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Wild_ChickenSeptember 21, 2009

Hi Guys!

I started my Mediterranean Food plan on Sunday and it's yummy! I hope it helps me in the energy department and, of course, in the weight loss area too!

The weather here was gorgeous but a little windy. Autumn is HERE!

Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend! Check in and tell us about it!

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Had to share this to start off the week!

How can EVERYTHING taste this good?????

Here is a link that might be useful: How does she do this?

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Good Monday all,

BJ thanks for starting us this week. I thought a couple of times Rachel looked like she was really working to make the food taste good! LOL It was an amusing film.

I had a spectacular weekend of riding. The weather was cool (30 on Sunday morning), there were no bugs and the horses had lots of energy! The days were crystal clear and sunny. I hope this weather holds for my upcoming trip to Tunbridge, VT next weekend. The girls are shaping up and getting ready for their extreme riding weekend. I can't wait!

After riding I started putting my vegetable gardens to bed. It was a sad year for me having lost my entire crop of heirloom tomatoes to late blight. I grew them from seed and handled them every day since the beginning of March! Oh well - other crops were good.

Check in when you get a moment. I missed many of you last week.

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Good afternoon!

How envious am I of your fall weather! It's still hot and humid with chance of rain every day this week. Cannot wait for the first taste of autumn. Suzanne, your Vermont trip sounds like a wonderful time! Take lots of pictures and share with us when you get back.

Today was my first day back at Weight Watchers since 8/31. No meeting on Labor Day, and last week I skipped. I was ready to face the music, because I have been rather "relaxed" in my eating these last few weeks. Lots of company and social stuff going on, and that's when my WW way of eating tends to go out the window. I guess the walking helps, because I maintained, which I was happy with. Still want to lose that last 21 pounds, so am re-focused. BJ, I want to check out more on the mediterranean diet, see if I can incorporate it into my WW menus.

Any football fans? I was very happy with our favorite teams - college and pro. Ole Miss and the New Orleans Saints are finally supposed to have a great year, so we're keeping our fingers crossed. So far, so good. I was happy to see Eli and the Giants squeeze by last night. How about Dallas' new football stadium? Wow, they really went all out, with all of the bells and whistles.

Hope it's a good week for everyone!

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Sooooooo happy that my JETS kicked New England b*tt! LOL!! Seriously, we made so much noise in that stadium that DH and I came home last night and could barely speak.

As for the Dallas stadium. We had a NY sportscaster note that the owner of the Cowboys had to crane his neck from his private box to see if the final field goal was good! For $1.1Billion, do you suppose he could arrange for a better view? LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone has a great week.

My director is here from the UK, and I've got plenty to say to him. hehe...we have an hour scheduled on Wednesday, followed by drinks and dinner with a few others. Should be interesting. He's a good guy outside these walls, but stubborn when it comes to getting me more help.

I was thinking of Alli last week...especially in light of the fact that my niece is now teaching. They are still babies. BJ, give Zig a virtual hug if you speak with her.

OK, all you MIAs, time to come out of lurkdom and commit to looking good in our holiday outfits.

Make this week count!

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Yeah, DEE! I better commit RIGHT NOW or my holiday outfit is gonna be a Santa suit!!!!!

(Glad your team won!)

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Good morning! I'm babysitting my DGDs for the next 2 days since their babysitter had to go out of state for a family funeral.

Dee, your Sunday sounded like a lot of fun. Loved your comment about the Cowboys stadium!

BJ, I'd love to see a typical eating day for you on your new diet, if you have time to post it.

Jan, maintaining is so much better than gaining! Always try to see the positive so you can keep that good attitude going.

Suzanne, what a shame about your tomato crop. But, it made me smile to think about your ride last weekend and your upcoming trip next weekend.

Our kitchen at home is now very WW-friendly, so I hope that helps me in getting in the right frame of mind. I don't know why I can't get back in the groove. I did it so well before, so I know HOW to do it.

Today is my DDIL's 30th birthday, and we're going to celebrate with dinner out tonight. I vividly remember the day I turned 30 - my oldest Dson was 1 month old then, and I was too tired from being a first-time mom to fret over turning 30. LOL

It's pouring rain all over the area today, so we're going to stay in. Plus, oldest DGD is home with a slight fever, so that's another incentive to stay in and get her back in shape. Wishing everyone a great day!

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Here's yesterday:

Brekky: Cottage cheese, dark berries, and a little lemon zest, cuppa tea with honey.
Snack: Bunch of red grapes, slice of Tuscano bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, a grind or 2 of pepper.
Lunch: (I made the eggs for this meal on Sunday) Mediterranean Baked Eggs (bake in shell directly on rack for 300 minutes at 220 degrees--turns them brown & makes them a nutty flavor) on a slice or 2 of Tuscano bread, topped chopped tomatoes, pressed garlic clove or 2 (in a garlic press), and capers. 1/2 cup apple juice for dessert.
Dinner: 1" chicken breast chunks marinated in lemon juice, olive oil, oregano, salt, sauteed, then broiled until toasted on top, zuchinni (prepared the same as chicken), and homemade Tzatziki sauce (Greek yogurt, grated cucumber, pinch salt, lemon juice) over the top of the chicken/zuchinni. Served with slice of bread and olive oil/balsamic vinegar.
Late night drink: Heated limeade (lime juice with honey).

That's it! It's been only 2 days but I am very happy and feel good. No white sugar for 4 days now and no high fructose corn syrup products for about a month now.

Milkdud: HAPPY B-DAY TO YOUR DIL---oh, to be thirty again! Have fun withyour DGDs!

Check in everyone! No more lurking---TYPE SOMETHING!

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Hello everyone,

BJ made me feel bad about her losing all her friends to Farmville on FB so I thought I should check in!

BJ, when you say no white sugar, do you use any other type of sugar? I have been cutting sugar out of my diet, kind of following South Beach, but not as strict so I don't feel like I am "on a diet" once again. It is not too difficult once you get back into reading every label mode.

Milkdud, isn't it awful to try to get back in the swing once you have lost your mojo? Every time I do that I kick myself a thousand times for falling off the wagon. Good luck. It should be easier now that your kitchen is WW friendly.

Dee, congratulations on the win. The Patriots definitely didn't have their mojo together. I hope my buddy Tom can pull it together this year.

Wodka, I am envious of your weather! Although, I love the fall, I really could use another 2 months of summer! Congratulations on maintaining!

Suzanne, you must love this weather! I am sure Casey and Sweet Pea are happy about it too. :-)

Not much else is new. DS finally got his cast off of his hand. 9 weeks in a cast and now he will have a permanent bump on his hand. Geesh. Tomorrow he and I are going into Boston to check out a school. He has finally decided that he needs to continue his education. Woo Hoo!!

Does anyone watch Mad Men? I love it. This week was crazy!

Have a nice night!


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HONEY!!!! --Sorry, just answering Besh's question about sugar. Yeah, I've really been reading labels closely for about a month (to eliminate high frutose corn syrup) and got rid of sugar last week. No sugar at all now--just local and Canadian honey. I don't miss the sugar at all. I also cut out coffee at the same time. I switched to tea. So far, so good. No headaches -- yet.

Here are my meals today on the Mediterranean Plan:
Brekky: Cottage cheese with pomagranate and a little honey.
Snack: tea with honey
Lunch: Mediteranean Egg Salad: chopped eggs, olive oil, crushed cashews, green CANNED Italian olives (NOT salted jarred ones!) on a 2 slices of Tuscana bread (drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
Snack: Honey gold apple.
Dinner: A slice of baked chicken (stuffed with a whole sliced lemon, oregano, garlic, 1/4 red onion, and salt-n-peppa. I baked it at 500 degrees in a convection over for 45 minutes.) The outside was crispy and the inside was so moist! Served cous cous (cooked in very low-salt chicken broth) with it and some mezethes (Greek appetizer plate) a few chunks of feta and tomatoes drizzled with olive oil, a few green olives, and a sliced peeled cucumber.
Dessert: A cupps tea with some honey.

Tonight after dinner, I mixed the leftover cous cous with feta, green olives, crushed cashews, a smidge of olive oil, and voila, lunch for tomorrow. I'll bring the cherry tomatoes a client brought by to add to the cous cous and toss in an apple for my snack.

Right now, I am going to turn down my crock pot that I have some lamb cooking in. I rubbed the lamb with lemon zest, chopped garlic, oregano, and Meditteranean spice mix. Then I tossed some carrot chunks & red onion in the pot with the meat, poured some chix broth in there and dumped a 10 oz bag of fresh spinach on top of the whole thing and on went the lid. I'll let that cook overnight and finish it in the morning. Dinner will be easy!

Okay, enough food talk! But I'm having fun cooking all these NEW recipes!

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Good morning!

BJ! You sound like a gourmet chef - your meals must be delicious! Keep sharing....please.

It's only 6 a.m. and already in the 80's. It's so hard to walk in this humidity, but it has to get cooler sooner or later, right? We are so blessed to have had a calm hurricane season (please continue that way!) but the thunderstorms have been pretty intense lately.

Besh, I think Tom Brady is one of the most gorgeous men in football!

I have not gotten into "Mad Men" yet - everytime they win all of the awards, such as the Emmys, I think I have to start watching it. Tonight a new show is on that they are giving rave reviews - a mixed up family, sorry, can't think of the title. I guess I'll also watch Dancing with the Stars, to see the Patrick Swayze tribute and see who gets kicked off.

Better get to walking. Have a good one.

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I weighed myself this morning just because I have never eaten this new way and got worried---I don't FEEL bigger but, ya know---anyway, I'm down 1 & 1/2 pounds since Sunday morning! This make me very motivated.

Wodka- Your walking has gotten to me! My next week's baby step is walking 2 days a week. I don't want to fail so I'm just doing what I KNOW I can do.

It's sunny and in the 50's here. Cool fall air.

NHSuzanne- I keep forgetting to comment on your tomato crop---SAD!!!!! Here, we watch for rain and pick right before. Otherwise, the tomotoes swell up and burst! Bad news, that!

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*tomatoes* Stupid secretary who types these posts for me is THE WORST! I think I'm gonna fire her!

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Going out to dinner with my director tonight. We just had a great 1-to-1 where he informed me that my role here "will grow tremendously" over the next year or so. He hopes I have no plans to retire anytime soon. HAAAAA! Not unless I win the lottery. I feel like Godfather III, Michael Corleone..."they keep pullin' me back"

BJ, you are so energized all the time. Like my sister, I wish I could get so much accomplished without falling into a chair at 8pm! Love feta and olives; salt rules! (yeah, and my calves swell!)

Besh, good to see you. I have the feeling that the Patriots may give us a real run for the money when we have to play you up there later this season.

I miss Marci!

Gotta run to another meeting.


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Good Thursday all,

BJ you certainly are energized now that your inlaws are gone! Maybe they should move in more often LOL. The tomato blight (late blight) is an airborne disease and it has wiped out major crops in the northeast. It is the same disease that caused the great potato famine in Ireland in the 1800's.

Jan and Besh, I hope Tom can pull it together this year too. He is a handsome devil!

Milkdud how are things going with DH and his diet? Check in.


I am geared up for my ride in Tunbridge,VT. The weather is supposed to be cool which will be perfect for the girls as they are growing their winter coats. I will bring my camera and try to take some pix.

Dee, if you don't answer my email I will post that picture whether you want me too or not!! LOL Let me know!

What is everyone else doing this weekend?

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BJ - you have motivated me. I had read about your diet and thought it sounded very doable, after reading your menu's yummmm. The RR video is funnnnny.

Suzanne - Enjoy the VT outing - it should be a nice weekend for it.

Milkdud - LOL about turning 30 and having a newborn.

Besh - happy to hear DS is cast free and looking at schools.

Dee - you need to get some drinks in the director before the meeting, not after haha.

Jan - I think that it is awesome that you maintained during all that time away from WW. You rock!

I have been busy at work and play, but always think of everyone here.

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Dee-How'd that meeting go?????

Raeanne: The book I'm using as a guideline is The Meditteranean Prescription. I am really enjoying the food and am getting back my old energy and attitude. It'll be a long journey, but ENJOYABLE with all of this yummy food! I really enjoy eating, I guess! This morning my casual Friday jeans fit better and feel great!

NHSuzanne! Can't wait to HEAR and SEE PHOTOS of your ride! Your shots are always beautiful!

Besh: Congrats on getting DS back in the groove of school!

I'm going to be off the air for the weekend. I'm moving my oldest DD back to college for her LAST of 4 years---YEE-HAW! I'm taking "Baby" (who is quickly growing into a big boy) and my 13 y.o. DD with me. I have scheduled "meals and meets" with 5 people so far! I love seeing my friends whilst I'm off the rock!!!

Okay, yesterday:
Brekky:Tea, Cottage cheese and fruit.
Lunch: Cous cous with feta, olives, spices, and chopped cashews. Bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. 5 slices Gypsy salami, quartered.
Dinner: Pasta topped with chunks of carmelized red onion, sauteed (in olive oil) eggplant, green pepper, mixed in marinara sauce. 2 slices of a loaf of fresh French bread.
Later: Tea with honey and a half handful of cashews.

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TGIFevening! What a lovely and long day this was.

My youngest Dson graduated today from the Sheriff's Academy. He was the class leader, so he got to do a lot of the ceremony, then he graduated #1 in his class and received a full scholarship reimbursement for doing that. It was a mother's proud moment, too. With my xh and his wife, her mom and her SO, my oldest Dson, and my DDIL and 2 DGDs and Papa, we made quite a crowd clapping for him.

Tomorrow, we'll drive back over there to celebrate Aubrie's 3rd birthday. Today was her real birthday, but since she doesn't quite get that yet, we just concentrated on making this Matt's special graduation day instead. Hubby intends to go tomorrow, but had to miss today for work.

BJ, I'm really enjoying your meal postings. They're beginning to tickle my inspiration button. Who knows - maybe I'll give it a try one of these days soon.

The weather has turned off nicely cool, with rain expected tomorrow. The birthday party is planned for the park, but the rain plan is McDonald's. Either way, it will be a lot of fun.

Suzanne, I hope you have a wonderful riding weekend!

Raeanne, put that work aside and come here and play more often. You are missed!

If I can stay awake, I'm going to watch "Monk" and "Psych", but that's looking doubtful. I've been up since 5 this morning (had to drive to Beaumont and get there early enough to sit up front, you know!) so I'm fading fast.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend full of whatever you need!

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