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Wild_ChickenSeptember 1, 2008

Hi Guys!

Well, I hope today finds everyone is safe and sound.

Check in and let us know that U-R-O.K.


PS: Still no joy from the email I sent to Maddie and Rog. I am happy to try anything to get ahold of them----email me if you have ideas.


QOD: Seen any good movies lately?


I just rented Bucket List and enjoyed it. I also watched The Accidental Tourist and liked that too. I'm going to watch it again with Geena Davis' commentary playing. No TV here, so I have been renting movies like crazy.

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BJ~I'm so happy that you were the one that got to say, "Rabbit, rabbit!" I thought of you at midnight last night. I actually thought about coming here & posting & said, "No, BJ wouldn't have a chance then." LOL Yeah, for BJ!!

I'm saddened that you haven't gotten hold of Maddie & Rog yet. I wish you success in that.

We haven't seen a movie in ages. Dave watches all of the OLD ones on tv but I stay on the comp.

Have a great Labor Day everyone.

Marci~Enjoy your last day off!

Patti :-)

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Rabbit Rabbit back to you too!
Last night we watched Independence Day again on TV. I still enjoy that movie.
Yes it's Labour Day but my plants don't know it's holiday so I'm heading downtown to water my babies. Kinda like going on a 'holiday' because it is so much quieter and will be more so with the back to school week ahead.
I need a bigger freezer! For those of you who like a lot of tomato for your plant - Subarctic Plenty (got my seeds from Thompson and Morgan). Wow is an understatement. They lean on the sweet side, are a smaller tomato but you get tons and tons of them for winter freezing once they start. They also tend to ripen very quickly once they start.
My friends across the street came over to see what's growing in my garden - they left with a bag of tomato, long green beans and beets. In another month I should have good sized rutabega which you can keep by trimming the top and root and completely covering with wax. My great aunt used to store hers like this in a cool area. Don't wash, just brush. No air keeps them moist.

My prayers today and concern is for all of the people in the path of Gustav. Even though we live in Canada we have been keeping an eye on everything on CNN. I can't imagine how hard it is down there. At least this time the government and agencies are taking it seriously...not like the Katrina fiasco.

Well my diet has fallen off but I've been burning so many calories the last few weeks everything still fits the same. I am planning to get on track again and will be picking a 'start' date for my fall/winter phase 3 of my diet goal with all of my weight watcher tools at hand. Having all of my friends here to share with has been a tremendous help to stay focused as well as having an excuse to pop in and say Hi Ya!

Geez it's great to have the time again to post. If ya get bored of my gardening talk let me know. I'm also in the seed collecting phase too which is another activity I'm doing. Like I can't get enough of it.

Again, my thoughts and prayers today for all of my neighbours - Canada cares too! LOL

Have a wonderful day today, let's send powerful prayer to those in need and take care of yourself! You deserve every bit of health and happiness so keep reaching for the positives in your life. Cherish your family and friends.


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Good morning and Happy Labor Day!

It's sunny, cloudless and 79 so far this morning. You'd never know that bad weather is out there in the Gulf. It's hovering and getting ready to move toward New Orleans, and I hate that for everyone. We're due rain starting around noon, then all the rest of the week, but we can handle that. It's the actual hurricane that I don't want to see.

DDIL and I spent a few hours shopping yesterday while hubby played with the little girls. It was nice bonding time for us. We've known one another for 12 years now, but we haven't had any quality time together since children started coming along.

QOD: We rented some movies yesterday, so I've actually seen some fairly new ones. We watched "Over my Dead Body" last night, with Eva Longoria - very cute movie. Right now we're watching "Definitely Maybe". So far, so good. We actually have four of those Red Box rental places here in my little town, so we got them for a dollar apiece, plus tax.

We're just going about business as usual because, until something else happens; that's what you do in this part of the world. I'm going to lovingly rub some chicken with Suzanne's rub for grilling this evening. I'm also starting a beef stew in the crockpot for tomorrow night. With the generator, we'll be able to keep the freezer and fridge going, and hopefully run the microwave to heat food.

I promise to keep in touch. The prayers are greatly appreciated. I feel pretty good about us staying out of the path of Gustav, but you never know with hurricanes. We have all the right supplies and each other, so we're good.

Have a wonderful day!

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Happy Rabbit, Rabbit Labor Day to all.

I am at work, so I have to make this quick.

Prayers are being sent to anyone being threatened by Gustav.

QOD - rent "August Rush" if you haven't seen it. At the movies I just saw "Mamma Mia" and loved it. It is a real feel good movie. I think one of my all time favorite movies is "Under the Tuscan Sun", though your DH may not like that one. Did you see "Crash"? Not my type of movie at all and you couldn't tear me away from the TV when we watched it. Another older one that I love and you don't hear much about is "Grand Canyon".

Speaking of TV. Last night I caught a couple episodes of "Ice Road Truckers" and I love it! I thought it was going to be some horrible, make fun of type of show, but it is so interesting and those men are so brave. I hope to catch a female trucker on there one day.

Patti - has Dave been okay since his last hospital visit?

I am off to labor on Labor Day :-(

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Good Evening,

Happy Labor Day all. Had a great weekend on the boat and now I have to unpack about 6 canvas bags that are strewn about the kitchen.

I hope everyone is making it through Gustav ok. I've thinking about you all all day.

QOD: Boynton Beach Club!!! Loved it. The Bank Job, 21 (just watched that this week). I also loved Under the Tuscan Sun....I love Diane Lane. I saw Mama Mia earlier this summer and absolutely loved it. Downloaded the soundtrack into my iPod and listen to it at least once a week!

Enjoy your evening!


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Good Monday all,

It's been beautiful and windy, dry and we have been eating dust all day working outside.

Crash was one of the best movies (messages) I have seen in a long time. Very powerful. Highly recommended from here.

Mark and I worked our butts off all weekend but got alot accomplished. This afternoon Sweet Pea came in from the pasture three-legged lame and as you can imagine I am beside myself. I am going to try to be brave and give her a day or two before I get the vet out but suffice it to say that I am really worried. I saw her gallop in this afternoon and out of the corner of my eye I "thought" I saw her make a strange move but didn't think much of it.........well now I know something was wrong. I hate this.

A great movie I saw recently with Russel Crow was A Very Good Year. Very enjoyable and good.

Jan, sounds like good news for you and other in LA. Hope our weatherman are correct but thinking of you.

Keep SP in your thoughts and prayers.

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Good morning! It's sunny and 82 degrees, and life as we know it here in SE Texas is very good!

My DDIL and the DGDs just left to return to Beaumont, and after I post this, I'm going to go work out, then I'll go to my Red Hat luncheon at the Teapot Depot. It's a cute, transformed train depot in the next town over. The evacuation was voided at 6 a.m. this morning because Gustav isn't a threat, so they packed up and headed out in just a little bit slower traffic than normal according to Google. It's just amazing to me that I could look up the traffic flow between my house and theirs and find out that it will take them 1 hr. 28 mins. instead of the usual 1 hr. 5 mins!

That's about it for me. I'm sure that all your good thoughts and prayers are what kept Gustav from doing too much damage inland. Your power is awesome, ladies!

Have a good one!

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[[[[[[[[Sweet Pea]]]]]]]]]] Suzanne, hope that all is well up there this week.

So happy that you are all safe from Gustav. What a nightmare it must be to get conflicting stories by the hour. I love the warm weather, but not sure I could handle that type of threat!

BJ, wish I had advice about DD#2 for you. My heart breaks for her....what an awful time. This too shall pass, but it's not often easy to convey that message to a young one. DH told me that his niece broke up with her BF last week. She looked so sad to me yesterday, but I had no idea what she went through. Boy, we have all been there, huh?

BJ, I have Maddie's cell phone # if you need it. She's not answered me on that, but maybe you will have better luck.

We had a wonderful time on the high seas. Got lots of relaxation time and met some fun folks.

Glad to read that Tara is better.

McPeg, you make me tired reading about all the work you can accomplish in one weekend. Makes me a bit guilty for taking a nap or two along the way. hehe

Hello to everyone...make this week count!

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What a great day it is! I slept late, husband went to work, ate a good breakfast, and then decided to see if I could find a good movie to watch.

Have any of you seen "Conversations with Other Women"? I'm a big fan of Aaron Eckhart - so ruggedly handsome and excellent actor. Helena Bonham Carter was absolutely beautiful. Kind of a different movie, focused mainly on these two characters, but very romantic, and perfect to watch today.

We're still under a tornado watch until later this afternoon, and flood watch, so I am taking a mental health day off and will get out tomorrow and put everything back in its place. I am going to spend the day today being so grateful for being spared.

Speaking of "A Very Good Year" - I loved that movie, too. It was such a sweet, gentle role for Russell Crowe - he should do more like that. I've loved everything he's ever been in.

Suzanne, I hope Sweet Pea is okay and it's nothing serious. And BJ, I feel for your daughter. It's hard for her to understand now, but time will heal her pain and she will realize she is so much more than that kind of "stuff." Sounds like it's their loss, not hers.

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I'm back from my morning, and I finally read the threads.

Suzanne, I'm so sorry that Sweet Pea is having a problem. Sending healing thoughts and prayers for our horsie!

BJ, so sorry that DD is hurting over a jerky x-BF.

Dee, welcome back. Glad you had a good cruise.

Jan, I haven't even heard of that movie, but I'll have to look for it and watch it soon.

I had a 1/2 workout this morning before it was time to go to Red Hat. It was so much more fun at this meeting because I rode with one of my new friends, and we got there early enough that I got to meet everyone as they came in. We also did "Show and Tell", with each of us sharing the oldest thing we own. It was a great opportunity to glean something about each woman telling us a little about her life. I brought my Bozo clown that my paternal grandpa bought for me when he learned that I'd arrived. My grandma didn't even want him to mail it to me because she thought the clown wasn't a "proper" gift for a precious little baby girl! It's one of the few keepers, and I've always loved and cherished it. LOL

QOD (if there wasn't one already that I overlooked): what is the oldest thing in your possession and what's the story behind it? My clown is 61 years old because according to my baby book, I received it when I was 2 weeks old.

The house is back to clean, all the good junk food went home with the girls, dinner is crockpot beef stew I made yesterday, so I believe I'll sneak in a little nap before getting up and getting things ready for dinner.

(((((((((Hugs to all who need or just want them!)))))))))

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Okay, I was the last one to post yesterday and the first one to post today? Something's definitely wrong in the world!!!!!

I'm going to go work out, then I'll be back to check in and read all the great posts you'll post while I've been gone!

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Hi Milkdud - this post is for you! I love hearing your stories of your new friends. You must be so happy that you and DH are fitting in so well.

QOD - I have nothing that belonged to me personally as a youngster. I am finding that sad :*( however, I do have an old German cake plate that is well over 100 years old that a relative brought over with them. There were 8 kids in my family, I am the 3rd oldest, so all my toys, etc. went on to the the younger kids and we never had really special things that you would hold onto.

Wodka - hope all worked out with the tornado threats.

Suzanne - we need an SP update. Sending hugs and healing thoughts.

Dee - Of course you had fun on the high seas, nice to meet fun people too.

BJ - My heartaches for your DD too, that is such a tough lesson. The girfriend part probably hurts more than the boyfriend. Now that she is settled in at college, I am sure that the boyfriend and girlfriend will soon become distant memories.

Work is a callin' - enjoy your day.

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We spent the day at preschool yesterday, getting ready for orientations. Things went smoothly with the new girl, so I am hoping that we continue to work well together.

QOD - My grandmother left me her pearls that were a wedding gift. They are close to 80 years old. I also own a 100 year old copy of Elizabeth and her German Garden by Elizabeth Von Arnim. Something that I wear all the time is my birthstone ring that was a 16th birthday present from my grandparents. So that is 40 years old, and probably the most precious to me, since I remember receiving it.

DD was on her way back to Lafayette last night and not sure what she was going to find when they arrived. I will talk to her tonight to see if their apartment was damaged in anyway and if her car was alright. They had a nice time in Texas and were glad they had left early. But she said the roads were jammed yesterday and it was going to take them an extra 3 hours to get back to Lafayette last night.

BJ - If only we could ease our children's heartache. But alas, it is one of life's cruel lessons they have to learn on their own. DS and his girlfriend just broke up, but it was amicable. I could still hear the sadness in his voice though.

NHSuzanne - I agree, we need an SP update.

Wodka and Milkdud - Glad to hear you survived Gustav intact.

DeeMarie - Glad your cruise was relaxing.

Gotta run and get some stuff done on my last day off.


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Good afternoon.

The sun came out and I have been outside sweeping up hurricane debris (not much), pulling weeds, trimming back my roses - chatting with the neighbors, and sweating like I haven't in weeks. And it all feels good. Drinking a Lipton green tea with citrus - boy, those are as refreshing as a cold beer or water.....

Hope all is good with everybody today.

QOD: I lost just about everything in Katrina, but two things that I packed that meant a lot were my grandfather's tie box, that has an old Gibson girl etched on it, and a patent stamper (have no idea what it's really called. But he invented an idea for egg storage before the refrigerator was invented and has a patent for it. Didn't make any money, because, of course, the refrigerator came along.

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Anxiously awaiting word from Suzanne....

QOD: My engagement and wedding diamonds were my mom's, so I know that they are at least 58 years old; I would give my life up before I would let anyone take them off my finger. Ohh, I have a pretty crystal candy dish that was my paternal grandmothers. I remember it from when I was a child, so it is probably 50 years old. It could be much older than 58 years, or she could have purchased it when I was a child. I have a baby ring that was given to me by my mom's friend; however, I never wear it.

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Good evening, everyone! What a treat to come back and find 4 new posts. You made my day!

I really enjoyed reading about your treasures. Thanks so much for sharing with everyone. I've purged so often over the years that I'm amazed I have anything left, but those special things have a way of hiding out from me so that I don't do anything foolish with them. LOL

I had a good workout, then came home to do piddling stuff around here. I finished the last book in a series by Gary Chapman and Catherine Palmer. I hated reading the last chapter because I knew that would be it since it was only 4 books, Spring through the following Winter. If you're ever in the mood for a just-because-it-feels-cozy kind of book, I highly recommend these. My next book is "The Memory Keeper's Daughter" that a friend loaned me. I'm sure I'm probably the last one to read it.

Dinner is cooking, so I have a little play time here. I had leftover chicken breasts and leftover whole wheat spaghetti and creamed spinach, so I threw together a kind of chicken florentine or chicken spaghetti kind of casserole, all basically WW/Core and using up all our leftovers! Hubby gets the 1/2 cup of leftover mashed potatoes on the side, and we'll both have garden salads.

Marci, happy first day of school tomorrow! I hope your assistant works out great.

Jan, I drink green tea drinks all the time, especially before working out because I read in a Woman's World magazine recently that it maximizes your workout. Hey, I'll do anything to get double the workout!

Raeanne, love your sense of humor!

Suzanne, I've been keeping Sweet Pea's photo on my end table and keeping healing thoughts for him going everytime I look at it.

Dee, I have my mom's last wedding band that my dad gave her for their 25th anniversary. I wear it whenever I go somewhere nice and think about how I'm taking Mom with me in spirit! She used to be a great Canasta player, so maybe she'll send me some good strategy if I wear it to the next game. :-)

Well, hubby's home, so I'd better scoot. Wishing you all a peaceful evening and a happy Thursday!

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Good morning.

Well, I pulled a "Peggy" yesterday. I was so happy to see the sun again, I spent the entire day outside. Putting patio furniture and plants back out, sweeping and raking, even spiffing up some property that isn't even ours! I was covered in dirt, and not a dry spot on me! By the time I took a shower and ate dinner, I was deliriously (is that a word?) exhausted, and my muscles (or lack of) were a little sore!

So, today I focus on the more mundane areas - laundry, dusting, etc. Not even going to look at the Weather Channel (although "Ike" looks like he could be trouble for us, still way too early to tell.)

One other good thing. We looked after our new neighbors' pets while they were having to work at the hospital during Gustav. We've gotten to know them a little better, and the wife wants to start walking and going to WW together! I'm so ready! I hope she is serious about it. It's going to be terrifying to weigh in that first meeting, but I really do so much better when I have a friend/buddy going through it with me, even though she doesn't have nearly as much weight to lose as I do. Anything to get me started. I've been derailed (much my own doing) so many times.

Update on my sister....she started going back to radiation and chemo treatment again. Even if it isn't working, she seems so much better, just getting out (the "social" part.) The nurses and doctors are so kind to her, and it helps her cope.

Hope everyone is off to a good start this morning!

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Tomorrow is Friday!

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Good Thursday all,

Very quiet here today!

Wodka, good for you on finding a WW buddy! That is great news. Usually, the people taking your weight are very discreet but I know what you mean.

I have not had a moment to myself since Sweet Pea got sick. She has a nasty abscess in her left rear hoof. The vet drilled into her sole to start it draining and she has been in so much pain. I have been soaking her foot in warm epsom salts and wrapping and walking her. She is finally starting to put a little weight on her foot which is very encouraging. I go to the barn the minute I get up and treat her foot, get ready for work and when I get home the same routine - in the barn until past dark now. Poor girl she is a good patient and has a heart of pure gold. I don't know how long it's going to be before I can ride her again.

So that's my life for now and I am encouraged that she is feeling better so maybe that evil thing will drain and be gone soon.

Hope everyone is well. I will try to check in over the weekend.

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Good evening!

Suzanne, it's so good to hear from you about Sweet Pea. I'm glad that what was wrong is something that can be fixed with meds, time, and TLC!

Jan, so glad you got to know a neighbor. You'll do so much better having someone to walk with, go to WW with, and just going to WW. The people who weigh you in show nothing but respect when they record your weight and hand the card back to you. No judgment calls - EVER! I still remember your sister in my thoughts and prayers - you, too!

Today was just a good workout day, grocery shopping, and stopping to buy a painted child's schooldesk I've been noticing in the window at a craft shop. I just couldn't resist. It's got the perfect old-looking patina and apples and school stuff painted on it. Fits in great in my living room!

Tonight hubby told me that I had 2 voice mails that I hadn't noticed before. One was from a friend who just bought a new home in Maurepas LA. They evacuated late Saturday night to her aunt's home somewhere in MS. Now she hears that her area will probably be without power for about 3 weeks. The other call was from a really sweet woman I met at the workout place and who I hadn't heard from in over 2 months. She's either been out of town or under the weather. When I called her back tonight, we talked about getting together soon. Then she told me that she was trying to sew a costume for a church skit at her women's meeting on Saturday. I offered to go by and help her with it after working out in the morning, then we'll go out for lunch. I just love impromtu, impulsive stuff!

Tomorrow night we're meeting one of the couples for dinner, but no Canasta since the other 2 couples won't be there. We don't know this couple well at all, but it will be a good chance to remedy that.

Dinner tonight was leftover beef stew (WW/Core), then I had to watch "Big Brother" and see my favorite houseguest be evicted.

Wishing you all sweet dreams and a happy TGIF! (Especially DEE!)

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Milkdud, you like BB10 too? I cannot believe that I forgot to tape it, but DH told me about the eviction. :-( I love the person who is HOH now. I go to all the spoiler threads and read prior to shows, so I really only need to see the Thursday shows.

QOD: I need help here. Can any of you give me ideas for a 'Pound Auction'? It is a fund raising function where each participant is asked to bring something that weighs one pound ... exactly one pound ... and wrap it so as to disguise what it is. They want us to really go for the gold in the wrapping to have more fun. Suggestions - a pound of popcorn (unpopped), a pound of grass seed, a pound of candy or nuts, a pound of sugar or coffee, a pound of paper clips, etc. All for charity, of course, so I doubt that folks expect something worth a lot of money (a pound of $20 bills?). LOL! Put on your creative hats!

Make today count!

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Dee, I LOVE BB! I also read at a couple of boards to get the spoilers as I can't get enough some times. I stop short of subscribing to the live feeds, but I'll read other people's reports from them! LOL I was so sad to see Renny leave. She added so much to the house. I LOVE Dan, and I'm happy that he's the HOH again.

A Pound Party sounds like a lot of fun. Here's my offering: a pound of dark chocolate M&M's (what else did you expect from me?), a pound of pasta, a 16 oz. bottle of something to drink, a pound of pennies, a dishwashing detergent, a pound of pretzels, a pound of salsa (16 oz. jar), a pound of potpourri, a pound of pepperoni, a pound of some kind of cheese that people where you live like, a pound of peanut butter. I'm sure I'll think of more things once I hit "submit"!

I worked out, then went to a friend's house to help her sew on sequins for a costume she'll wear in a "menopause" skit at her church tomorrow. Afterwards, we had lunch at a new-to-me Mexican restaurant here in Crosby. I had no idea it was even here until today. I had sinfully delicious crawfish enchiladas in a queso blanco sauce. Probably 10,000 calories, but I only had 4 tortilla chips! LOL

Tonight is dinner with friends at Baytown Seafood where I'll be pretty good and have a dinner salad and seafood gumbo without the rice.

I hit the book sale at our library this afternoon and got lots of good ones all for $5.00! Can't beat a bargain like that. I even got a couple of "Babysitter's Club" books for oldest DGD who turned 9 today. She loves getting books in any shape or form, just like her Mimi.

Well, I have a little tickle in my throat, so I'm going to pop a Sudafed, then take a short nap before getting dressed to go out.

I wish everyone a wonderful Friday. If you're MIA, GET BACK HERE PRONTO! Dee and I can't carry this place alone!!! :-)

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Hi Guys!

Just popping in for a minute until the weekend rolls around and I have more typing time! The first week of school has been BUSY! Lots of paperwork, meetings, and tonight, an ice cream social!

Skimming through the posts, I noticed Dee's POUND project.

What about a pound of cool stationary and envelopes?

Or a coupon for a pound of candy at See's Candy or some other candy shop? This could be put in an empty box from See's--if you tell them it's for a charity auction, they'll usually give you a box.

Or a pound of pennies? VERY heavy and mysterious!

Dee: Would you email me Maddie's cell pleeze? I need it. THX!

NHSuzanne~ I logged on to find out about Sweet Pea. Thanks for the update. Didn't she have a foot problem a couple years back? Is it the same foot? Glad she is getting better and she's lucky you are such a devoted "momma."

I have to do a thorough read later, but right now, I'm off to the grocery and to pick up kids from school. Everything is so incredibly close here to drive to, but just far enough I can't walk, and NO PARKING AVAILABLE in the summer months. Raeanne, I'm sure you can relate!

I'm out of thyroid meds and have to go to the mainland to get a check-up, so I am majorly dragging...SO tired and headache-y. I gotta get to the doc soon, before I run out of "batteries." Off to the phone to call and make an appointment. Going off the island to my doc appointment is an EIGHT hour trip! I put it off a little too long! DH got really irritated about me running out of meds and gave me a lecture---he hasn't been to a doc in OVER 4 YEARS. MEN!!! lol!

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Dee - They sell nails by the pound. How about a pound of split peas and you can include a recipe for split pea soup.

Suzanne - keeping SP in my thoughts and healing prayers. Keep us updated, it is reassuring to know that she is in such good hands.

Wodka - I think of you and your sister often, thanks for keeping us up to date. I am glad that you may be finding a WW buddy - that will help a lot.

McPeg - you must've been too busy to post - we miss you and NO I am never bored of hearing about your gardening - keep the stories coming.

Marci - are you too exhausted to post this week LOL. I hope you have a great class and that the new aide works out for you - at least you are off to a good start with her.

Milkdud - you have been busy busy busy. Good to hear about all your outings with your new friends.

BJ - I am going to yell at you too - DON'T LET YOUR MEDS RUN OUT AGAIN!

Donna - I hope you are safe from the high tides, wind and rain today.

Hugs and Love to all

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Raeanne~ I'll listen to you, since you, at least go to your doc appts! lol!

Wodka: Hugs to you and your sis. That is SO tough to go through. Think of you and her often...

McPeg! You're always motivating us and getting us excited about gardening! DON'T STOP! :-) I picked up some beautiful Heirloom tomatoes at the Farmer's market today! They're going into a salad I'm taking to a beach cookout we're having tonight. I also picked up a loaf of homemade honey wheat at the Farmer's Market to soak up the tomato juice and dressing, like Dee suggested. Yummers!

Dee: 640 twenty dollar bills make a pound or $12,800. That's an idea. If you auction THAT, I'll be there! Just tell me what it's wrapped in so I can bid correctly!

Milkdud: Your school desk sounds fun! I just went to the thrift store yesterday and picked up a little desk for my daughter to put her art stuff in. It needs MAJOR paint redo, so that'll be my wintertime project.

I'm doing receipts and budget today---ho-hum. Teachers are on strike at our old school and Boeing just went on strike. That means lots of babysitters and "handymen" looking for strike-time jobs on the mainland. Money is tight everywhere. Gas is up to $4.41 on the rock here....and I need to fill up...(small arg!)

Besh....BESH! Come out and play! Or are you loading up your canvas bags and running away on your boat today????---!!!!

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Dieting Weekly Support 11 - 16 Nov
Good Morning Everyone, In Canada this is our Remembrance...
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