed. It sounds very reasonably priced.

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For a couple of years, I have used T-mobile pay as you go. The trick was the first year, you need to buy $100 in minutes. If you buy $100 in minutes, then those minutes will last the full year AND from then on you only need to add before your year is up and all of your old minutes will gain one additional year. So in other words, your first year, you end up pay $100, but then after that you just need to add $20, $30 or whatever you need and all you minutes stay valid.

If you are a really light phone user, your cost per year will drop to $20 after the first year.

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Spouse uses tracphone and, I'm babbling here as I don't know the details, she describes something rather like what frontloadfan describes. Was at RadioShack for something else Monday and he was pushing a new prepay to his tracphne customers. I wasn't interested but if you pass RS on the way to or from Costco, who knows.

Spouse clings to tracphone because it has curiously good coverage in the high deserts.

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