power cord to fit recessed outlet/receptacle

bahansenDecember 17, 2008

The plug on the power cord of my answering machine is too wide for the recessed outlet on the wall where I'd like to mount the machine. I can't seem to find a wider receptacle, so I am wondering if there are generic power cords out there with plugs of varying sizes? Anyone had this problem? Surely there must be a cord that would fit this thing, otherwise they wouldn't make a recessed receptacle this size. At least that is my hope!

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help out with this!

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since the plug is too wide, i take it you have a wall wort. if you try to find another one it will have to be rated for teh same voltage and AT LEAST teh same current. if not it may not work or may damage the machine.

is it possible to plug it in elsewhere and just have the cord run along the wall?

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an extension cord ?

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Well it sounds like this could come in real handy: Power Strip Liberator

I bought a bunch a while ago that were only 6" long (or so). It seems they make them just a little longer now a days. But are still pretty cheap. By a bunch and sell a couple to a friend/family member.

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