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Wild_ChickenSeptember 19, 2005

Hello Monday!

What happened over the weekend with everyone?

Tell us ALL the details---successes, trips, little disappointments, or vent away if you must!

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I'll start....

I had a weekend of various events.

Friday, my DH went to help an old GF with her move, getting the rental truck, picking up her kayak from someplace, and packing her apartment. I am glad he helped her as it was really stressful for her and he knows how to calm her down, so this is very rewarding for him. I watched Survivor on TiVo with the kids and ate a hot dog (haven't had one of those in SO long!) It was a good day; I got a Reiki healing massage from a very spiritually cool guy. My left shoulder and right side of my back has been hurting after lifting some pretty heavy caskets, but he worked magic and it's been pain-free since he worked on it. Bad news was that right after my massage, my truck shifter broke at the grocery store, so my truck is at the shop again. But I was so relaxed, it didn't even phase me when it decided to be weird!

Saturday, I worked. 51-y.o. guy with a teen daughter and young son decided to call it quits on life. Apparently, he'd been depressed most of his life. It was a beautiful memorial service with special music and memories. Very bittersweet. The family accepted it with grace and tears. They had a huge amount of community support which was so nice to see. All I can say from working in this biz, is GO TO THE FUNERAL SERVICE if you're invited or if you know the person, even if you have to drag yourself there. The family ALWAYS needs you. :) Saturday, we went to our Greek friends' new pad for dinner. I made a pepper smoked salmon and brie cheese thing and crackers for the appetizer and lemon tarts and chocolate for dessert. I ate small portions and they made salmon and a wonderful salad and rice-stuffed peppers for dinner. We had some wine he made himself---delish. I stayed on track pretty much and didn't eat like it was the last supper! lol!

Sunday, I went out to breekky with DH and the girls. I went to work to do my quarterly paperwork and later threw a pity party since I had no one to do laundry with. :) Then I cleaned out a few drawers and lined and organized them. And read and read. Cleaned my truck up and dropped it off at the shop to be repaired.

Monday.....ahhhhhhhhh. Having a healthy and delicious salad with my friend who is in remission from 4th stage breast cancer---you know the one. After lunch, we are headed to the nursery for a walk and to buy some plants! Good thing I don't have my truck!!!!!! I am borrowing DD's car. She's not thrilled about it but is taking it well.


Part 1: What do you seek in a friend yet neither expect nor want in a lover?

Part 2: Are you attracted to people who are healthy for you to be around?

Part 3: How forgiving are you of friends when they let you down? What do you do?

Stay healthy and just say no to white sugar!

PS: I'm still waiting for the results of the "3-SS Girls and the Wine" solve teh world's problems luncheon. Do we each get a personal response --- or what? I'M...

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BJ - I think our solution to world peace is that everyone should lunch with friends and share a bottle of wine! Glad you had an enjoyable Reiki session. I may treat myself to one this week.

Great QOD -

without overthinking these questions:

1. Someone I can share my problems with, without thinking they have to fix them for me. Not that I look for that in a lover, but that just seems to be in man's nature. It's nice to have someone to watch chick flix with too.

2. I have finally learned to only surround myself with people that have a good energy! Although if a friend is going through a rough time and it is draining for me, I try to hang in there and try not to own what they are going through - I'm not just a fair weather friend.

3. I think I am forgiving to a fault! People (not good friends) take advantage of my forgiving nature. When I am hurt by a friend, I try to rationalize it out in my head, if I can't I will try to confront them - but I really hate confrontation and that is always a last resort for me - even thought it is probably the best solution. I also do a special "bridge of light" meditation that seems to work wonders with people that I have some friction with.

I am at work and took more time than I planned on this, so I better get busy.

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I forgot to answer my own questions!

Here are mine:

1. I look for someone I can tell a secret or two to----over lunch. I spread my secret-secrets around amongst my best of friends and love to have intimate, bonding lunches. DH and I usually discuss life situations or property and biz deals when we eat together.

2. I enjoy having positive people around me and having good times with them, but I also like to have needy people around me. I think it's healthy (for me) to be able to help problem-solve. And I love the feeling of seeing someone come out the other side of a dark tunnel. Maybe that's why I do what I do for a living!

3. I forgive but also go through the analysis of what I did to cause the let down. Were my expectations too high? Did I communicate well enough so that both of us understood and agreed what we wanted? I hope to be forgiven for the mistakes I make when I come up short as a friend, so I try to do the same. Sometimes I need to marinate and miss someone before I move to a posiitve place again with them. But basically, I think people are deep down good and don't realize what they're doing when they let a friend down --- or they'd never do it.

Raeanne~ Was this the weekend of your flight to the winery? If so, how'd it go?

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BJ, I agree with Raeanne on the wine thing!

My weekend was uneventful. Did lots of exercise. Took my niece and her friend out for the day on Saturday. Yesterday, I gave up my personal Jets/Miami ticket to my stepdaughter, while I stayed home to file (ugh!). We had already sold our other 2 tickets, and DH wanted some quality time with her. I have a TV in the office, so I got to watch it anyway (without the crowds) but it's just not the same, ya know? haha

QOD (not much thinking here either, due to time constraints):

1) I want a friend to listen to my babble; and I can babble with the best of them. They don't have to comment; just let me babble. A friend of mine listened to me about my brother for over an hour on the phone once, which just an occasional "oh my" (I suspect she was building a scrapbook or knitting a scarf, but did not care!!). I also need someone to watch the chick flix and miniseries TV stuff (Sense & Sensibility). I provide tissues.

2) I agree (again!) with Raeanne. I will hang in there when someone is having a hard time, but I can also kick their butts when it goes on too long. Most of my friends and family are healthy to be around. Those who are not, don't get calls often from me.

3) When friends have disappointed me, I tend to forgive. However, because I also hate (and avoid) confrontations at all costs, I often do not forget. That is harmful to me at times, but I think that is why I stuff down the food. I may do some of Raeanne's meditation, and if that doesn't work, I'll work on some 'medication'!!! lol!!

Gotta run and get out a legal doc.

Take care, eat healthy and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!


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BJ - the flight is the weekend of 9/30 - I am so excited about it. We have our rooms booked!

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BJ, I think you've frightened folks away with your 3-part QOD! lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step into the light.....

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Yeah, yeah, it's always me, frightening people away, eh?


Get back in you, you kids, or I'll have to call the fuzz to round you up!


1. Go to bottom of page.

2. Type what you have to say in the rectangle-shaped box.

3. Preview message by moving mouse over "Preview Message" box and clicking on it. Make your message longer if you want to. I always do.

4. Move your mouse over the "Submit Message" button and click. Doing this does not commit you to submitting to anyone; it only posts your message to the board.

5. Wait for people to interact with you online.

6. You did it! You have online friends now! :) SMILE!

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As a wonderful Turkish waiter once said to us: "You guys crack me down"!!

.....following your instructions, BJ.......

Happy TUESDAY morning!

I'm working from home today. Got up with one heck-of-a-bellyache. Perhaps it was the 3 Chip Ahoys I ate late last night? I counted the points, but it's unusual for me to eat that stuff, and I always suffer when I eat white sugar late at night. Should have taken your advice, BJ!

Hope Maddie is having a great vacation. The rest of you have no excuse. Please check in, and make today count.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

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Come out, come out, wherever you are.

Dee - stay away from those cookies, I hope you are feeling better.

BJ - looks like you may have to call the THS police.

We ended up closing the office early yesterday and went out on our boat for a picnic - it was so nice and quite a surprise that the owner's took us up on our offer. We cooked steaks, chicken and vegies and had perfect weather - the lake was like glass - what a bonus!!! Life is good.

and today is my day off, unfortunately my house needs a good and thorough cleaning.

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DeeMarie~ ((((((HUGS)))))) on your tummy ache! Hope you feel better! Do you like working from home or is it a distraction? I find so many things I'd rather be doing that at times, I get way off track and end up with a mess at the end of the day and not enough time to get everyone called and emailed by the close of the biz day!

Raeanne~ Hey, pardon my ignorance, but do you grill on the boat or what? All the food I've eaten on a boat (unless it's a lake cruise) has been preheated or cold.

I have a handyman coming from 3-4, so I have to get the stuff for the projects I want him to work on together. And now my daughter's car is in the shop today - they fixed mine and I picked it up last night. Hers now has an oil leak. So I gotta take the teens to school and back. Other than that, I have a boatload of letters to write, paperwork to finish, and I feel an office cleanout coming on. Recycling day is Friday, so I think I'll try to make the recycling guy's day a productive one! And DH is in a terribly sour mood. I wish I could make him happier. The other day he said suicide sounds good sometimes. I hate when he talks like that. He says he is going through male menopause. And no, he WILL NOT go to the doctor. He says he has no time for that.

It's been many moons since some of you checked in last...stop by for a second and let us know what you've been up to and that you're okay.

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Good Morning All,

Dee, I hope you feel better soon. Enjoy your day at home if you can!

Raeanne, life is pretty good isn't it? Your afternoon sounds wonderful and I am so happy that you are able to enjoy your life this way!

I have an excuse for not posting! I have been away in Vermont for a three day seminar on natural hoofcare. I am sure none of you know this but I keep my horses barefoot, no shoes. I took this seminar to help me learn how to do the barefoot trimming myself. It was really wonderful. This form of hoof trimming helps horses with chronic and painful problems as well as keeping healthy horses free of the evil of shoeing. My horses have been barefoot for two years and their feet are very healthy. Anyway, it was a three day intensive course and I am thrilled with what I learned about the very complicated and complex horses hoof. It's an amazing mechanism.

BJ, you blow me away with some of your posts! Where do you get the energy?

I will try to answer your questions if you really want to know!

1. I don't really "seek" anything in particular in a friend. It has to be someone I connect with and that usually happens right away although sometimes it takes a while. Eye contact is crucial for me. It's all in the eyes whether man or animal. If I connect with someone then I can tell them anything and feel comfortable sharing my most inner thoughts. I would expect this same connection in a lover.

2. In my youth I had the most horrible attractions. I was attracted to the same type of abusive people that I grew up with, ie, father, beating,alcohol, etc. Through therapy I learned about this pattern and was able to break free of it. I am now very attracted to healthy relationships and healthy people are attracted to me. For me, it was all about realizing I am worthy of this and deserve to be healthy and happy!

3. Forgiving can be hard for me especially if there has been a breech of trust such as a lie or deceit of any kind. I have to work very hard at forgiving and letting go of hurt and anger. I don't think it's actually about forgiving as it is about accepting that what has happened is past and that my hanging on to it makes me weaker and less of a person. Trust is huge for me. I trust easily and when it's breeched I have a hard time letting it go. I will say though that I rarely been disappointed this way by friends or family in many, many years which is a great thing and lets me know I am in a good place.

WHY DO YOU ASK?????????????????????

I must go to clean my trailer again. This coming weekend I am going on a three day trailride in Tunbridge, VT which is very prominent in Morgan horse history! Many, many foundation Morgans came from Tunbridge. My girls and I will be in a very good place. I just hope it's not too cold!

Did anyone see the incredible harvest moon rising last night? It was positively spectacular as it came up over the horizon. Huge and orange as could...

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BJ - we take our boat out to an island on the lake and grill there. There are about 300 islands and many of them are owned by the state, several of which you can either camp and/or picnic on.

Suzanne - I saw the moon the last two nights and it was spectacular. I thought you were away at your class - sounds like it was even better than you anticipated. Enjoy your 3 day adventure - sounds great.

Instead of cleaning I went to Target to get a few needed things - like a new mattress cover - how is that for an excuse, I couldn't justify washing our old worn out cover, one more time, hmmmm think I can get away with that with our clothing - I'd much rather shop than do laundry.

I will attempt to dust and maybe vacuum OR at least look like I'm about to vacuum. That was one of the most valuable lessons my mother taught me. When unexpected company pulls up, get the vacuum out and leave it in the middle of the floor, they think they just walked in on you cleaning.

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Suzanne, we saw the moon, and I sang "Shine on Harvest Moon" to DH as we drove to his mom's. He turned the radio up louder!! lol

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Boy it IS quiet here!!!!

DeeMarie, that was funny.

Raeanne, I haven't touched my trailer yet today either! It's too funny. Maybe I should get the vacuumn and leave it in the middle of my trailer! Sun is peeking out so my excuse won't last much longer!!

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Dee - I can't imagine that Ed doesn't appreciate your singing, we love it around here.

Suzanne - I did clean a little bit, but not enough to be noticeable. DH is interested in getting a kayak, so used that as an excuse to search on line for prices. I hope the trailer cleaning fairy shows up at your house for you, because I don't think the vacuum trick will work LOL.

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Just checking in, hope everyone is having a great week.

take care


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Hi John! Whassup? Miss you. Hope you are taking some time for yourself these days. (((((((HUGS)))))))

DeeMarie~ Singing in the car, huh? Well, I beleive it was great, but personally, a radio accompaniment is often

NHSuzanne~ Hello! Man, you are one travelin' gal. Talk about energy. It's no small feat to load and unload horses and the gear that goes with them again and again! This new activity sounds like it's right up your alley. Have you ever submitted any of your beautifully written pieces to any publications? I believe you could have your own column! You asked why I ask my questions-----cause I like to get to know my gal pals deeper and deeper every year! That's why! There are so many facets to everyone here!

Raeanne~ Ahhhhh, now I get it. Grilling sounds fun on an island. Do you want DH horning in on your kayaking? I like going with my girls, but DH is too competitive for us, so I'm glad he stays on shore!

Hey, does anybody here to stick to a hard and fast budget, categorized and all? I'm curious. I used to and kinda do, but it's very hard to keep track of it. What are your tips?

Well, gotta fly and get to work.

Guess everyone else is too busy with life to check in....


Miss the chatter and INTERACTION's just not the same when people are only lurking.....

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Good Morning All,

BJ, I am on the move this month. It's the end of summer and we are cramming in as much traveling as we can get. This is my last weekend away for a while. Most of my stuff stays in my trailer but I always have to remove and clean the trailer after a trip and then load hay, water and tack for the next trip. I love it, no complaints.

I have never thought about submitting any stories to publications. I don't really feel that I have that much talent. Thanks for the compliment. Maybe I should have more confidence in myself in that respect!

Raeanne, I am curious to know the answer to BJ's question on DH getting the kyak. Sometimes I really wish that DH would get into the horses and I imagine us traveling to faraway places together to ride new terrain. It really sounds great, then I slap myself and say SNAP OUT OF IT!!!! It really would not be the same as going with my hags with nags........... Of course, I would not mind if DH wanted to join me once in a while but I would have no real girl time.

Budget? What budget? I should have a budget but I don't. I do save regularly etc but when it comes to spending I don't think much about it. Sometimes I wish I were more frugal. I don't spend that much on myself but let me tell you that I have two very well appointed Morgan mares!!! LOL

I wish we would hear from all you MIA's. Gretchen, let us know how you are feeling these days. Tikanas, Lynn, Patti, Besh, and everyone else. We miss you all.

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BJ/Suzanne - AHHHH, that is a very good question and one that I have contemplated. The cons are: he is competitive, would want to go too fast and too far, he will want to talk when I want silence, we will end up going where he wants to go. But the pros outweigh them: I do enjoy doing things together, good destresser for HIM, he can carry my kayak to & from the water hehehe, I will have a spare kayak for girlfriends to go with me hehehe, DH doesn't have too much free time (so it would be occasional), I would also go to lakes that are further away - if he was with me. So I am encouraging him.

NO budget here -We have attempted them, but neither of us can stick to them.

I am going for another picnic out on the lake in a little while - we are just doing sandwiches this time. Then tonight it is girls night out. My girlfriend is closing on a house this afternoon and we are going to celebrate.

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Raeanne!! That's right, a spare kayak for a friend! It's my "husband" horse. LOL

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Good WEDNESDAY afternoon!

QOD: Budget? Well, since I work with millions of £'s per day in work, it's the last thing on my mind at home. DH and I have different last names, separate checking accounts, and assorted bills. Twice a month, we sit in our office and throw bills at each other, saying "you got money for this one?". Hilarious! I do 90% of our savings, through work....401K, pension, credit union (I have the credit union take my entire raise every year for savings--we've been living with my 1998 salary for almost 8 years, and bills that go up-up-up, but it keeps me on target when we want to spend on vacations.!) My advice for everyone? Have someone take savings out of your paycheck before you see it; you will not miss it if you are reasonable.

Suzanne, you could totally be a writer, ladybug! I love your stories about riding, hillsides, and NE in general.

Was anyone into BB6? I loved Howie's comment to the 2 whining b*tches last night. lol!!!!

BJ, do you like this season's Survivor so far? DH and I are hooked again. I don't watch much TV, but I cannot get away from these reality them. We talked about watching the new Great Race(?) Never saw it before, but lots of people love it.

Please check in and let us know you are OK.

John, how are things with you?

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Wedding is over!!!!!!!!
What a beautiful day, weather perfect, bride gorgeous, parents beaming, brother behaved!!!!!!!

Back to golfing!!!!!!!

NHSuzanne - need your address honey. email me!!!!

I'll check in tomorrow!

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I'll have to check back on Friday or Saturday and let you know how things are going. Right now its the pitts and I really dont feel like complaining or trying to explain further on why im in the situations im in. Ive been working my ass off for the last year to change them and have gotten no where. I have one more opportunity that I will hear about on Friday, if it works out great, if not its all over but the crying again..

wish me luck, im going to need it.


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John, GOOD LUCK! and ((((((HUGS)))))))), my friend. They are BEGGING for healthcare workers in the beautiful Northwest and in Alaska, so remember, your crying may be tears of joy and a new outlook on life!

Still, I'm hoping YOUR dreams come true-----

I'm serious!, BJ

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John - ((((((HUGS))))) and I will keep you in my thoughts and send positive vibes your way.

Joanne - Thanks for the wedding update. I thought of you on Sunday as the sky cleared up beautifully around here. Can't wait to hear more.

Dee - I watched BB6, but almost didn't watch the last episode, because at that point, neither person deserved to win. What a terrible bunch of people the nerd herd were.

Did anyone watch Martha last night? I was expecting a totally different show - even though it is called "Apprentice". I imagined it as individual competitions, not group.

We had a beautiful day on the lake, it was a strange day out there and the wind was coming in from the south and where the lake is normally calm was very choppy and where it is normally choppy it was very calm. We didn't BBQ, we had sandwiches and just sat around and soaked up the sun and good conversation. With the girls I went to a restaurant on the lake for a glass of wine and then to another one for dinner. We had fun, but I was so tired from being on the lake all afternoon.

Dee/Suzanne - I may head down to Saratoga today, as I am in need of jeans that fit LOL and aren't worn out, like all of mine.

Suzanne - I like that "husband horse", soon I may have a "husband kayak" LOL - you are too funny.

I am making a chick pea stew today, I will post the recipe if it comes out good. Tonight I am having company for dinner - the couple we are flying to the Finger Lakes with, so I have to go shopping for dinner too.

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[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[John]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] Wishing you nothing but the very best.

Reanne, I heard that both 'winners' of BB6 were harrassed all day on telephone interviews yesterday! Ivette got the message from her GF that she made major mistakes in judging others! I would love for the cameras to be on them as they watch the film!!

Joanne, so glad the wedding was a success. Best wishes to the bride and groom. I hope that you will send Marci some pictures for our album!

gotta run
Make today count!

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Joanne~ Wedding details! Where was the wedding? How many guests? Food? Wine? Music? And how so you get along with the new in-laws? Do tell! Glad everything went smoothly! What a relief for you! Pass our congrats along to the bride and groom!

I watched LOST with my DD-she's been hooked since it started, but I've never watched it. I fell asleep during it, so that's about all I've got to say about it....!!!!

DeeMarie~ Our whole family is watching SURVIVOR once again this season. I haven't really gotten attached to anyone, but the nurse seems to be down to earth and have good moral character, helping everyone out and working overtime. The farmer boy is getting on my nerves tho'; he's pretty macho and opinionated for being a long hair. No one else really stood out for me. I like Bobby John and love his initials, but he needs charm school---really badly! They really have a set of young people this round, so I think it's time to apply again and get some oldies in there.

Weather is nice here. Handyguy is coming at 3 to help me clean the gutters and prepare for the wintertime rains. I have him booked for a list of jobs as long as my arm. He's coming every Tuesday and Thursday until forever probably.

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Hi! Did you all think that I had totally forgotten you? Well, I haven't. You have been on my mind.

Joanne~Congrats to the Bride & Groom. May they share many happy years together.

John~[[[[ H U G S ]]]] Lots of jobs here too. And, we hear that the oil boom is back going strong in Midland, TX so there should be plenty there as well.

What has happened since I have posted last? We had a new grandson on Sept. 3. He was 5-6 weeks premature but got to go home with Mom. He weighed 4.6. He is beautiful. We have 2 grandsons now. The other one is 4 & we have never seen either one of them.

Well, I'll be back! LOL Patti :)

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Patti! Don't go away so soon. Hope you and Dave are feeling OK. God Bless those grandsons!

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Unfortunately, I just lost a long post that I was about to post, and can't reconstruct it right now. My arm has been quite sore and it's hard to type. I'll try again later, but I at least wanted to say hi.

Maybe some of you remember that I made an internet friend that I was concerned about - he was quite depressed. It will be two years in December, and I'm glad I stayed with it. He recently decided to go into photography, and I've provided a link to a small sample of his work below.

I'll try to come back later and re-write things. My pain level has been higher lately, and it's hard to type. Sounds like you are doing well overall.

Take care

Here is a link that might be useful: Nature's Touch Photography

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Good Friday Morning All!!

John, do stop in soon and let us know how things are going.

Amy!! Good to finally hear from you. I enjoyed your friends website. You know how I love wildlife and nature.
I hope you will come back soon and share with us what is going on in your life.

Patti! Glad you checked in but that isn't nearly enough news! You have been gone too long. Please come back in and let us know how you really are!

I am off to Tunbridge, VT and deep into Morgan history country. I hope that I will feel the spirits and energy.
Supposed to be cold tomorrow night but I am prepared!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and that more MIA's stop in.

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Suzanne - enjoy the journey! I am sure your horses will feel a real connection there. Stay bundled up, I can't wait for you to tell us your horsetales.

Patti - I agree, you are such a tease, we need more. Congrats on the baby, hope you get to squeeze him soon.

Amy - I am sorry that you are in pain, but glad that you thought of us and posted. Thanks for the link, the photos are beautiful, have you done more artwork of your own? Stay in touch.

I watched Survivor late last night and feel asleep during the eviction process - I will ask DH when I see him who had to leave the island. Right now I am rooting for Stephenie this time, as I felt she should've went further last time.

We went over our plans for next weekends trip and it sounds like we are going to have a great time. I posted a link of where we are starting out - who knows where we will end up?

I better get ready for work, or I will be late.

Here is a link that might be useful: Keuka Wine Trails

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Good FRIDAY morning!

So great to hear from everyone this week. Please keep in touch with us.

QOD: What's up this weekend for you? Today is my sister's birthday and she and my DBIL are coming by this weekend. I'm going to make reservations in a wonderful Italian restaurant for Saturday night, and Sunday we are all going to see the Jets v. Jacksonville. Looking forward to seeing her, as she lives almost 2 hours away (near Philly), and she's kinda the only family I have. My nieces have decided to stay home (since mom and dad will be away!) sheesh, kids!!

Make today count!

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Hi guys! Good to see everyone checking in!

Patti~ Congrats on the grandbabies! Hope you get to hold them soon. How are your relatives in Texas doing? Are they okay with the weather and all?

Amy~ Well, I'm glad you hung in there with your friend. I bet you were the voice of peace and reason for him and helped him through his rough times. LOVE the photos! Absolutely serene and beautiful. I can imagine NHSuzanne and SP riding through the wooded trails!

NHSuzanne~ You little brat! You're making me really envy you with all these end of the summer trips and time outs with friends. JK! Have a great time and bring your foot warmers!!!!!!

Raeanne~ Shame on you for falling asleep! Morgan the magician's assistant went this time! In her family moment (brought to the viewers by Febreze fabric softner), her mother said there was a spa appointment waiting for her. She'll probably get a LOT of ribbing for THAT one! Anyway, I was glad to see her go instead of our fish monger from Washington! :)

DeeMarie! Jam packed weekend, I see! Make healthy choices!

In answer to the QOD:

Friday: Went to donate blood, but hematocrit was too low - under 35. So I'll try again in a week. Then went to a furniture consignment shop and picked up a cool perfectly round mirror, cast iron 6' tall candle stand, and a cool red shallow bowl. Now it's paperwork at the title company, grocery shopping, and working on a new design. After school, I am taking the girls to Corpse Bride, the new Tim Burton/Johnny Depp movie. I can't wait. Then I might throw a steak and some spinach on the BBQ to give my red blood cells a boost.

Saturday: Gotta get party junk for the my DD's party next weekend, so I'm going to Archie McPhee's, the cheap magic store. The kids love it and I do too. Tomorrow night, it's my company yearly Holiday party. WAY too busy where I work between Thanksgiving and New Year's, so they do the party in September. Just remembered! Gotta pick up my dresses from the cleaners! YIKES! The company is hiring a hypnotist, so it ought to be a gas.

Sunday: YARD! YARD! YARD! LAUNDRY! LAUNDRY! LAUNDRY! I have to get my yard completely weeded b4 winter rain comes and get bark sprayed to keep the springtime weeds down! I might even get a burst of energy and work on the garage a little. It needs it---badly!

Check in people! We wanna hear from you!

MARCI! Have your little ones handcuffed you and held you captive?

BESH! Have the junior high kids over-run the town and tied all the adults to the witch burning stakes?

JEN! How did the ear operation go? Did our little 'Miss' get her Dora the Explorer boots?

TIKANAS! You said you'd be back soon!!!! COME BACK!

KYSUSIE! JOANNE! Aand all the others I missed!

And MADDIE, if you're back - give us a story or two!

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Hi Saturday!

The weather is semi-sunny. Off to the market for groceries and a day of "house" before the company party.

Hope everyone is enjoying life!

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BJ - one of the things in my first post that got lost was a thank you for the post card of the horse. :) That was so thoughtful and I enjoyed getting it!

I'm going to do a calendar, too, or two or three, if I can get it done.

We had three hurricanes we were watching last week, all coming this way, the greatest threat being hurricane Jova, but all have dissipated now without hitting the islands. I'm glad for that. I'll post this (working in little increments, lol)and then come back and post a link to one of the calendar pics I've been working on. BJ, I'm also using a part of the Wild Chicken painting, too, for one image on the calendar. It's going to be quite a spread of different things - not all scenes or all animals or all flowers. I guess that's kind of how I am generally - a little of everything, lol.

Re thinking of you, I think of you every day, even when I don't come by, and I apologize for staying away. I think I've been trying too hard to get other things done.


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Here is one of the images. It's a digital work, done in photoshop and using various photographic elements. there is a cabin on the island.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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just had to post this great link. They actually have photos of you and your friends in high school, it's so easy to use and there was one of me and my two closest friends.

Here is a link that might be useful: high school photos

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AMY!!!!! That photo is SO SO SO SO cool! Who took the picture or how many elements were brought together to create it? I want to move there! :) Thanks for checking in. Of course, we think about you all the time! I especially think of you when I visit the Pier One stores or other import stores, cause they carry so many things that remind me of the islands. Someday, I will make it back there by myself, and we will go exploring ALL THE GALLERIES and nature together!

Raeanne! Thanks so much for the link! I found a shot of me that shows exactly why I needed to have these braces put on--- big grin but it's SO obvious my teeth need work in the picture! And ya know, when I was in school, I also used to think that my ears were too big, and they actually do look a little big in my school pic, but I guess I've grown into them! It was really fun seeing the pics of me "hanging" out with the old gang too! I really went bananas over this sight! THANKS!!!!!!!

    Bookmark   September 25, 2005 at 11:06PM
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