Which one would live longer

runsnwalkenFebruary 28, 2009

I was wondering a hypothicial question on diet vs health care from birth to death. Guy A and Guy B

Say one guy/or girl from birth to death (Guy A) eats an AWFUL diet, basically nothing good for you,like fast food and junk food. and goes to the doctor dentist regularly all their life.

then another guy or girl from birth to death(Guy B) eat perfectly nothing bad whatsoever diet, raw fruits, veggies, nuts, lean meats, (Basically the kind of diet people ate in prehistory) gets lots of rest and excersise but NEVER sees a doctor,gets shots, or sees a dentist

Which one would live longer?

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You would hope the doctor the first guy saw on a regular basis would reccomend changing his diet after a while haha. I dont think it would be possible to predict, some people just never get sick.

Here is a link that might be useful: my blog

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With the gums being a big, big way for an infection to enter into the bloodstream- then into the heart- I would think the one that does NOT go to the dentist will end up with fatal heart disease- not due to his genetic make-up, but because there was an unmonitored road for bacteria to enter.

The one who ate junk and DID go to the dentist- well- he just better hope he has great genetics!

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What if Guy B brushed his teeth all the time?

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it's still a statistical tossup, since you haven't factored environmental, genetic, or constitutional differences in.

I have teeth like granite, in a family with teeth like chalk- but my dentist says it has as much to do with the specific flora in my mouth as my enamel - I just don't support as many plaque-causing bacteria as some other folks. went 5 years without dental care, and came back to find that I needed a cleaning - not a deep scaling, just a cleaning.

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True. I''ve asked my pca's and Danny says no doctor,as the doctor in his opinion just gives you stuff to fiix what has been wrought ( heart disease,cancer)

Matt says same as posters here , depends on factors, Nancy (co-worker) who's also a retired nurse, agrees with Matt.

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