Minimum ceiling height for home treadmill?

cecilia_md7aFebruary 4, 2007

I'm considering buying a treadmill for my home, but my basement (the only possible place to put it) has a very low ceiling. (The ceiling isn't finished, so there is a little more height between the rafters!) I know that some of my husband's 6'-plus friends have to be careful not to bump their heads. Are there any treadmills that could accomodate my 5'2" height AND fit under this ceiling? 5'9" DH would not use it, as he prefers the exercise bike.

I would even be willing not to use the incline feature if it meant I could fit a treadmill in there! Heck, I'll even wear a helmet if necessary!

I know that several manufacturers make "space saving" models, but this phrase seems to refer to horizontal rather than vertical space. Floor space isn't a problem in my case.

Thanks for any info you can provide.

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I think it would vary from machine to machine..You will have to have the exact measurements to be sure..

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