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carla35September 23, 2006

I had a question I was hoping someone could answer. Can kids (like toddlers) go to the weekly Weight Watcher meetings with the moms/dads, or are the meetings really suppose to be just for adults? I would think the day time meetings would have some kids/babies; then again, what do I know?

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Meeting are for adults only. Children old enough to join (I think at age 9 with doctors permission) bring a parent with them.

There have been meetings set up in the past for new moms and infants but they are not the norm. You would have to call your local WW Center and inquire.

Losing weight is very personal and one of the things members learn is to make time for themselves and to nurture themselves as well as others. Your meeting should be a time for you.

WW is very generous with their scheduling. You will find morning, afternoon and evening meetings available almost every day of the week. An hour away from the kids is good for you.

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Ours is a small town group so few secrets there....LOL.
We have a few young moms who bring their kids who are remarkably well behaved. I suspect it depends on the makeup of the group.

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My DD is 8 and I bring her to my meeting but I asked the coordinator there first before I did it. I think it depends on how old the child is and whether they will disrupt the meeting.

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There are several children who accompany moms and dads to our meetings. While I would prefer they weren't there (they are distracting), but it doesn't bother me all that much. Our coordinator welcomes them. Check with yours.

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We also had several kids of all ages at my mtgs. Our leader did not seem to care, she even had crayons and paper and books for them to doodle in. She even made one little boy her helper he ran around and did things for her:) I think it is best to ask first tho???

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My meeting room has toys in one corner for kids. My leader understands that needing child care to attend meetings is one more obstacle to healthy weight loss. If you must bring your child, then do so.

that said, though, be aware that the meeting is for adults, no one else will supervise your kid but you, kids can be very disruptive on occasion, and if that is the case, should be taken out of the meeting room. So if you do have an easy solution for child care, I recommend it.

But, That said, please, don't let lack of child care keep you away!

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