Charity donation for First communion & confirmation

pia_cerreApril 2, 2008

I like the idea of donating to a charity in honor of the 1st communion/confirmation recipients. What do you forum members think about this?

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I think a little kid appreciates a present.
I like the idea of making a charitable donation, but not for a child.
Things I have given to girls, a gold chain with a cross...I guess that's all I have ever given....the cost of the piece of jewlery depends on my relationship to the child.
I gave my grand son a pair of roller blades and another grandson a hand held electronic game he was longing for.
And I gave my grand daughter a pair of birthstone earrings for her confirmation.
Linda C

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I ditto what linda said about giving the kids a gift, but I'm personally not that big on giving Roller Blades or Game type gifts for religious ceremonies. I would stick to a present with some symbolic/religious nature and/or even give cash if you can't come up with anything. I think there are some kid's religious magazines... Maybe a subscription would be a unique idea.

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I don't believe in giving a donation in the name of a child. We should be teaching our children to be charitable in their own right. When they give directly they understand the meaning. Kids don't really "get it" when a donation is made in their name because they didn't do it. For sure not at communion age , maybe more so at confirmation age.

On the other hand I often gave to charities in the name of my parents and parents in law. They understood and appreciated the act.

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First communion usually would happen to a young child. A donation is something on paper to them, and is equal to getting nothing. I think giving them something of a religious nature or even a good book would mean more to them. I always think that a gift is for the recipient and should be appropriate for them. I recently visited an elderly man who was hospitalized as part of my job for the court. I was surprised to see a donation had been made in his name and was sitting on his bedside table. He was angry and would have preferred a book or even a visit.
Chase said that their parents and in laws are okay with it. So you have to know the giftee and what they want.

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thanks for your thoughts, I thought the subscription of kids religious magazine would suffice. and for the confirmation I will contribute a portion of the private music lessons or summer camp. toys and cash, not from me. what I really would like to give is a dad and child religious retreat they both can attend. because the father does attend those retreats...hmnn..

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I give money for communion. Or if it's a girl a locket or something like that.

Confirmation I also give money.

I agree with everyone that children shouldn't be given the charitable donation paper. LOL It's confusing for them.

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