Anyone have a Sony Bravia TV?

cheerful1_gwDecember 5, 2006

We're looking at a 32". There are two models, the "S", which is Sony's entry-level, and a "XBR", their flagship model. There's a $300 difference between the two. Any comments? Thanks for the help.

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We got a 32" Bravia XBR Thanksgiving weekend. Cable HD was hooked up the following weekend.Wow!

In the store we didn't see much difference between the "S" and the "XBR", picturewise. We ended up with the XBR mostly because it is the latest/greatest. And you know how quickly technology changes. The last time we bought a TV was in the late 1980s, so we were kind of overdue.

My only beef with the set so far is that the user manual is kind of "light" doesn't really go into as much detail as I think it should.

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I will assume that you are talking about a 32" S Series vs. a 40" XBR2.

According to the catalog I am looking at, the XBR incorporates a Wide Color Gamut-Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light (WCG-CCFL) backlighting system for a more accurate range of colors. According to the specs this TV provides a higher contrast and a more detailed picture.

Whatever that means, I have no idea. I just read it from the B&H Photo-Video- Pro Audio catalog. Maybe you can check the details at

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Something else I forgot to mention above is as follows: Some of the Sony TV's require the use of a separate tuner, while others have a built-in tuner. This tuner allows the TV to pick any of the free HDTV signal from the local stations, in addition to the ones from cable companies. The ones with built-in tuners usually cost more than the others.

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Ray, if you were posting a reply to my post, it is an XBR 32" set. I posted a link below to a major retailer so you could see it.

They had a 32" "S" and a 32" "XBR" on the floor where we bought. The SO said the reason we got it was the reason you listed (the backlight) and the contrast ratio of the "S" is 1300:1, the "XBR" is 1700:1, his theory being the higher ratio results in a sharper picture.

If you were replying to the OP, nevermind :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Link

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Got it. Thanks for the link. And yes, that is the reason why the XBR costs a little more than the S Series. I like the 32" XBR, too.

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We're getting the 32" XBR as a Christmas gift to ourselves. Can't wait.

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I just bought one from Crutchfield a few days ago, and today bought a a Sony DVD/CD player with HDMI signal output at Sears (I don't have cable. Too expensive). Then I connected the DVD and Sony TV to each other with a HDMI cable I purchased at another store, adjusted the DVD player to take advantage of the TV capabilities, and was amazed at the almost digital signal coming out of the DVD player. So far

I still have to put-up with the analog (free) over the air transmissions, but since i hardly watch TV that's not a big problem. Besides, my wife and I don't need cable and the cost that comes with it.

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We got a 40' SONY (Bravia). We haven't connected to the HD RECEIVER AS OF YET. DIRECT TV WILL INSTALL THE HD RECEIVER AND NEW HD DISH JANURARY 27,2007. CAN'T WAIT! I have no problems as of yet. Was purchased December 1,2006 from SEARS for $1799.00. I carried the receipt back to December ,17,2006 telling them it was on sale at another store for $1699.00. Sears credited my account $100.00. NOW TEH PRICE FOR THIS TV IS $1699.00.

I LOVE MY SONY LCD TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Congratulations on your new TV!

Keep in mind that once everything is connected properly and the system is ready to go, you may want to change the settings to your liking. One of the settings is a "Custom" setting. On this one you can access and change several features not available in the other settings (you have more control to how the TV works for you). The TV comes ready for the brightest display possible from the factory, which works great at the store, but is not the best for home use.

Buy a low-priced DVD player with progressive scan, and signal upconverting via HDMI. The Sony DVP-NS75H ($99.00) does that, but so others made by Toshiba, and Panasonic. You will need a HDMI cable to get the best signal from the DVD player to the TV. These DVD players include S-Video, Component, and the rest, but the best signal is HDMI. The next best DVD players are Blue Ray, but there are not too many movies being produced in this format so far. For now, a DVD player such as the ones above can provide an outstanding signal to the TV. It will amaze you, not kidding!

HDMI cables are expensive, but if you look around you should be able to find one for around $25.00. Once you connect the DVD player and the TV with the HDMI cable, then you can set the DVD player settings to your liking, plus changing the settings so that the DVD player puts out the best signal possible to take advantage of the TV's capabilities. None of this is hard to do. The instructions are right in the manual.

Don't forget to only make connections only with the equipment turned off.

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The cable company came yesterday to install the HD box. The picture was beautiful. However, he had to make a repair to the outside cable before he left, and we are noticing on the HD picture there is a horizontal line on top and bottom of the picture. We knew that there would be vertical black lines on the left and right when the broadcast was not in HD, but how can I fix the horizontal lines? Is it a TV thing, or a cable thing?

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The reason why you are seeing the two horizontal black bands (one on to, one on the bottom), is because the TV is set to one of the screen modes available. read the instruction on page 21, and on page 29. First try the following (look at the remote's buttons) page 21: TV on, watch a show. Now look at the WIDE button, which is located just below the POWER button. Press and release the WIDE button repeatedly, and see what happens to the screen. (Keep in mind that if the TV is receiving a 720p or 1080i signal, Normal can't be selected). The screen should go from wide to wide zoom, normal, full, and zoom. You can also change the Screen Settings (page 29), from Wide, to Normal. See if this works for you.

To change the setting to you liking, you can select "Custom." In the custom mode you have more control of the screen than on the rest to the settings.

And finally, if you want to watch DVD's and provide the best signal possible from a DVD to the TV, read my post relating to signal upconverting via HDMI above. I know that digital cable is great, but to watch a DVD movie HDMI connection to the TV is the best from the following: best = HDMI, second best = component cables (red, green, and blue plugs), third = S-Video cable, worst = the yellow, white,and red cables.

As the BlueRay and top of the line DVD players belome more popular, the existing DVD players/recorders (with signal upconverting via HDMI) prices will drop, and that's when I will buy one of these. But for the moment, I have a $99.00 DVD player with signal upconverting via HDMI, and the DVD movie signal quality is great. Since I don't have cable, i enjoy watching movies from this DVD player. The signal is crystal clear.

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