Vitamin=Increased Appetite

AdnemraFebruary 10, 2003

I've experienced flu-like symptoms for the past three years around this time of the year. My friends keep nagging me about taking vitamins, but everytime I start taking a multi-vitamin it seems to increase my appetite. Have any of you had a similiar experience with vitamins? Can anyone recommend a non-appetite increasing vitamin?

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Considering that sluggishness is one of the symptoms of a nagging vitamin deficiency and/or bad diet, it is understandable that taking supplements could lead you to feel more interested in your surroundings, including food.

Does your desire for activity also increase?

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I started about a year ago taking one a day just for women. I must say I feel pretty good, my nails are growing,usually I couldnt grow them long,theyd break alot.I cant take alot of different kinds I get indigestion from them.

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Higher amounts of B-complex vitamins will increase your energy level, which always makes me hungry. Of course, boredom makes me hungry too....

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I had the same problem and the guy at my local healthfood store told me to start taking my vitamins at night so that I would sleep through the cravings. It worked for me.

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Thanks to all who responded. I can't really say my energy level has increased (yet) because of the vitamin. However, I did mention I have been ill lately and can't seem to shake the lingering fatigue. However, the suggestion about taking the vitamin at night sounds good. I'm going to try it and let you know what happens. I really don't want to give up on the vitamins again because I remember how energetic I felt when I was pregnant (1,000 years ago) and took the prescription vitamin.

By the way, the name of the vitamin, I recently purchased from Vitamin World is called "Mega Vita Min for Women".

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