nwroseladySeptember 22, 2011

I'm so excited I just needed to tell somebody, so you're all elected. I was diagnosed with diabetes in December, 2008. I had an A1C (average blood sugar) reading of 11.7, and weighed 294 pounds, which is a lot for a woman of 5'5".

I started going to Weightwatchers right away. Six months later I'd lost about 50 pounds and felt well enough to start exercising so I joined Curves. I've now lost about 120 pounds and today I found out my recent A1C was down to 5.9, which puts me in the non-diabetic range. Although I still have about 25 pounds to lose (now weighing about 175) it still feels like a tremendous achievement.

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That IS a tremendous achievement!!! Congratulations!! I am so impressed. Very inspirational.

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Congratulations!!! That's so great, and I bet you feel a whole lot better too :) Good for you, that's amazing willpower. What an achievement!

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Fabulous success!! Congratulations!

Can you tell me more about Curves? I am thinking about joining but don't know anyone here who belongs. Do they help you lose weight--that is, personally monitor you--or is it just a round of exercises? Does it work best in tandem with WW or can one lose weight on Curves alone? I have about 15 lbs to lose. Thanks.

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Though I'm chiming in almost 4 months later, I'm sure it's nice to hear yet another congratulations!

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You deserve lots of congratulations for a job well done the right way. Good for you.

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