yamaha htr-5940 av receiver and ipod compatibility

pwm72December 3, 2006

To say that the owners manual is confusing is an understatement. I am trying to figure out how to hook up my ipod to this unit using the simple mini jack on the front of the unit labeled "portable". I believe the instructions direct you to select "Multi Channel Input" as the source and yet when I do, I hear nothing from the receiver. I try adjusting the volume on both the receiver and the ipod to no avail. Am I missing something? Shouldn't this be as easy as plugging the unit in to the appropriate jack, selecting it as the source and enjoying the music?

Thank you

Paul Manuel


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Yes, it should be easier. If you can hook up something full-time, find a connecting cable which will work for your iPod and has an "RCA connector" at the end. You can then plug the RCA end of this cable into the back of your Yamaha, under whatever "IN" or "INPUT" is available (TAPE1, AUX1, etc.). There should be a corresponding button/menu choice up front that allows you to select that input. When you want to listen to the iPod, connect it to the loose cable end, push the appropriate button, and enjoy.

"Multi-channel input" doesn't sound right for a device like an iPod that can output only stereo.

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