Television turns off by self but always comes back on

jaysgardenDecember 6, 2010

I have a Panasonic 36" TV, model CT36D32 that is 8 years old. For the past year here is what has been happening:

After turning the TV on, it sometimes will turn off after 5 or 10 minutes. After turning off you'll hear a "clicking" within 1 or 2 minutes and the TV may turn back on. If it does not turn back on, you'll hear the same clicking againg a minute or two later and then the TV will turn back on.

This cycle of turning off then comin back on may repeat three times within the first 30 minutes of operation before the TV stays on until I TURN IT OFF.

Additional info:

-seems like this on/off cycle occurrs only after the TV has been off for several hours

-the TV is plugged directly into a receptacle not into a cable box

-I recently moved and the same situation occurrs at my new residence as at my former residence.

-the TV always comes back on eventually

Has anyone else experienced this?

Any ideas?

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i got a magnavox model 19mdtr20/17 tv dvd vcr combo.
when i turn it on it goes off after a couple seconds,
does it have the resistor like the other ones you are talking about?
serial number dd010403134228
x4pd is also on

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I have an old cheap TV from WalMart that does this. I unplug it from the wall for several minutes and it may return to more or less normal for some time.

My Dish Network⢠DVR must be unplugged when it freezes. Then it works for 24-48 hours.

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I would suspect the power relay is cutting out because it is detecting low incoming voltage. If the power cord/plug and the voltage and connection at the receptacle are good, then the relay may be faulty and needs to warm up.

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What you state I have read something similar elsewhere. The voltage at the receptacle and cord is good. Would this relay be near where the power cord enters the back of the TV or are you unable to give an idea of where it would be?


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I would suspect it would be there.

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