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more_to_growDecember 12, 2009

I have a Central Boiler outdoor wood furnace. I would like to develop a way to log the frequency and duration that the solenoid which opens the damper is energized; thus letting me track how many minutes per hour my boiler is running. This to me seems easy, just looking for thoughts on how exactly to do it.

The other thing I would like to do is make the above data accessible over the web as well as the temperature of the water in the waterjacket, there are thermistors and a temperature guage on the unit providing the raw data, I just need to find how to use it.

When I installed to unit I ran Cat5, coax, and (4) twisted pair telco wire to the boiler from the house so I have plenty of options.

I know that at the very least I could position an IP camera in front of the boiler and 'view' the temperature gauge, the damper position, and the smoke coming out of the chimney to assess its current state when I'm away for the day.

If there is anyone on this forum with some advanced electronics skills I would love to discuss how I might accomplish these tasks and would be very appreciative of your time and knowledge.

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I'm assuming you are looking for something to make yourself rather than purchase a prepackaged unit(s) ? I ask that because in HVAC there are units specifically made for what you are looking to do. There is a timer with a pen that records run time on a paper disk. There are thermometer systems which monitor and transmit to a computer, temperatures.

You can do either of these, transmitted to a computer, from scratch if that's what you are looking to do. If you are wanting to do this from stuff laying around the house, my first thought would be to get the pinouts (especially the send and receive) to the serial connection on your computer. I have them somewhere around here that I pulled off the web when I was playing with robotics. That can be a bit time consuming so you might want to check the web for the thermometer that conects to a computer. It will come with software that will most likely track on/off time of the equipment too.

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Look around the Omega Engineering web site for data loggers.

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