Elliptical vs. Normal Exercise Bike

judith_sydneyFebruary 12, 2006

Stumbled onto this forum from another site, and think it is the best site!

Anyway, just getting into the exercise as part of losing weight, and have been using the elliptical and exercise bike at the gym. Funny thing was that the machines seem to indicate that I am burning a lot more calories on the elliptical than the exercise bike, 2.5 times more.... Does this sound right? Or is the elliptical machine I'm using just clocking up the calories burnt incorrectly?

If it is correct, then will be using the elliptical more than the bike!

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I have seen the same difference in calories expended between the elliptical and exercise bike. I think they may be correct given that I can reach a pulse of 145 in 90 seconds on the elliptical and it takes me about 10 minutes+ on the bicycle

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Thanks Devorah,

I think I will definitely be committing to more time on the elliptical now.

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The elliptical is better than the bike. You are moving your whole body on it. It is better than the treadmill as well and easier on the knees. After using the elliptical at a gym 2+ years ago we bought one for our basement. I have done it just about everyday for 2 years now. Just got off of it now!!

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The elliptical is great for burning calories. You are weight bearing through your joints (compared to the bike) which is better for joint stabiliztion.Involving your arms helps you burn even more.
Try it backwards too (hold on to the stationary hand grips!)

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I like the elliptical a lot and agree with other posters that it incorporates some weight-bearing value while being easier on the knees than the treadmill. You can get a nice aerobic workout on the elliptical.

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