Need ideas for 40th anniversay

likesivyApril 26, 2007

My brother and his wife will be married 40 years in August. They live in Connecticut. My sister lives in NYC and I live in North Carolina. We want to surprise them with a gift but can't decide between a lavish restaurant meal for just family, a catered party for a larger group, a thoughtful gift, or something like a gift certificate for them for a weekend at a nearby resort. We don't have a specified budget yet, but no one has money to burn, including their own children. We all have smallish families, but they have lots of friends. What have other people done in similar circumstances? If you arrange a catered party, does everyone help pay or just immediate family? I'm clueless.

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In my opinion, a party that includes family and friends is the way to go. Not many people make it 40 years these days, so it's really something to celebrate. If you can't self cater the party, then my suggestion would be to only have family cover the cost of a professional caterer. That's how it's done in my family and friend circle. Good's such fun to plan parties.

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