Would like your opinions about Blu-Ray DVD Players

cheerful1_gwDecember 16, 2008

I'd like to buy a Blu-Ray DVD player, but get intimidated by all the terminology.

I have a 40" Sony HDTV that I would hook it up to. Do you need additional cables for the hookup that the DVD player would not have?

I want to be able to view regular DVDs as well as Blu-Ray.

I don't want to spend forever setting it up. Whenever I see unfamiliar terminolgy, I freeze up.

Specifically, I saw a Sony BDPS550 on sale at Amazon. Anyone have this?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I've not played with the BDPS550, but I have played with its predecessor, the BDPS500.

The 550 should be a great match with your TV.

You will probably need an HDMI cable to attach it to your TV.

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Just make sure your new blu-ray player hooks up to the internet ,if it does it should be blu-ray 2.0 compliant.If it is not 2.0 that is the reason it is on sale,some newer blu-ray discs will not play on anything less than 2.0!!!!!!I did not have this problem because the ps3 is always online/2.0!

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I have a Sony BDP-350 about the same as the BDP-550 without built in media storage.Hookup is a snap all you need is a HDMI cable out to your Sony TV.You can hook it up to the internet with a ethernet cable.I have not yet and it plays every Blu-ray I have tried so far.The reason for that is to get firmware updates.But Sony will send you a update disk free of charge.I have one on the way.I do not want mine hooked up to the internet.Picture quality is great set at 1080p.

I bought mine Black Friday for $180.00 Sony BDP-350

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I am sorry i seem to have been a bit misinformed i was surer i was right ,but the older 1.0,and 1.1 should still play futur discs it will just lack the full use of special features,i just read this article on cnet. (The easiest way to avoid all these headaches is to buy a Profile 2.0 player, which is currently the most future-proof option there is. In particular, we recommend the PS3--not only is it the best Blu-ray player according to our reviews, but it also has traditionally been updated with new features before other Blu-ray players. Additionally, because the PS3 has such a fast processor inside, we've found that special features just work better, with faster load times and smoother playback.

If you're the kind of person that never fiddles with special features and you've found a great deal on a Profile 1.1 player, there's no reason not to buy it as long as you know what you're giving up. Profile 1.1 players should have no problems playing back future Blu-ray movies, you're just won't be able to get additional content online. Profile 1.0 players are increasingly rare these days, so unless you find a fantastic deal, you can probably find a Profile 1.1 player for a similar price.)
for some morer info check out cnet for yourself ,again sorry for the bad info,will not happen again!

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I have the PS3 as my Blu-Ray and it just great! It loads the fastest of any Blu-Ray and it does the upconvert to 1080i on your regular DVD too; plus you can play games and surf the internet too! Wild! Very cheap Blu-Ray for all the features built-in. I purchase the 80GB before it was discontinue; it that had the PS2 motion chip included so I can also play the PS2 and PS1 games. Now the new PS3 cannot play PS2 games and has some other limitations too; but still a great bargain.

I also purchased a home theater system too; which I been saving for 5 years. It is really great. My Definitive subwoofer is as good as that of the AMC theater. Retailed for $2,500 but I got it new for $1,500. My AV Sony ES receiver and Harman Kardon speakers and stands complete the system. Total around $9,200. It makes an extreme differences in viewing pleasure plus you ipod music sounds like you are in the recording studio.

How this is helpful?

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Def Tech makes a bunch of excellent speakers and subwoofers. The Definitive Technology ProCinema line has very good speakers at cheaper prices than their more upscale offerings. This is saying something, since they sell through dealers--not direct. It is nigh impossible to find them discounted though.

I don't think that "Cheerful 1" wants to spend the kind of money that you (or me for that matter) have sunk into our systems.

I do agree that many people miss the boat when they short change the audio aspect of their home theatre experience. In this earbud and iPOD era, I find that many people don't seem to feel the need or desire to have great audio.


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I just hooked up and enjoyed my Sharp Blu-ray player (BD-HP50U) last night. I don't know what generation it is, but it is all right! My first movie was The Dark Knight; fantastic.
I do have to go through a few button-pushing contortions to get the audio to play through my old DVD/5.1 HT unit, but it sounds great once I get it working.
Blu-ray/HDTV blows away DVD's like DVD's blew away VHS. And then some.

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I have the Sony BDPS550 which i believe you mentioned at the top, and i absolutely love it. I only bought it because of the reviews and they all seems to be right, see below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sony BDPS550 Reviews

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I ended up buying the BDP-350. I haven't tried a blu-ray disc yet, but I did try a regular disc to see how the upconversion works. The picture was amazing, so I can only imagine how a blu-ray disc will be. When "Madagascar 2" comes out next week, I'm going to buy it in blu-ray and give it a shot.

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Dang, I got here too late.....The best deal in Blu-Ray is still the Sony PS3. In addition to the Blu-Ray you get HDPPV, Internet (has WIFI and keyboard/mouse hookup), Photo Album (will connect with printers and deliver hardcopy of what's on the screen), Video Storage, MP3 player, downloads current movie trailer in the background, and more...oh, also plays games. The best kept secret in Home Theater.

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