The amazing benefits of moderate exercise

jennFebruary 22, 2005

Believe it or not, there are people who think it's not really necessary to exercise. I don't mean they know they should but they're lazy... I mean they don't think they need it. The owner of my Curves gym said she can't believe how many women in their 50s and 60s tell her they don't think they need to exercise.

So... I thought I'd share this amazing testimony about the amazing benefits of exercise.

About 2 weeks ago our neighbor was taken to the hospital by ambulance. She was coughing up blood. They discovered her speen had torn, so they removed her spleen. She spent the next week or so recovering in intensive care. In addition to that, she has a chronic auto-immune disease that causes extreme fatigue and weakness, and she is a recent cancer survivor. Most people in this condition would be very poor candidates for surgery.

She recovered from surgery and came home from the hospital on Saturday. Her daughter told me that the doctor said "If she wasn't in as good a shape as she is in, if she was sedentary, she wouldn't have made it through this."

Almost every day she takes a walk with another neighbor, and 3 days a week she goes to a water aerobics class. In spite of the physical weakness caused by her chronic illness (which most people would use as an excuse to not exercise), she exercises almost every day. And because she does, she survived a life-threatening episode and is back home recovering. As soon as she is able, she'll go back to her walks and her water aerobics class. Oh yeh... she's 82 years old.

Another example is the woman down the street who walks to and from the grocery store every day, caring a small bag of groceries home with her. It's at least a 2 mile round trip each time, so I bet she walks about 6 miles a day. Her back is very rounded but she walks with a quick step. Someone recently asked her why she does it. Her reply: "If I don't, I won't be able to move". Her age: 95.

The main purpose of exercise isn't to lose weight or keep us thin or give us hard bodies! It's to strengthen our bodies, build endurance, and keep us there. I hope this motivates us all to get moving and keep moving! :-)


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Move it or lose it!

This lesson became very clear to me when my dear grandmother was immobilized due to a minor ankle injury. Once she was unable to get around and walk with her walker she declined rapidly. She was 92 when she passed.

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I remember walking past my great-grandmothers bedroom in the morning and seeing her doing yoga in her bed. She lived in her own house until she was 98 and died at over 100.

Lack of exercise = depression and lack of energy. I need it just for mental benefits. Being flexible and strong and healthy are secondary benefits for me. I used to think I hated exercise until I started doing it regularly, now I feel so vigorous and energetic I can't imagine going back to my former couch potato self.

Thanks for the post!

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An update on the 95 year old walker:

Sadly, yesterday morning she was struck and killed by a car as it was backing out of the driveway. She was a few blocks from her home, probably returning from her first walk of the day, about 7:30 AM.


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I have been adding in walks with my dog on a leash now and nothing else different in my day (I am pretty active and do workouts, but I still did put on 11 lbs this winter)....anyway..2 weeks later and my pants are down a size. I am very pleased and I think my little dog loves the extra attention (I even knitted matching little doggie coats and sweaters for her--LOL!). I

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I had bad knees as a kid, and kept being perscribed pills from the doctor. I never found they helped much. When I got out of highschool I joined a gym and started working out 5 days a week. My knees got better and I have never had the problem back. I do get aches now and then in my joints, but always when I haven't been working out, and after only a few workouts these aches always go away.

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Sorry to hear about the neighbor hit by a car. My mother is 82, has been a smoker all her adult life, has had emphysema for years. She is now home-bound, has an oxygen tank 24/7. She cannot walk anywhere. On the other hand, I see my next door neighbor (age 80) out walking nearly every day. It's a half-mile to a shopping center, with a bank,grocery,deli, chinese and pizza restaurants. It's nice to see one can be active in their eighties.

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That is so sad that she was hit by a car.

I agree, walking is great. Although it is freezing here, I still walk my dog 3X a day. Can't wait for warmer weather!!

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Jannie, so sorry about your mother. You must feel so helpless. My aunt had emphasema after years of smoking. And I still see kids light up today.... if they only knew!

Norahs6 -- 3x a day in freezing weather?? You're very committed! :-)

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Hi, I'm new to the forum. Thanks for sharing on all the benefits of exerising, lack of exercise = lack of energy, yes, it's so true!

A little bit on my own experience. I used to exercise regularly and really sweat before giving birth. Do not have the chance to exercise for a year after giving birth. Soon I found my body giving out a very pungent and unpleasant body odour even when I'm not sweating! I guess sweating is a good way for us to detoxify, and when we're not sweating for too long a time, the toxin come out in the other form.

Thanks for the posts!

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