Holiday dinner with divorced inlaws.

grandmamary_gaApril 14, 2014

Once again it is a holiday dinner coming up and I always have the problem with my son and his new girl friend that he lives with and my ex daughter in law and their children. The children do not really want to be around the girl friend who is a nice person but hangs on my son. The ex daughter in law I know feels uncomfortable being around the new lady but they all seem to work it out, The ex daughter in law has no family in town and I hate her being alone on a holiday. She has no one in her life at this time. So how do you handle this situation? Do you just go with the flow as we have been doing or do you just not invite any of them.

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Unless there are knock down, drag out fights at the table I'd just go with the flow and let everyone sort themselves out as they seem to be doing already.
Perhaps you could have a quiet word with your son and let him know carefully the source of his children's discomfort so he can gently discourage her clinginess in front of them. I would imagine her clinginess stems at least in part from her feeling uncomfortable, it must be daunting to be in a group with inlaws and exes as well. Let her know you think she is a nice person :-)

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Thank you for your advice. We have tried to make them all comfortable. My husband and I have decided maybe we should just leave town on holidays and let them all do what they may. We have a graduation party this weekend. I have spoken to our son he thinks we should just do as we have always done and get over it. His children are 18 and 23 and right now are not happy. I know that they will all get over the hurt of the divorce. It just takes time.

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