Skin Tightening?

Mommyof4February 25, 2003

Does anyone know of a product or procedure for tightening the skin after weight loss? My thighs stomach/thighs need help in that area. Thanks for A N Y help.

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How much weight loss? Someetimes the skin was stretched too much to recover and plastic surgery is the only thing.

If you tone and tighten the underlying muscle, that helps, because the skin is attached (to a limited extent) to the underlying muscles.

There is nothing you can do from the outside (short of plastic surgery) that will have a permanent effect.

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I only had to lose 45 pounds, but I am 43 and my skin doesn't snap back like it used to. I was just hoping for a miracle cream I guess.

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Skin loses elesticity as you age ... losing weight and keeping it off now is bettter than doing it in a few years.

If the miiracle creams works like they do on TV we's all look like Demi Moore.

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