What Should My Heart Rate Be

GardenGhostFebruary 26, 2004

I'm rather overweight and joined a gym around Thanksgiving. I've been working out 4 or 5 days a week for about an hour or hour and a half each day. I usually do 30 minutes of the treadmill or a cadio class each day. While on the treadmill, I checked my heart rate about midway thru my workout. Going at 3.3 miles per hour, my heart rate stayed around 150.

I glanced at the monitor on the treadmill next to me. There was a 70 yr old man there, going about 4 mph. He had been walking for about 20 minutes. His heart rate was 112. I'm only 40, but I weigh probably 70 lbs more than he does. What should be normal for me? Am I just so horribly outta shape? Is 150 way too high? Should I be concerned or should it come down as I lose wieght and get in better shape?


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I don't know much about what your heart rate should be, but I found a heart rate calculator here, Training heart rate calculator. You enter your age and your resting heart rate. It says to take your pulse for 1 minute first thing in the morning, before getting out of bed.

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Here is a heart rate chart similar to what they have at my local Curves:

Target heart rate chart

Age / Target Zone 50-75% (beats per minute) / Average Maximum Heart Rate (100%)
20 100-150 200
25 98-146 195
30 95-142 190
35 93-138 185
40 90-135 180
45 88-131 175
50 85-127 170
55 83-123 165
60 80-120 160
65 78-116 155
70 75-113 150

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Hey Lydia, THANK YOU!!! That's exactly the info I needed! And now I see I'm not as badly out of shape as I thought. I'm 40 and my heart rate stays around 140-150 when I exercise. So I'm better then the Average Max. I'll keep working on it and one day I'll get it down to a better number.

Thank you again for the info!


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