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steve_aDecember 21, 2008

Why do manufacturers use coaxial cable? Specifically, for power adapters/chargers? My daughter's kitten chewed the charging cable to her Apple Macbook so that it didn't work. After I cut away some of the insulation, I saw that it was a coaxial. The inner wire/insulation was not damaged, so I was able to pull back the coaxial portion, twist together enough on each side to then slice in some bare strands and solder it together. It seems to work. Any problem with this? It just seems unnecessary that coaxial would have been used here, making it more difficult or impossible to repair. Was that the point? Thanks.

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Coaxial cable is used to suppress Radio Frequency interference generated by the LapTop Computer.

A small portion (your splice) should be OK, just make sure it doesn't short-out, some adapters are high-power (watts).

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OK, thanks regus.

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