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zoewolfFebruary 3, 2008

Does anyone here have and/or use an elliptical? If so, how often do you use it and do you think it makes an overall difference with weight loss or wellness in general?

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I've used one at the gym and like it because it's easier on the knees than walking and because it really can get your heart rate up.

On the other hand, I find it boring, and it's hard to read because you are going up and down.

Certainly it gives a good aerobic workout which would definitely be healtful. It would be helpful on a weight-loss program when accompanied by a healthful diet.

Why don't you try one at a gym to see if you like it?

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I did try one at the gym and hated it. Too hard. Told my husband, and what do you think he bought recently? Yep, an elliptical trainer, I am finding it more work than I want to expend.

Figures he would buy one.

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I have an elliptical trainer and like it for days I donÂt feel like walking outdoors or doing a cardio DVD. The one thing you have to watch for though is your form when exercising. For example if your normal posture tends to show signs of rounded shoulders or signs of a forward bending neck you really must pay attention to how you are standing and where you are grabbing the handles and pulling back. If you take a sloppy posture you can encourage your shoulders to come forward even more. Pull your shoulders back and down (in a comfortable position, donÂt push it) & then grab handles without taking your shoulders and concentrate on keeping your navel to spine. When used right the elliptical can help correct these posture problems especially for those that sit at computers a lot. I wrap wide exercise bands around the handles of mine to keep proper form. Because you are using upper and lower muscle groups your heart rate may increase in a shorter amount of time, some people do not like this because it is a fast reminder that they are out of shape but if you start with a few minutes and add one minute a day you will progress fast. Also, if you are thinking of purchasing a home elliptical machine, do your research as there is a weight variance that they except. Another thing, make sure you do a full stretch, upper & lower when done or you will be mighty sore the next day.

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I just received my new trainer and LOVE it! I set it in front of my TV in my room... and I GO! I make sure there's a good show on and go for it.

I've only had mine for a week, but I'm using it every day. My hubby uses it as does my 13 y/o boy. We LOVE it!

Since I've only had it a week- it's hard to say how it works with my weight loss, but I have been holding steady for several weeks and THIS week- after using the elliptical... I have dropped 3 pounds! I've been doing weight watchers so it could be that it just kicked in- but it could also be... the exercise!

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You stated that you wrap wide exercise bands around the handles to keep proper form. Where exactly do you wrap these bands?.

Also, does it seem to matter how tall and how heavy a person is when using this type of trainer? I am 5'5", weigh 100 lbs., and find that the built in fan is of no use to me be because it is too high. Also, on the higher resistance levels, it's almost like I am not heavy enough to move the foot pedals. I ususally end up pulling the handles really hard; otherwise the pedal is just to hard to move.

One more question: How long do you usually spend on it at one time?

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Hi Zoewolf,
I do a double wrap around each movable handle using one long flat stretch exercise band. I then do a sort of modified Rhomboid Row. The band helps me get in a better position for pulling my shoulders back for better posture. I keep my chin up slightly, arms parallel to the floor and squeeze my shoulder blades together as I pull my elbows back toward each other to my sides in an elliptical modification movement. Grasp the bands with thumbs pointing up. You want to wrap the band at a height on the movable handles that will allow your bent elbow arms to start parallel to the floor.
Yea, I know what you mean about the elliptical being hard when you first start. Although I can walk or bike several miles when first getting my elliptical ten minutes about killed me. If you are new to it all five minutes might be tuff. You can build up time pretty fast though by adding on a minute every so often.

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I have an elliptical trainer & like it very much. Great workout. To keep myself entertained while working out, I watch DVDs or listen to music or audiobooks on an mp3 player.

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