I hate that look!

abigail1951February 25, 2006

I want to start losing weight. I have to admit that I haven't taken very good care of my body and am really overweight. But I want to change that now. I hate to see women/men who have lost lots of weight and have that turkey neck look and bat wings for upper arms. Are there any exercises that are proven to eliminate these? I know that skin elasticity has a lot to do with this, but I am willing to work hard trying to reduce the bat wings and turkey neck. Thanks for any help you can give!

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I'm chuckling at your descriptive words. I'm not sure what to do about "turkey neck" other than make soup! For the "bat wings" you need to do tricep exercises. One good one is to bend over at the waist and then extend your arm all the way back, bring it in 90 degrees and stretch it out again. I'm not sure if that makes sense when you read it. Practice it without weight then gradually add some weights to your routine. It's a difficult exercise but very good. Bending over really helps because it forces you to work against gravity. I'm in the process of taking off the weight again (lost 50+ lbs in 1988, kept most of it off until about 1994 or 95, then it just got away from me!) Good luck to both of us.

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Weight training/resistance training is the only way to make your body parts look better - cardio will give you internal benefits, and help you lose weight, but building the underlying muscle helps best. Also....lose weight SLOWLY. Many of the problems you see come from people who lose lots of weight quickly, and their skin just can't keep up. Some who've been overweight for a number of years, and lost large amounts of weight (75+), have to have cosmetic surgery to reduce the excess skin. It's elastic, but it has limits, too.

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Topical creams can help with this. Those "skin toning" or "cellulite" creams are pretty effective if you use them very regularly. I have especially noticed a difference on my saggy knees and "bat wings."

I particularly like Avon's stuff - their night force lifting cream is really great for my turkey neck!

My mother always used olive oil on her skin, and it seems to work - has been proven to repair sun damage too.

If you can afford massage, go for it! A good sugar scrub and a massage do wonders for the saggy-baggies :-)

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You don't say how much you have to lose, or how old you are. I lost 73 pounds when I was in my twenties and I had NO loose skin at all. Now I'm 10 years older and need to loose again, and I know I will need surgery to tighten the skin. What your skin is like now (genetics and age), and how much you have to lose, will determine how bad it will be. You can do all the weight lifting in the world and it won't tighten up skin that is just too stretched.

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I have been trying to lose inches and weight also. After having six kids, the lbs just packed on. Have been walking up and down our stairs in the morning with a backpack filled with cans (about 12 lbs), and doing strength training in the afternoon. Am in my mid 30's, but was wondering when to add more weight to the program? Have currently lost inches but only a few pounds. I will take that any day though.

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