Vegies Frozen or Canned

kraftdeeAugust 23, 2008

I just started a diet to take off about 5 lbs+ lbs.

It primarily consists of lots of vegies and protein.

I do fine making fresh vegies a couple times a week but I need to have something easy on hand at those times that I can't get to the store but need the vegie as part of my meal.

Does anyone know of frozen vegies or cans that you would recommend I try? I'm eating broccoli, cauli, zucchini, asparagus and green beans only. I can snack on celery and cucumbers but not alone as part of a meal. I've tried a few frozen vegies and they were rubbery or had texture problems. Maybe I'm cooking them wrong. If anyone has had any success, let me know how you did it. thanks!

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Kraftdee~The problem with canned veggies is that they use so much salt. Would you be willing to cook extra veggies when you are doing fresh & freeze part of those so that you will have your own frozen? That way they wouldn't be rubbery & you know they would be the way you like them. Perhaps take them out & freeze them a couple of minutes or so before they are as done as you like them. I wouldn't cook them 100% if I was going to freeze them but just blanche them. Hope this helps. :-)

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Have you tried the Glad Steamer Bags? You could have your fresh veggies all chopped in the steamer bags and then just pop them in them in the micro. The times for each veggie is listed right on the bag. They come out perfect everytime. I love them!


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thanks, yankandtex and besh. I will try what you suggest. I've never tried the glad steamer bags, will def try.
Still have to come up with something when I'm in a pinch.
What are your favorite frozen vegetable brands?

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We so rarely buy frozen but I'd say that probably it is Green Giant. I think my Mom uses the steamer bags. They are really quick. We just never think to buy any when we are at the store. :-)

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