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yankandtexSeptember 15, 2008

Good Morning Sunshine!

I was glad to see some of the MIAs last week.

Milkdud~Let us know how you are if you can please!

Wodka~ ((( H U G S )))

BJ~ ((( H U G G L E S )))

Hi to everyone else. I'll be back to post more later. Patti :-)

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Patti, thanks for getting us started. Good to see you.

Hope that our friends from the South are safe today.

Will post more later. I have a busy week ahead of me.

Make today count!

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Good Monday all,

Patti, thanks for getting us going today. Where have you been woman?

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I did. I got to ride both Casey and Sweet Pea! P is doing really well and is full of it right now! This coming weekend, both girls are going to Tunbridge, VT (burial place of Figure, the original Morgan horse) for a 45 mile trail ride! They will need to eat their Wheaties to be sure!

Besh, go Pats!

I too have a busy week ahead of me plus it's a short week!

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Hi Everyone,
Glad to see the posts are underway for this week.
We're getting the remnants from the storms - rain, wind and cooler weather.
Things are progressing with my Mom's estate. This week I am feeling very run down - both mentally and physically. I think part of it is my SAD kicking in so I pulled out my special light. Did my gardening downtown this morning - not much to do so I'm home. Heading for a nap because the feeling of exhaustion is overwhelming right now. My sister hopefully will be picking up her mattresses this week and I am packing up the estate stuff of my Mom's to give to my sister to hold. Having a very hard time to try and not assume how my sister is going to behave. Very bad habit on my part.
Anyhow, I have to put my head down.
Cheers for now,

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Peg~Hang in there Kiddo. E-mail me if you want.

NH Suzanne~I've just been in quiet mode. Glad that SP is doing better. Great that you got to ride both girls this weekend.

Hi Dee.

I heard on the news today that the town Milkdud's DS & DGDs live in was hit hard so please--prayers & positive thoughts or light or whatever you believe in. I know that many are without electricity & I wasn't able to get in touch with one of DSs in Dallas last night so perhaps that is why our Milkdud hasn't gotten hold of us yet. :-(

Hope everyone is set for a great week! Patti

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I just wanted to check in and see if Milkdud had posted.

I also needed to let you know that I will be out of commission for a while. My 21 year-old nephew was killed in a car accident over the weekend. It is just too sad for words. I am trying to help my SIL and nieces (his sisters) as much as I can. My DD already flew in and DS is flying in tomorrow. So please say a prayer or send good thoughts for Lucas. He is in God's hands now.


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[[[[ M A R C I ]]]] You are in our thoughts & prayers.

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(((((Marci))))) thoughts and prayers to you and your family. What a terrible thing. God bless Lucas.

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What a shock for the family----every one. Sometimes, things just don't make sense. So young. Thinking of you....

Keep your head in the head on the clouds. Here's wishing you weather the estate business okay. Rest. Take care.

Not to be the bearer of yet another bad piece of news, but my dear ex-MIL died Saturday---the one I went to see. Saw her on Saturday morning with the girls. She hung on until everyone got there to say good-bye, then she was gone Saturday night. Last week, the docs said she had 3 weeks; she really only had 4 days. Pancreatic cancer took her in a total 4-1/2 months. Unbelievable.

Well, it's a somber Monday around this thread. But I am thankful we can come here and be together.

Thanks for starting the thread, Patti. You're a dolly!

Current in-laws due to arrive tomorrow night, so that'll keep me busy for the next 8 days.

Love and Hugs...

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OMG Marci - how terrible. I am really sorry to hear this news and send my condolences to you. LOL

If there is anything we can do let me know. We are here for you!


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Lots of Love from all of us.....

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I am so sorry to read of everyone's struggles and will keep you all in my prayers.

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It looks like it is going to be a quiet week around here again this week. Dave's DDad called this a.m. to say that he thought that Dave's DMom had a stroke. She is in the hospital. I guess that we'll know more later.

[[[[ H U G S ]]]] all the way around!!

Patti :-)

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Gosh, Patti......so very sorry. Hugs and prayers to you and Dave and family.

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Hello Everyone,

Marci (((HUGS)))) My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

Patti, I am praying for Dave's Mom.

BJ, Your Ex-MIL's family is in my prayers.

McPeg, you are in my thoughts.

I hope I haven't missed anyone, I will say a prayer for everyone just to be sure. If you are like me, I can always use some extra prayers.

Tara has fully recooped from tonsils/adnoids/tubes surgery. To be honest, I don't think the whole thing phased her much. She was trying to play soccer the next day. She's a tough one.

Have a great day.


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(((((BJ))))))) I completely missed your post about your MIL. So sorry to hear this. I am keeping you and your families in my thoughts and prayers. xxx...ooo

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I am passing my hand out for a group hug - I think we are long over due! LOL!

I'm reaching out my support, love and friendship - take my hand...

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Marci, what horrible, horrible news. I am so very sorry for your loss and for your family. What a tragedy. (((HUGS))) to you. I wish there was more I could do.

BJ, so sorry for your and your children's loss as well. (((HUGS)))


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Good evening, everyone! I'm writing to you from sunny, cool, and electrified north Texas! I bailed out yesterday and drove up here to stay with my sister and her dh.

I haven't read and caught up on the posts yet because I just wanted to let you quickly know that I'm fine and dandy - NOW! I have to say that I've never been through anything like Saturday morning, and I hope I never do again. For a town that's never felt anything directly from a hurricane, Crosby was "blessed" with the eye of the hurricane hovering over it for an hour before moving on between 4 and 5 Sat. morning. It did a lot of damage to things, our house being one that was spared! As a matter of fact, our block of houses was safe, but lots of trees came down. Only one house 2 doors down suffered damage when a huge oak fell on it. But, the rest of my neighborhood had lots of damage. We lost power late Friday night, still have water and sewer service, unlike Beaumont where my youngest son is.

I came up yesterday because I was getting sicker in the heat and humidity. I have to say though that it wasn't half bad cooking outdoors on the grill or Coleman stove. Kind of an adventure. If I could have gone back in to my cool house and played on the 'puter and watched tv, it would have been great.

Anyway, hubby stayed there and goes into work for a few hours a day and gets a/c, hot meals, and news of the world, then goes home, naps, visits with the neighbors, then cranks up the generator and zaps dinner in the microwave and sleeps with an oscillating fan on him. He's a happy camper.

Sister and I are going out for dinner, so I'll try to catch up with everyone later. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. I had a death grip on them during the storm!

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Milkdud, SO good to hear you and your family is okay. Thanks for checking in as we are all worried about your safety. From my end, all I hear is the horrible news - I knew there had to be some good news out there!

Besh, good to see you post.

Peggy, "I'm reaching out my support, love and friendship - take my hand..." Love your message. I am reaching out too, can you all feel it?

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Good morning everyone,
I'm still reaching and hugging all of you today.
Milkdud I am relieved to hear from you - we are all concerned about our friends/family.
Marci I am still feeling sad at the loss of your nephew. This is so tragic.
Patti, I just read about your DDave's Mom. God bless her to get better. My prayers for everyone to hang in there.
Jen I am pleased to hear that Tara is such a trooper.
BJ I am glad you got to say good-bye to your ex-MIL. She must have be a true friend. My prayers to all of the family during this time and for the days ahead.
Wodka you too are in my thoughts and prayers.

To all of our family here - yes I truly feel like we are family - my heart reaches out.

To any new lurkers - it's been one heck of a journey here for the last few weeks. Hard to talk about dieting but part of taking care of ourselves includes taking care in all aspects of life. When things settle down again we can get back on track.

As I continue to re-learn the phrase 'don't sweat the small stuff' I realized how happy I was to get the family tea pot after all was said and done at our family conference call.

I'm putting on a fresh cuppa in a second.

Cheers to my friends,
God Bless


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Good morning, everyone.

milkdud, it's so good to see you made it through Ike okay, and your house was not damaged. What a terrible storm! Your husband sounds like a real trooper, too. Godspeed on your area's recovery.

Peggy, sounds like today is a better day for you. I'm so glad. I, too, could write volumes on sibling rivalry - it ain't pretty!

Enjoy your teapot and your tea! I still haven't done anything about my weight or WW - I need to check on my neighbor and see if she's still up to it. If not, I just need to waddle on down myself and sign up.

Hope it's a better day for everyone today.


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[[[[[[[[Marci, BJ, Milkdud, Peg, Wodka, Suzanne, Raeanne, Besh, Patti, Donna, Maddie, Jen, Gretchen, Amy, John, and all who are reading and need this]]]]]]]]]]]]

Such heartbreak and sadness here over the last several days. I'm reaching out to all of you with love and prayers.

Take care of yourselves first so that you can help others who may need you.


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Wodka, you mentioned going back to WW. I think I may be in 'that spot' mentally very soon so let me know when you want to start. I always kick-start the fall so I can get a wee bit ahead of halloween and xmas events. First focal point for me will have to be eating at regular times again and making the effort for veggies and fruit again. I'm slumping back into comfy foods.

I continue reaching out to all of my friends. We'll pull through this fall together. LOL


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Well, I will reach my hand out to anyone who needs it. I'm in a pretty good place, I think.

Dave's Mom won't know anything certain until tomorrow afternoon when she goes to the dr. She got out of the hospital Tuesday night. Her left eye was drooping & her head hurt real bad but they said it definitely wasn't a stroke. Yesterday she was better but it had taken so much out of her that she was sleeping. DFIL said that she has a dr's appt Fri @ 2:00 pm. Hoping to know more then. I can't imagine. I would like to ask for you to keep our nephew & niece in your prayers & thoughts please. They are in a horrible, horrible situation that cannot be described. I cannot believe that child welfare continues to let them stay in the house they are in. My heart is truly broken for them. (He will be 12 in Nov & she is 10, I believe.)

Milkdud~So glad that you are all right.

Peg~Glad that you have things on the path that hopefully will lead you to a more peaceful life.

Just want to wish everyone Happier Days!

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Good Thursday morning! It's coolish up here in North Texas, and that's a wonderful thing.

Yesterday, I had my annual physical and lab work. It was so nice to see my doctor and his staff - familiar faces. This morning, I'll have my mammogram and bone density tests, then I'll go to oldst Dson's house to keep the DGDs while my DDIL gets out for a few hours with one of her friends who also evacuated. I know she needs a break from 24/7 keeping her kids quiet there.

Tonight, my sister and I are going to a Bunco party that her friends hold monthly. I haven't played in 30 years, so I hope I don't embarrass her.

Still no power where I live, so I'm planning on being here at least through this weekend. I'm getting homesick even though my sister and her DH are being so welcoming and sweet. I guess that's natural though.

((((((((((((((((Hugs to everyone who is having a rough, painful week and even for those who aren't)))))))))))))))))))

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Good morning everyone!

Today I see my new shrink - I am looking forward to it. Lots of work ahead for me I think.

Patti - I am sending prayers for your niece and nephew - I am sorry to hear about their hardship. I don't know if you talked about this before but having my brother adopted into our family at 2 1/2 after 7 foster homes I can relate. May God bless them and keep them safe.

Milkdud - it's hard to be away from your home on short notice. Thank heavens for family and support. I saw a hard hit poverty town on the news last night with the Red Cross providing hot meals to the town - my heart goes out to everyone after the storm. Reminds me to count my blessings to have opportunities.

Time to get dressed.

I know we've strayed from our food discussion given everything of late - if you can today, take care of yourself. Let's be grateful for what we have. Right now there are many who have no choices. God bless them.


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Good Thursday all,

Reaching out to hug all that need it! Wishing everyone peace and hope your hearts can heal and feel lighter soon.

Peggy, I think you did an amazing self-therapy job at your Give me Strength post!! Good luck in your endeavor to find contentment.

Milkdud, I bet your sister is delighted you are there and she knows you are safe! What a terrible mess things are out there.

Patti, special prayers and thoughts for your family. Especially those children. I cannot understand the situations the child welfare agencies find "acceptable". I hope things can change in a positive way. xxx...ooo

Marci, thinking of you.

BJ, thinking of you too.

Donna, check in .

Jan, I hope you get to WW's soon! Strike while the iron is hot girl!!

Raeanne? Where are you woman.

Dee, thanks for the group hug!

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Hello everyone,

Please pray for my coworker/good friend from Dallas. Her nephew was murdered in Iraq...by another soldier. We are all so sad for her and her family....beautiful, true red-white-and-blue Americans


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Dee, that is so sad to read about your friend's nephew. That's every mother's greatest fear. Sending prayers and comforting thoughts for this young man's family and to you.

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DeeMarie~I was so saddened when I read the news about your friend's nephew. Words just don't feel adequate right now. [[[ H U G S ]]] & she will be in our prayers & thoughts!

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((((((HUGS)))))) to all!

BJ - so sorry for your loss - you must be so happy that you were able to say good-bye.

Dee - how tragic - I will definitely keep him and the family in my prayers.

Marci - How are you? That is a true nightmare. My love and sympathy are coming your way.

Peg - I hope your session went well and that you have found the right Dr. deal with. Also glad that the family situation wasn't as bad as you thought it would be.

Milkdud - glad you are safe and your home was spared.

Patti - how sad and how helpless you must feel. I will pray for those children.

Jen - glad to hear Tara made out so well. She does sound like a sturdy girl.

Wodka - you cracked me up with waddling down to WW LOL. Still sending positive thoughts to your DS.

Suzanne - sounds like SP mended nicely. I had a heck of a time finding rooms for Nantucket. I spent an entire day online trying to find the right place with availability. I finally lucked out. We are skipping Martha's Vineyard this time around.

Sounds like there are lots of hugs needed these days. I am so glad that we can all come here and vent without fear of judgement. I think of all of you as my "functional" family LOL.

I have been busy with the fall festivities. I have to tell you that my town is looking very festive right now and I am so happy that the shopowners rose to the occasion.

I have a dinner tomorrow night in NJ and then we are off to NYC to see Mamma Mia on Broadway and to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner. I feel like I need this break right now, so I can't wait.

Love and Hugs to all!

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Good morning!

Raeanne, it is so nice to see you posting. Enjoy your weekend. It sounds like so much fun!

Now, I have an announcement to make: As of 10 p.m. last night, Crosby TX has power!!! We were reading everywhere that we'd be among the last places to have it restored, but it came on last night. I'm still waiting until Sunday to go home though because I want to see all my family Saturday night at the birthday party. My DDIL #1 and the DGDs will come to my house, too, if they still don't have power in their neighborhood, which is great with me. Hubby is going over to LA to visit his son and DIL and taking Lucky dog with him. I guess he's pretty tired of hanging around our house by now! LOL

Today, I'm meeting my sister at noon at the library where she volunteers. Then, we'll do lunch and shop at Sam's for hurricane supplies for me to take back with me. Tonight, I'm going over to my son's house to babysit the DGDs while the grown-ups go out for a child-free evening. I'll probably take the girls out for dinner somewhere so they can have a fun evening, too. Tomorrow, I'm meeting some teachers from the last school I taught at for a nice catch-up lunch.

I hope all our friends who are hurting feel the love from this board today. I know how important those good thoughts are; they can carry you through the rough times and bring you out on the other side.

Wishing you all a great Friday!

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Hi Guys!

Well, WOW! Lots going on around here, for sure, this week!

Dee-So sad to hear about your friend's nephew. That's the nightmare that's always in the back of parents' minds, whether in war or at home, traveling or as a result of an illness, the death of such a young life. No one is ever, ever prepared for it. I just don't understand the order of life sometimes. I stay reminded of this:

Why do people have to die? So that others have a reason to live.

Raeanne~ Of course, somewhere along the line, I missed that you were going to one of my favorite places: Nantucket. Where are you staying whilst you are there?

Patti: CPS is a weird deal. They always say that the kids staying with parents is the best thing, until the situation is dire. I think it's hard enough being a teen, let alone having to wait for the state to take action. I could give everyone an earful about the foster care system, but you already know how I feel! I'm sad for those kids, darnnit! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo frustrating.

Milkdud: Three cheers for power. We don't appreciate until it's not there, do we? :-) CONGRATS on taking care of yourself and getting everything done medically for yourself!!!! Many people put this stuff off TOO long. I was supposed to go in June, but am on the books for October now and my doc is expecting me to show up!

Peggy~ Good luck at the counselor's place. It does a mind good to TALK to someone who HELPS. I always came out ahead when I went to a counselor!

Wodka~ I am in your boat. I really haven't been able to stay on a plan to lose weight. I don't know what it is. I just can't keep the motivation going. I am getting to the point of extreme measures, very soon. I just have to figure out what exactly 'extreme measures' are!

Marci~ I think about you and Lucas and his family every day. Your post brought back the stinging memories of 21-year old Brandon's death a few years back. Gone too young and nothing we can do.

Well, I will be gone over the weekend; going off the rock to help my DD move to college. DH is coming too this time and G-parents are watching the flock for us. Should be a nail-biting time for me. But...we are having a dinner out w/ friends on Saturday on the mainland. DH and I haven't been out alone in 7-1/2 months. Kids! ----

Hey! Where's Jen? SO glad the punkinhead came through the surgery unscathed and is back to great health SO SOON! Your babies are SO cute, Jen!

Okay, I better get packing!

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BJ - have a good trip to the mainland, your time alone with DH and out to dinner with friends. We are going to Nantucket the beginning of Oct with another cuople. We are staying at the Centerboard Guest House. I wanted the White Elephant, but way too expensive just to use as a crash pad. We needed 2 rooms, and availability was extremely limited. I was fortunate enough to find the place I did and after speaking with the innkeeper and reading reviews on Tripadvisor I am happy with my decision.

Milkdud - CONGRATS on the power being back on. I am glad you are having a nice visit with your family and everything worked out for you.

(((((((HUGS)))))))) to all that still need or want them!

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Good morning! It's sunny and in the high 60's here so far today.

I'm meeting some teacher friends for lunch, then back to help my sister and niece get ready for the birthday party this evening.

Plans have changed once again, and my DDIL and both DGDs drove to Austin yesterday to meet up with Dson for his day and a half off from duty. Tonight, after the party, I'll drive over to oldest Dson's house and spend the night, then leave from there to go back to Crosby.

When I get home tomorrow, I may not have internet, cable or Vonage service, so I'll be AWOL for a while again. I guess we'll be renting movies while DDIL and the DGDs are staying with me until their power comes back on.

Take care and know that I'm missing posting with y'all!

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Happy Weekend to all my friends!

Very pleased to report I have finally found a shrink I feel totally at ease with. I actually found myself 'shutting up' instead of adding my 2 cents when advice was being given. Probably take a few sessions for him to get the picture of my depression, alcohol (many depressed people use it to ease painful times...I do...) and family dynamics. Very hard question that I really couldn't answer was how do I measure my depression since my pill episode. Geez that was too hard since the next day my Mom passed away and then the dealing with my sister for the estate matters. I am trying to be positive, to listen to advice - I do listen and put one foot in front of the other to feel my way around these days. I have lots to think about and a ton to be grateful for.

Thank you to all of my friends on this board for listening, supporting and at times giving the hard to hear advice - I'm hearing it! When I read about the effect of the hurricane, the loss of family in Iraq I am reminded that things are not so bad. I am fortunate. A lot of my problems are in my head.

Today I feel grateful.

I had the opportunity on Friday to meet 2 soldiers who were just back at the hotel from meeting the Governor General of Canada for bravery awards. It was very important to me to say hello, ask about their medals and shake their hands to say thank you. Both of them said hearing thank you meant so much given what they have been through and continue to go through with the troop rotations. May I add that these gentlemen were from the Regular and Reserve force. I am planning to be at the downtown ceremony on November 11th. I want to remember our world, the sacrifices, our fallen family and send my prayers to those who continue to serve. They have my support - 110% of it.

I am grateful today.

Lots of love to all of you,

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Woke up and said a prayer for everyone here that you should all enjoy a peaceful week with famiy and friends.

McPeg, I am so grateful you come here to share with us, and proud of your courage to work on yourself. Love yourself; you are worth it.

DH left early yesterday with his 2 DDs for an overnight cruise (annual father/daughter). He called before they set sail and said the girls were by the pool...it was in the 60's and they had blankets on them, but they were at the pool nonetheless! They had 8pm dinner reservations and I assume were going to spend the night at comedy shows and the casino. They are due back later this morning.

If I could find the time to learn how to post photos, I would do it.....it's on my rather long 'to do' list.

Raeanne, I love those island up in MA. I know you will have fun there.

The year is 2008 and there is electricity in Crosby, TX! Yahooo!!!!!! lol! just kidding you! DH and I were discussing how fortunate we are to avoid bad weather where we live. Hope we never take that for granted.

Continued good thoughts going out to all of you...Jen, Suzanne, Sweet Pea, Dave, Patti, Gretchen, Marci, BJ, Maddie (wherever you are), Amy, Joann, John, Besh, Raeanne, Wodka, Peg, Milkdud [[[[[[[[hugs]]]]]]]


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Hello Everyone,

Sorry I have been MIA....lots and lots of stuff going on, none of it terrible but all of it very stressful. Way too much to go into right now but everyone is fine.

I really have to catch up but glad to see all that were in the hurricane's path are well.

((Hugs)) to all who need them and even to those who don't.

Hope to be back posting regularly next week.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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I am here, in spirit if not in body. This has been a draining week, and now that my house is empty again, there is a huge void. I feel like my kids just moved out for the first time. I know this is the loss of Lucas causing me to feel this way, but I need to regroup and get my energy back.

I see that others are suffering and hope that all of us have a better week.

Thank you all for your kind words and good thoughts.

If I don't post for awhile, know that I am alright, just in different place right now.

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[[[[[[[[Donna & Marci]]]]]]]]]

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Hi, honies! I'm home and on the world wide web once again!!!

Somehow a miracle happened and we not only have water, sewer service, and electricity, but as of an hour ago, we have cable and internet!!!

I had a wild trip home today. I've never seen the highway so crowded. Everybody must have been returning to this area after evacuating. I kept stopping along the way to top off my tank because there were portable signs along the way reminding us that there was a gas shortage in the Houston/Beaumont area. I returned to my neighborhood and soon realized that I was seeing open windows in all the houses along the way. I panicked because I'd given my only house key to my DIL who ended up not coming here, and the only way I had to get in was with the garage door opener. Hubby was still 2 hours from home at the time, and I had 3 ice chests full of frozen and fridge foods - mine and my Dson's. I said a little prayer when I drove up on my driveway then pushed the remote for the door, and it opened!!! WHEW!!!

It's wonderful being back home and to my brand of normal once again. Staying with family was great, and I very much appreciated their hospitality, but there's no place like home.

I need to unpack and get things set right again, so I'll end with major ((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))) for everyone here, those who need them and those who don't but are here for us. Thank you for being a friend!

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Well, I'm glad that you have the Modern conveniences, Milkdud! LOL I know how it is to go without them. We've done that before.

Thanks for the prayers & positive thoughts & hugs! The news that we got tonight is that CPS told the stepfather to move out or they were taking the kids. No one knows what his decision was yet but at least they are doing something. The fear for Dave's family is that he will move back in as soon as CPS sees that he has moved out but I think that with the kiddos being almost 12 & 10 they can tell someone immediately if that were to happen. Anyway, hopefully this will be resolved for the best real soon. The oldest one turns 12 in Nov. & will get to choose to live with his Dad.

I'm so sorry that this was such a bad week for all of us. It seemed like it poured & rained!! I'm hoping to give some good news this week. Time will tell!

[[[[ H U G S ]]]] to everyone ~ Just because we all need & deserve them at one time or another & I could never catch us all up!


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